Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 7 Simple Steps
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Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 7 Simple Steps



Learn 7 ways to optimize a Pinterest Business Account without coming across as promotional. Pinterest users are constantly engaging with the media content being curated on the fastest-growing social ...

Learn 7 ways to optimize a Pinterest Business Account without coming across as promotional. Pinterest users are constantly engaging with the media content being curated on the fastest-growing social media platform. Finding the users who are interested in your products and services is easy if you take the right steps to optimizing your engagement strategies.



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    Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 7 Simple Steps Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 7 Simple Steps Presentation Transcript

    • CAN I BENEFIT FROM THIS E-book? Dear Reader, Not confident this E-book is a fit for you? We’ll make this easy – if you answer “Yes!” to any of the following, this eBook is exactly what you’re looking for!  I want to use Pinterest for business  I want to showcase my brand on Pinterest  I want to drive consumer engagement through Pinterest  I want to increase my sales from Pinterest@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 2
    • THE PINTEREST STATS Engagement Purchase Power Referral Rate 80% 47% 10% A call-to-action pin 47% of U.S. online consumers Shoppers referred by description sees an 80% have made a purchase based Pinterest are 10% more likely increase in engagement. on recommendations from to make a purchase than Pinterest. visitors who arrive from other - SocialFreash.com social networks, including -BlogHer.com Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also spend 10% more on average. -Wayfair.com@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 3
    • Gettingit started.So, you’ve identified yourselfas a business on Pinterest.Now it’s time to start takingthe necessary steps to getattention, get re-pins, andget sales. www.zoomqa.com 4
    • By properly leveraging the potential of Pinterest, one of the world’s fastest growing social networks, you can expand your reach and grow your business. Optimizing your PinterestBusiness Account will help you better navigate the social platform andpotentially reach audiences you never had access to.
    • Why Pinterest for BusinessPinterest is now the go-to social network for all thingsvisually appealing, whether it’s videos or images.And because Pinterest makes it easy for users to curatecontent for pinners inside and outside of their network,this makes it the ideal social network for drawingattention to various aspects of your business – throughimages! www.zoomqa.com 6
    • Content is the currency for all things related to theInternet and being social. And since content can comein pretty much any form (images, videos, audio, text) itcan be easily distributed to mass audiences throughsocial media.As of now, Pinterest is one of the coolest, mostengaging curation platforms for organizing, sharing anddiscovering content. www.zoomqa.com 7
    • Pinterest users use Pinterest to fulfill one veryimportant goal: to interact with content. YourJob is to connect with your audiences in ways youcouldn’t through your own website and other socialplatformsThis Means:• Having “Pin It” buttons throughout your website.• Offering content specific to your business.• Inspiring social action (sharing, re-pinning) around your content. www.zoomqa.com 8
    • Increasing your Followers on PinterestBefore you get started with trying to attract followers,you’ll want to populate your page with a few unique,diverse pinboards that represent your brand and itsvision.Now, you don’t want to mistake this with using yourpage strictly for promotional purposes. Your goal is tocurate viable content that gives users a reason to like,share and follow your pins and boards. www.zoomqa.com 9
    • Secondly, don’t limit your Pinterest presence to justwell, Pinterest. Start promoting your boards, themesand vision throughout your other social platforms soyou aren’t just limited to a Pinterest audience.Different audiences will be passionate about differenttopics, so try adding creativity and diversity in your inyour pins and boards. www.zoomqa.com 10
    • Lastly, make sure you are interacting with otherpinners’ content. Dedicate an appropriate amount oftime to interacting with and sharing content uploadedby other pinners.This makes it easier for you to engage with others anddraw attention to content you have to offer www.zoomqa.com 11
    • The more you have to offer, the more your audiencewill engage with your content.The following 7 steps will help you optimize yourPinterest Business in an easy, fast and fun way, so youcan start showcasing your brand, driving quality trafficto your website, and increasing your sales. www.zoomqa.com 12
    • 7 Simple Steps for Optimizing Your PinterestBusiness Account www.zoomqa.com 13
    • Step #1:Highlight the Lesser-known Aspects of your BusinessThere’ll always be aspects of your brand that won’t fit elsewherein your coverage of its amazing mission, vision and goals. Theseare the lesser-known aspects of your brand. And by highlightingthese features every once in a while, you can explore new andmeaningful ways to reach and connect with your audiences.Optimize your Pinterest Business Account with randompinboards that showcase your brand’s cool lesser-knownfeatures and how they fit your brand’s lifestyle vision. www.zoomqa.com 14
    • Step #2:Nature Relationships through all ChannelsPromoting your Pinterest Business Account at every twist andturn of your brand’s presence will keep your audiences involvedthroughout your channels. Get closer to your fans andsubscribers by nurturing outside relationships that lead toengagement with your Pinterest accounts. Here are a few ideas:1. Print Channel: Include a Pinterest QR Code on your Tangible Marketing Items2. Social Channel: Host an Image Contest for your Pinterest Account – promote through Facebook, Twitter, etc.3. Digital Channel: Link related Blog Posts to your Pinterest Account; Add “Pin It” Button to Pages www.zoomqa.com 15
    • Step #3:Connect your Online and Offline PresenceLinking your online and offline efforts will help you drive trafficto your Pinterest account on a consistent basis. Yes, thePinterest audience is vast enough to keep all of your effortsinternal and succeed, but you mustn’t neglect the ground-levelaudience who supports you brand and everything it represents.Refer to the ‘Print Channel’ bullet in Tip #2 for an idea on howto link your online and offline presence.@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 16
    • Step #4:Promote other BusinessesSimply put: self-serving profiles don’t succeed. Dedicate a few ofyour pinboards to brands that share the same lifestyle vision asyour company. This shows that your users that you aren’t allabout promoting yourself and you are interested in curatingcontent that appeals to the diverse needs, beliefs and desiresthey bring forth as an audience.@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 17
    • Step #5:Focus on Transitioning ThemesPromoting your brand is much easier when you can relate to theemotional drivers of your audience. Each of you pinboardsshould represent its own theme so as to help users relate to themany different angles of your brand. If your brand is confined toset themes, find ways to interact with the diverse themesoffered by other pinners and companies. Or, try asking youraudience for ideas on what they would like to see your brandrepresent on one of its boards.@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 18
    • Step #6:Share Original ContentWhile re-pins and shares will help you optimize your page and reach acrossyour audience, make sure you are sharing content that is unique to yourbrand and its vision. Use your visual content to captivate pinners in yournetwork and encourage them to re-pin, like, share, and visit your website.If you don’t have a lot of visual data to share, create some. If your branddeals with data, create charts and graphs to represent its purpose. Also, tryconnecting the images from your blog posts to the themes you have createdfor your pinboards.@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 19
    • Step #7:Share StrategiesWhat has your audience learned from you lately? Everyone lovesseeing success stories (and that’s exactly what your brand is: asuccess story), but they also love succeeding on their own. Ifyou can, share strategies about how to complete different taskswith your followers and fellow Pinterest users.For example, if you’re an SMB company, trying using visualcontent that helps users better understand the benefits of yourproduct or service.@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 20
    • So, whether you’re B2B or B2C,an optimized Pinterest account will keep your audience engaging with your brand.
    • SO, DID YOU LIKE THIS CONTENT@zoomqa www.zoomqa.com 22
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