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Big Data: PR's Biggest Threat Or Opportunity?
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Big Data: PR's Biggest Threat Or Opportunity?


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This is a presentation I gave to PRSA Southeast District about Big Data and its implications for public relations and marketing professionals.

This is a presentation I gave to PRSA Southeast District about Big Data and its implications for public relations and marketing professionals.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Big Data: PR’s Biggest Threat Or Opportunity? Brandon Uttley, Principal Brandon Uttley Consulting Presented To: PRSA Southeast District
  • 2. Let me ask you a few questions.
  • 3. Who likes to watch movies? Photo: gsloan
  • 4. Big Data helps you decide.
  • 5. "Hadoop processing power allows the company to run massive data analyses, such as graphing traffic patterns for every type of device across multiple markets. ! "That effort helps Netflix improve the reliability of video feeds on different platforms and plan for future growth of streaming movies and shows. For example, the greater processing capabilities can allow engineers to see where traffic on the network is running slower, allowing them to plan for additional network capacity." Wall Street Journal
  • 6. Is Hadoop?
  • 7. Who has a teenage girl?
  • 8. Thanks to Big Data.
  • 9. Wal-Mart Stores collects more than 2.5 petabytes of data every hour from its customer transactions. Harvard Business Review
  • 10. “Most people have no idea that businesses use thousands of such scores to rank consumers based on data harvested from search engine histories, shopping habits, social media networks, mobile apps, surveys and census reports.”
  • 11. Big Data = Big Profits
  • 12. Nearly two-thirds of CFOs and CIOs in the Americas have changed their business strategy because of big data. KPMG
  • 13. So just how big is Big Data?
  • 14. Over 2.5 petabytes of data every hour
  • 15. Source: Mozy } Every Hour
  • 16. 1,000 Bytes 1 Kilobyte 1,000 Kilobytes 1 Megabyte 1,000 Megabytes 1 Gigabyte 1,000 Gigabytes 1 Terabyte 1,000 Terabytes 1 Petabyte
  • 17. 1,000 Petabytes 1 Exabyte 1,000 Exabytes 1 Zettabyte 1,000 Zettabytes 1 Yottabyte 1,000 Yottabytes 1 Brontobyte 1,000 Brontobytes 1 Geopbyte
  • 18. Facebook handles more than 300 petabytes of data daily. AllFacebook
  • 19. The Petrarack. Just $500,000.
  • 20. Here’s the scary part.
  • 21. The capacity of a human being's functional memory is estimated to be 1.25 terabytes. ! This means the memories of 800 human beings fit into one petabyte. Raymond Kurzweil, The Singularity Is Near
  • 22. Are we doomed?
  • 23. The machines are getting smarter. ! The machines compute faster. ! Logically, the machines can beat us.
  • 24. Before We Panic • We still make the machines • There is no algorithm for empathy • There are no chips for insights and intuition
  • 25. We are the caretakers of reason. ! We are the leapers of faith.
  • 26. “…social scientists reported that Google’s flu- tracking service not only wildly overestimated the number of flu cases in the United States in the 2012-13 flu season — a well-known miss — but has also consistently overshot in the last few years.” New York Times
  • 27. Let’s proceed with caution.
  • 28. Big Data Is Everywhere Public Sector/Government Financial Institutions Media Companies Transportation Healthcare Fitness
  • 29. Business Applications Social Media Data Web Clickstream Data Server Log Data Machine and Sensor Data Geolocation Data
  • 30. Some Positive Projects • In March 2012, the White House announced a national "Big Data Initiative" with six Federal departments and agencies committing more than $200 million to big data research projects • Includes a National Science Foundation "Expeditions in Computing" grant of $10 million over 5 years • Over a dozen sponsors using big data to attack problems from predicting traffic congestion to fighting cancer
  • 31. London's Heathrow airport increased the number of on-time flights from 65% to 80% in two months after using an algorithm to coordinate everything that goes into a flight turnaround process
  • 32. IBM is helping companies identify customers’ personality types based on social data for better customer service
  • 33. “We are seeing it transform our entire organization. Big data helps us understand customers better. It helps us gather personal preferences to customize the experience they have with our organization.” ! SeniorVP/CMO Jim Davis Orlando Magic
  • 34. What Can You Do About Big Data?
  • 35. “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” — Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues Photo credit: Johannas Visions
  • 36. "If you are simply relying on internal information and your own experience, you are going to come up short as a strategist. The big data that is probably most relevant to big decisions is Internet data — addressing what people around the world are saying and doing.” ! ! — Tom Davenport Professor at Babson College and author of Big Data @ Work
  • 37. Foundation For Success L - Learn E - Educate A - Assess R - React N - (I)nterpret
  • 38. Learn Research what is happening ! Get to know key players ! Know enough to be dangerous
  • 39.
  • 40. Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storage and large-scale processing of data-sets
  • 41. Hortonworks Advertising Architecture
  • 42. Hortonworks Sentiment Analysis
  • 43. Text Analysis API
  • 44. Text Analysis API
  • 45. Mashape
  • 46. Statwing
  • 47. Where To Get Big Data
  • 48. Main Types of Data • Proprietary Data
 In-house numbers, technology or customer base • Commissioned Data
 Market research, opinion polls and customer surveys • Curated Data
 Third-party data, preexisting studies and reports from organizations, government agencies and academic institutions
  • 49. Educate Inform your organizations and clients ! Discuss the ramifications of Big Data ! Get a seat at the table
  • 50. Assess Determine what is being collected ! Assess organizational readiness
  • 51. Adobe Capability-Maturity Self Assessment Tool
  • 52.
  • 53. React Guide communications around Big Data initiatives ! Identify opportunities and organizational roles ! Review or prepare policies
  • 54. Intel Big Data Policy
  • 55. (I)nterpret Be the liaison (IT, management, communications, customers) ! Bring the human element to analysis/usage
  • 56. To Sum Up Big Data is indeed huge and growing
 It is imperative for you to pay attention and know the landscape
 Most importantly—get a seat at the table
 Be proactive and bring human empathy to the conversation
  • 57. “The workings of intuition transcend those of the intellect, and as is well known, innovation is often a triumph of intuition over logic.” — Albert Einstein
  • 58. Any Questions?
  • 59. Thank You. Brandon Uttley, Principal Brandon Uttley Consulting
  • 60. For A Copy of This Presentation • Give me your business card • Send me your email: • Download here: