Anthem Sightings March 2011


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In this issue of ANTHEM SIGHTINGS, we look at new and evolving ways marketers are promoting their brands and dive deep into elements of design.

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Anthem Sightings March 2011

  1. 1. SIGHTINGS VOLUME 1, 2011
  2. 2. IN THIS ISSUEIn this issue of ANTHEMSIGHTINGS, we look at new andevolving ways marketers arepromoting their brands and divedeep into elements of design.3 Evolving Media4 Consumer Involved5 New Angles of Green7 Make It Endorsed8 Supporting the Arts, Supporting the Brand10 Less is More and More is More11 Exploring Design: Typography, Pattern, and Shape15 See & Be Seen 2 SIGHTINGS 2011
  3. 3. MARKETINGEVOLVING MEDIAChevrolet enlisted thecast from Glee to create a Is That an Ad in Your TV looks like a segment from the show, but is really a two-minute commercial. A consumer would likely Show?commercial that was akin tothe musical performances hit play on the remote, thinking the show wasfrom the show. back on and get hooked into watching the ad. With DVR penetration reaching nearly 40% of American households, giving a huge consumer Fundamentally, advertising is what pays for TV base the ability to easily skip commercials, shows. No matter the technology, advertisers advertisers continue to rethink the traditional will continue to be creative to make sure their “commercial break.” To avoid falling prey to the messages get seen and heard. fast-forward button, many are incorporating ads into shows or using TV characters to pitch brand benefits. This is not product placement—it is about integrating products into the essence of a TV show. On Friday Night Lights, characters regularly appear at Applebee’s restaurant, reinforcing its brand image as a neighborhood gathering place. For Subway, the sandwich retailer, it is quite common for their sandwiches to get close-ups, be tantalizingly described, and be eaten by key characters on the TV show, Chuck. The character Morgan, from the TV series Chuck, delivers a Subway Taking the opposite approach, the kids from Glee sandwich, then proceeds to sing its praises and mention the sing the praises of the Chevrolet Cruze in what chain’s “$5 foot-long” slogan. 3 SIGHTINGS 2011
  4. 4. MARKETINGCONSUMER INVOLVED Involvement Advertising technology application ideas, and in doing so enter to win a new Toyota car. Now that’s a good On The Rise idea. Several brands over the last few months have Then there’s the new yogurt brand, Chobani, invested in campaigns with a central theme— which is hitting the airwaves strong with a consumer involvement. In these examples, it’s quirky campaign focused on the people who love not just an “add on,” but rather a fully integrated Chobani best—its consumers. This campaign campaign with the consumer involvement angle seems spot on for a new brand trying to drive acting as the key selling idea. Not surprisingly, trial. What better way to convince others than to some of these executions are receiving more have your current consumers tell their own love consumer interest than others, which may speak stories with the yogurt. to the relevancy of the campaign itself to the Coffee Mate is also trying its hand at involvement brand and to the target market. But that’s nothing asking its consumers to create an art masterpiece new. In the world of advertising, you always have inspired by Coffee Mate flavors. This execution is some winners and some losers. more unclear in terms of how the action truly links Take Toyota. What better way to demonstrate the to the brand, and in turn so far appears to have good your company is doing than to enlist your minimal participation. fans to generate “Ideas for good,” too? That’s Finally, on the other end of the spectrum is Kraft’s Toyota’s “Ideas for Good” just what Toyota is doing in its latest campaigngallery features submissions Macaroni & Cheese “Mac & Jinx” campaign that centered around this theme. The campaign tells of ideas applying the car is just an add-on to their marketing mix. The stories of how Toyota is using its technology to company’s technologies campaign, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, to solve non-automotive solve non-automobile problems in the world. is a standalone promotion that tries to lure problems in the world. Consumers can join in, sharing their own consumers to play an old childhood game in the hopes of winning 5 boxes of mac & cheese. This can make one wonder who the target consumer is for this hype and whether or not they even eat Macaroni & Cheese anymore. Instead of feeling compelling, some may find it to simply be gimmicky. It just goes to show, involvement advertising or not—whatever your campaign approach, make sure it’s relevant to your target consumer and offers a truly compelling way to engage. 4 SIGHTINGS 2011
  5. 5. MARKETINGNEW ANGLES While some consumers de-prioritized green investments during the recession, some organizations and companies have been pressing on making inroads on this front and wanting toOF GREEN inspire the public to do the same. Green Patriot Posters wants to inspire the masses to revolt and take action on global climate change. Their approach is inspired itself by World War II posters that were iconic and used to motivate civilians during war time. From thisInspiring Doing Good For The Environment inspiration the partners in the Canary Project have been developing a series of posters to motivate communities in a similar way on green initiatives. The result—Green Patriot Posters that leverage an iconic icon combined with powerful visual images to inspire green action. Non-profits aren’t the only organizations to have taken leaps forward. Companies such as Levi’s and Boxed Water Is Better have made investments of their own to do good by the environment and are encouraging consumers to do the same. Levi’s has introduced a line of “Water<Less” jeans that on average require 28% less water in the finishing process. Carl Chiara, director of special projects at Levi’s, said in Time Magazine that “it took a different way of thinking, but the results are kind of amazing.” Yes, it’s amazing what we can achieve when we allow ourselves to think differently. They are even asking consumers Bottled Water Is Better. Tap might be best, but boxed is at least better than bottled. 5 SIGHTINGS 2011
  6. 6. MARKETING to think differently about how often they wash their jeans to further the benefit of using less water. Might sound unhygienic, but sure would be better for the environment. Finally, one might wonder why water in a package vs. coming from your tap is required at all or could even be considered “green.” But, if you are going to buy water in a package and you want to be more green than Fiji Water, say, Boxed Water might be a good choice. The company claims that their boxes are not only primarily made from renewable material (76%), they are also shipped flat saving on transportation costs and environmental impact vs. the impact of shipping empty plastic or glass bottles around the country. The company also strives to give 20% of profits back to water and environmental organizations. So, while they’ll acknowledge their product is not perfect, they do contend that their product is better. By doing a bit better, it inspires consumers to do a bit better themselves. ABOVE: Green Patriot Posters—Michael Bierut of Pentagram designed the first posters for Cleveland back in 2009. His design became the organization’s official logo (top right). BELOW: Levi’s Water<Less jeans require 28% less water in the finishing process, and come in everyone’s favorite styles.6 SIGHTINGS 2011
  7. 7. MARKETINGMAKE IT ENDORSED Endorsement Proliferation— value-added touch or design element to make the product special? One could argue that Justin Does it Still Work? Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl” line of nail polish designed by Bieber for OPI just isn’t credible. These days, you can’t walk through a major He is neither a color expert nor a consumer of retailer without coming face to face with the product. On the other hand, Sean Combs’ celebrities trying to sell you something. The partnership with Ciroc, a joint venture in which question is—how many celebrities does it take he was actually involved in the operation and to create differentiation? The answer may be the management of the brand, is an example of disappointing for today’s marketers. a highly successful match. The booze ‘n’ beats partnership focused on the “art of celebration,” a Take Macy’s. They’ve got nearly all their major concept around which Combs would be considered departments covered from perfume to home a credible expert. goods. In just the perfume department alone, nearly every star has his or her own brand. To be effective, the celebrity and his message Macy’s even has a sense of humor about it—a must be relevant, credible for the product line, 2010 holiday TV advertisement showcases their and add value to the brand. Clearly not all family of stars behind the scenes—from Donald celebrity endorsements hit the mark. Furthermore, Trump to Jessica Simpson. But is all this celebrity based on the sheer proliferation of celebrity buzz working? endorsements, the star power will likely not be enough to make your brand or product stand out If there’s a celebrity association, it is assumed anymore. Celebrity endorsements have become that there is a connection between the celebrity commonplace and to truly work they must have a and the product itself. To be meaningful, this strong, relevant link back to the product itself. connection must be more than just a fleeting association. Does the celebrity really bring a Sean Combs’ relationshipwith vodka brand, Ciroc, goes beyond the typical celebrity endorsement. 7 SIGHTINGS 2011
  8. 8. MARKETINGSUppORTING There has been a stronger connection between marketing and art than most people might think. Many would perhaps believe the best illustratration is Andy Warhol’s famous take onTHE ARTS, the Campbell Soup can. Yet in that example, the packaging inspired the artist. Rather in the past and even today, many companies have adopted promoting the arts specifically as a marketing strategy in support of their positioning andSUppORTING ultimately to connect with consumers on a more meaningful level. Absolut did just that with Andy Warhol himself. In 1985 Absolut commissioned him to create theirTHE BRAND first art piece, a painting of their iconic bottle. Since then Absolut has been collaborating with a range of visual artists from around the world to create truly exceptional designs for their line of vodka. The “Absolut Art Collection” brings together these efforts in a permanent collectionThe Marriage of Art and Branding to be housed in Stockholm, Sweden. Absolut, an image-focused brand, benefits from this linkage as it elevates the brand’s status among tastemakers. Even before Absolut, in 1975 BMW’s art cars were benefiting from the work of great artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, again. BMW’s art cars were designed to create a “symbiosis between the world of art and the world of motorsport.” Jeff Koons, a controversial American artist, designed the latest car in 2010. BMW’s investment in the art car program further builds its positioning around German engineering and design. More recently, Absolut and BMW are being joined by a host of other brands who are embracing art for art and their brands’ sake. Google has shown its appreciation for visual art by encouraging K-12 students to participate in their Doodle 4 Google competition and states that the Google Doodles are an expression of the creativity of theJeff Koons’ canvas, a BMW M3 GT2, dons bright colors and an explosion effect to reflect the energy brand itself.and power typical of a race car. 8 SIGHTINGS 2011
  9. 9. MARKETING Target’s corporate initiative “Targeting the Arts” These are just a few of the brands who are is a direct connection to its positioning around embracing the arts in a smart way to strategically design and innovation: support their companies’ positioning in the market and create deeper affinity with their We believe the arts have the power to consumers. bring communities together to help us see the world from different perspectives and understand various cultures, traditions and points of view. Through Target national sponsorships and local grants, we support thousands of arts activities, festivals and outdoor concerts throughout the year. Finally, the Italian coffee company Illy offers espresso cups as canvases to a variety of artists. This initiative adds an emotional touch to an integral part of the coffee ritual that ultimately supports the brand’s positioning around creating an experience: The Illy Art Collections are series of cups designed by contemporary artists, miniature limited-edition works of art that transform the act of drinking an espresso or cappuccino into an incredible experience involving the mind and all five senses. CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Illy Art Collections from Jan Fabre, Tobias Rehberger, William Kentridge, and Salgado.9 SIGHTINGS 2011
  10. 10. MARKETINGLESS IS MORE ANDMORE IS MORE With more and more demands on consumers’ time and attention, consumers have discovered that “less” can be more. On the other hand, there is the standard convention that bigger is better. SEE SAW LESS IS MORE MORE IS MORE TED Talks is extending their less is more Less than a month later, Nathan concept of short, single idea talks into Myhrvold launches his printed six a new medium—books. TED Books, volume, 2,400 page book, Modernist which will be distributed digitally, are Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. roughly a third the size of typical books Embracing the more is more principle, allowing readers to complete a book in Myhrvold spent four years with a group one session. of editors, chefs and researchers to finish his encyclopedic endeavor. Much like their talks, TED Books are meant to be quick, Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine weighs 47-pounds, is yet powerful—each book is less than 20,000 words and is six volumes long, and requires four pounds of ink to print. available in electronic format as Kindle Singles. 10 SIGHTINGS 2011
  11. 11. DESIGNEXpLORING DESIGN:TYpOGRApHY,pATTERN,AND SHApE A look at how three design elements are being used today to tell stories and command power at shelf. 11 SIGHTINGS 2011
  12. 12. DESIGNTYpOGRApHYType isn’t just your typical design element. Its history isrich, and its creation and use are never without rhymeor reason. Every stroke, every curve, and every anglehas its purpose. That isn’t to say other design elementsdon’t have their roles, but type has the special abilityto carry with it time and place, attitude and feeling.Thoughtfully chosen type, carefully matched with overalldesign allows consumers to experience your product evenbefore they use it. For those looking for a way to bettertell their brand story and reinforce their positioning,type can be an effective, distinctive storyteller.CLOCKWISE FROM TOp RIGHT: A(A) Irving Farm Coffee Company’s typography speaks to the history of thecompany’s roasting facility, located in a historic district of New York thatwas established during the colonial period.(B) Education First’s study abroad advertisements shows type’s strongconnection to place.(C) Target’s Origin brand relies on typography to recreate age-oldapothecary.(D) The custom type used for Tcho’s identity was carefully designed to looklike chunky pieces of chocolate and proportioned to match the length oftwo squares of chocolate—each box contains nine. B D C 12 SIGHTINGS 2011
  13. 13. DESIGN A pATTERN Take a glance at the signature beige, black, and red tartan plaid pattern from a block away and you won’t be mistaken that it’s a Burberry product. Powerful patterns have a presence on shelf that allow consumers to know it’s yours even before they get down the aisle. Pattern has the ability to differentiate amongst crowded shelves and the versatility to segment within its own family of products. And it doesn’t have to just live on the package either. Signature patterns can be applied to everything from retail environments to web applications. More and more, companies are creating ownable patterns to call their own—designs that are separating them from the rest and standing on shelves as works of art. COUNTER-CLOCKWISE FROM TOp RIGHT: B (A) Hellenic Candle Company’s Waks line of scented candles features a flower pattern with the color varying by scent. C (B) Burberry’s signature tartan pattern can be found on everything from the brand’s purses to apparel. (C) Chocolate Research Facility’s Seasonal Series pairs flavors from around the world with a design that features maps of the respective locations. (D) Modern Salon’s unique pattern is also used in their in-store retail environment. D13 SIGHTINGS 2011
  14. 14. DESIGNA B SHApE Advances in printing technology have opened the doors for creativity to show not just on the label, but in the structure. Because we don’t have to resort to placing stickers on round bottles anymore, we’re given more real estate and more options to create structures that are marketing platorms in and of themselves. Unique shapes and forms have the ability to intrigue consumers—grabbing their attention and prompting them to pick up and play with products. Whether they are designed to be ergonomic, to reflect its ingredients, or even to be more sustainable, today a silhouette of your product could very well be your brand’s greatest equity. C COUNTER-CLOCKWISE FROM TOp LEFT: (A) Switzerland’s Aschen and Voss’s line of cosmetics were designed to support the brand’s modern positioning and appeal to sophisticated urban shoppers. (B) Method’s innovative design for their line of laundry detergent features a lightweight pump that leaves a 35% smaller carbon footprint than conventional detergents. (C) Innocent Drink’s new line of juices are packaged in PET carafes that make pouring easy, and storage into tight spaces of refrigerator doors less of a puzzle game. 14 SIGHTINGS 2011
  15. 15. SEE & BE SEEN UpDATES ON OURSIGHTINGS OF INTERESTING TIDBITS TRENDS FOR 2011 LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE pURSUIT OF HAppINESS You won’t have any trouble finding more brands hoping to add some happy into your daily routine. French’s “Happy Starts Here” tells us how adding some mustard to our everyday meals adds a welcomed twist, while San Diego’s tourism bureau is touting that San Diego is where “Happy Happens.” SMALL IS BIG AGAIN Since our report, it has made news that Walmart is in the process of building its first Express stores around Arkansas which will open in May. The smaller format store will cater to those looking for shorter shopping trips and boast grocery and pharmacy offerings. In addition, Borders has officially filed for bankruptcy protection and will likely be closing more stores across the country. EYE ON CHINA GM, who sold more cars in China last year than in the U.S. for the YARN BOMBING first time in its 102-year history, along with Honda and Nissan, People all over the world are finding some peculiar accents to public will be creating brands specifically for the Chinese market. The fixtures—scarves on statues, hats on fire hydrants, and flower blossoms on models will compete directly with regional manufacturers and trees in the middle of winter. Yarn bombing, or yarn graffiti, turns lifeless will be priced to fit the budget of those living in China’s interior. pieces in public spaces into colorful, knitted works of art and has quickly gone from being a mysterious anomaly to a mainstream craze. Although NEUROMARKETING: THE TEENAGE YEARS it’s credited as having started in Texas, its popularity has spread overseas, where an Irish Vodefone commercial featured a yarn bombing in action. What’s been going on in Disney’s Media and Advertising Lab? Disney has been testing the effectiveness of its advertisements, tracking eye movement and biometrics to measure viewer response. Meanwhile, there has been discussion about the use of neuromarketing in cinema, using neurofeedback to improve not only movie trailers, but everything from characters to scripts. GUY KAWASAKI VISITS ANTHEM Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of Alltop and former chief evangelist at Apple, visited Anthem Worldwide’s San Francisco office where we A NEW WAY TO WINDOW SHOp hosted the BrandSquare Live Session featuring his newest book, Enchantment: The Art of Virtually unknown until recently, quick response (QR) codes are starting Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Kawasaki to pop up everywhere, driven by marketing campaigns leading users shared ideas on how to enchant and influence to interactive websites, rewards and deals with just a snap of a photo. your customers, employees, and boss and told According to a Mintel survey, only 11% of smart phone owners have us why he thinks there are marketing lessons read a QR code with their smart phone in the past 30 days. But the to be learned in Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. tides could be turning. With QR codes showing up everywhere from bus Check out the presentation at stops to store front window displays, we expect that number will climb. 15 SIGHTINGS 2011
  16. 16. Anthem Worldwide, the brand development division of Schawk, Inc., is an integrated global network that provides innovative solutions to articulate, unify and manage brand impact. Anthem creates compelling brand experiences by aligning its strategic, creative and executional talent worldwide with the business needs of companies seeking a competitive advantage. Anthem offers a full range of branding and design services. For more information on Anthem, please visit © 2011 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Contact: the copyright holder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Kathy Oneto, Vice President, Brand Strategy Inc. The Anthem logo is a trademark of Schawk, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.16 SIGHTINGS 2011
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