Brandwatch & Conversocial: How to turn your social insights into proactive customer service


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Many organizations are saving significant sums of money as a result of aligning their customer service strategies with digital and social channels.

Conversocial’s highly trusted social customer service solutions combined with Brandwatch social data puts the perfect right at brands’ fingertips to better understand their customers, and help them with issues and questions.

Join Venu Konda, VP of Partnerships & Channels at Brandwatch and Chris Venus, Global Director of Professional Services at Conversocial for this free webinar where they will discuss the importance of proactive social customer care, the value of a consistent brand voice, and how to integrate social customer service across your enterprise.

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Brandwatch & Conversocial: How to turn your social insights into proactive customer service

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  10. 10. Regardless of channel, customers are inherently social and mobile. 70% of all users will engage –in the moment– through a mobile device. Source: Ovum 2015/SocialBakers
  11. 11. The unique benefits (and challenges) of social and mobile Real people, real conversations: Raw, emotional driven conversations require the appropriate tone Convenience: First contact resolution in the channel and device of the customer’s choice In-the-moment: Not only must the resolution be correct, but also addressed in- the-moment Multi-tasking: The multi-tasking customer can choose when they interact with a brand. The contact center is no longer in the center.
  12. 12. Few integrations, many data silos Private resolution 12% volume, overtaking some channels1 Small, test deployments 2-3% Social volume in contact center Fully resourced business initiatives Consumers expect response Expectation of full resolution in channel Public complaints Integrated single view of customer across organization 2015 was the year social grew up
  13. 13. Volume Service Complexity Automation Cost Engagement Channels Big Data Customer Expectations Customer Satisfaction Agent Personality Customer Experience Tone of Voice Empathy Surprise & Delight Patience Scale Humanity The gap is widening between Scale and Humanity To succeed in this social revolution, businesses must navigate necessary complexities without losing authenticity
  14. 14. How do you use social data into proactive social customer service?
  15. 15. How has proactive customer service matured? Prior to the advent of social media, companies used proactive customer service in the form of FAQs, forums, informative videos and more. According to Enkata, preemptive customer service increased retention rates between 3-5%. Furthermore, Incontact reports that 87% of customers don’t mind being contacted by customer service personnel prior to any issues ever coming into fruition Social media took the practice to the next level as it enabled companies to see patterns in their customer’s queries, while also allowing them to get a sense for who their customers are and what exactly they want.
  16. 16. How does it work? Customers love brands that actively work to suit their needs. With 73% of customers reporting positive brand perception resulting from being contacted by customer service representatives. Taking it a step further, there is no platform as well suited to help you reach your customers as conveniently as social media. Some queries are complex, but ignoring them until you can find a solution is detrimental to your customer service success. Since 42% of customers expect a response within an hour, it’s critical that you inform them that you are at the very least looking into the issue at hand and doing everything in your power to solve it.
  17. 17. How can I make this work for my brand?
  18. 18. By applying #SocialFirst principles of resolution across the digital contact center, the whole enterprise can better serve the increasingly social, mobile customer. The Channel API integrates content from other Brandwatch into the Conversocial platform via connectors, and enables agents to resolve in-channel.* Brandwatch + Conversocial #socialfirst
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