BABY FOOD BRANDS: September 2012                      32%         Cow & Gate                      27%         Ellas       ...
BRAND BUZZ OVER TIME                              50 % ALL CONVERSATION (DAILY)                              40           ...
                      Ella’s Kitchen sparked positive mentions on social media, establishing itself as a provider of ‘hea...
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Social Media and Baby Food Brands


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An analysis of online conversation about UK baby food brands, revealing the top brands and sentiment. More info here:

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Social Media and Baby Food Brands

  1. 1. BABY FOOD BRANDS: September 2012 32% Cow & Gate 27% Ellas Kitchen 18% Heinz BRANDED 15% Hipp BABY FOOD 1% Nestle MENTIONS 4% Organix 3% Plum Baby TOP SITES % TWITTER.COM 23.6 ANSWERS.YAHOO.COM 9.2 JUST-FOOD.COM 8.7 FORUMS.MONEYSAVINGEXPERT.COM 4.1 TRIPADVISOR.CO.UK 3.7We used Brandwatch to monitor online conversation about baby food during the month of September 2012.  68% of online baby food conversation was non-branded in September. Within brand-specific chat, Cow & Gate was the most prominent of the seven brands above. Ella’s Kitchen, Heinz and Hipp also triggered significant volumes social media discussion.  Twitter was the most popular site for baby food brand mentions. Forums dominated the rest of the top five table (above), including This suggests that customers used social media to gauge brand opinions.
  2. 2. BRAND BUZZ OVER TIME 50 % ALL CONVERSATION (DAILY) 40 30 20 10 0 DATE Hipp Heinz Ellas Kitchen Cow & Gate  Branded baby food chat was changeable throughout the month, with Cow & Gate buzz peaking on the 15th and 18th. On these dates Cow & Gate accounted for the majority of branded mentions.  Heinz baby food products were occasionally excluded from social media. The brand failed to generate conversation on either the 14th or 26th, also sparking the fewest mentions on one third of the days in September.ELLA’S KITCHEN WAS THE MOST POSITIVELY VIEWED BABY FOOD BRAND “ My little one loves Ella’s kitchen wakey “ A tiny vending machine, designed to wakey Round Ones […], screw on lid so dispense healthy snacks for toddlers, has can use it as a little bowl and keep filling been launched by food brand Ella’s it up- has been nice and time consuming Kitchen. […] The dispenser was designed and a sanity saver for me on a few trips with the average 1-year-old (and their now! ” parents) in mind. ” FORUM BLOG AMAZON DAILYPOKE
  3. 3.  Ella’s Kitchen sparked positive mentions on social media, establishing itself as a provider of ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ products. The introduction of toddler-friendly vending machines proved popular online, as demonstrated by the example mention above. Practical considerations were key in establishing brand preference, with parents viewing Ella’s Kitchen products as convenient and well-designed. Ingredients were equally important, with customers tweeting: ‘The best ‘jar’ baby food is the ‘Plum Pots’ or ‘Ella’s Kitchen’. They’re the only ones I’ll use. All natural ingredients!’. PAGE TYPE DISTRIBUTION OF BABY FOOD BRANDS 100 General % BRAND MENTIONS 80 Blog 60 News 40 Forum 20 0 Twitter Cow & Gate Ellas Kitchen Non-Branded Hipp Heinz BRANDTWITTER BUZZ WAS INDICATIVE OF BRAND POPULARITY MORE BROADLY The chart above shows the type of websites on which baby food brands were mentioned. Twitter (in blue) was proportionately greater for Cow & Gate and Ella’s Kitchen, the two most popular baby food brands. Non-branded baby food conversation was more likely to take place in forum threads than on Twitter. This was also true for Hipp and Heinz baby food mentions, which were less popular online than Ella’s Kitchen. Cow & Gate embraced modern marketing, including an iPhone App for parents of toddlers. They were also selected by third parties as the prizes of Twitter competitions which further boosted online appeal. Newsworthy events and blog buzz also contributed to the prominence of leading brands. With customers using social media in order to decide on a brand, Twitter and forum discussion can shed light on what causes brand preference within this field.We hope this analysis was of interest. We work with clients across a wide range of industries and with differentneeds in order to give them insights like these, along with deeper analysis of the conversation they care about, inorder to realise the potential of monitoring.For more information about Brandwatch please visit our website, look us up on Twitter or book a demo.