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Scs consumer presentation

  1. 1. A Nationwide Service Presented By: Brandon Hunter Direct Contact: 317-565-7067 Email:
  2. 2. A Huge Untapped MarketOver 60% of all Americans are Cash or Credit Challenged
  3. 3. A Huge Untapped MarketA recent CNN Money article quotes theNational Foundation for Credit Counseling(NFCC)64% of Americans dont have enough cash onhand to handle a $1,000 emergency expenseOnly 36% said they would tap their rainy dayfunds for an emergency.
  4. 4. What People Are SayingTestimonals About Us! “We’re also seeingoffer higher ticket for an option who “Not are now ablehelpdental services services. Our average “We only does it to give our customers bigger can’t come up up 34% since we joinedstill bespread repair amounts becausethe full amountcanthe program.” out tick has gone with our patients to now able to their vehicle. It also helps us uphappy satisfied with to their payments. We are very sell additional services Todd M. Advanced Auto Service customers who want to make thethesedecision for up the high approval rates given right hard difficult keeping their car.”we live in plus A. AAMCO Transmissions. economic times Tammie A. we love being funded 100% up front. Would we recommend this program? Absolutely! Cory R. DMD A.Z. 3/13/12
  5. 5. Our Focus Helping The Merchant Access This Huge Untapped Market – Increase store traffic – Up-selling opportunities – Increase customer base – Increase cash flow from lost sales – No paperwork to keep track ofReduces dependence on “Discount selling”A Marketing Program not a finance program
  6. 6. Helping the Economy One Business at a Time Any Emergency SituationAutomotive / Tires Medical Doctor DentistSales Veterinarians Funeral HomesAuto Body Other emergency situationsBrakesTiresTransmission repair Home PurchasesTune ups Appliances FurnitureHome Improvement Bedding / Mattress purchase Plus anything else to do with aCarpeting / Flooring / Tile homeownerKitchen & BathPlumbing / Heat/AC / ElectricalRoofing Other Approved MerchantsPainting Sporting Goods & associated productsDraperies Water Ski suppliesLandscaping Snow BoardHome exercise equipment Ski supplies Guns & Ammo Tattoo Parlors
  7. 7. No Credit Needed Program 3/6/12 Month Payment Plan for CustomersThe Merchant is funded in full in 48 to 72 hours No customer application Customer approval call takes 2–3 minutes No recourse to the Merchant
  8. 8. Weekly Lost Sales Analysis1) How many people dont bother coming into your 5 business because they dont have the money or the credit?2) How many times do customers leave after hearing the 8 price?3) How many buyers have you turned away because their 4 credit was not approved?4) Customers you could Up-Sell if you could offer NO 8 Credit NEEDED Financing? Lost Customers Per Week: 25 x Average Sale: $ 500 Total Weekly Sales Lost: $ 12,500 Lost Revenues Per Month: $ 50,000
  9. 9. Plus Plan No customer application Customer approval call takes 2–3 minutes Check writing history is key 7 out of 10 approved • Valid Id • Income source • Checking accountCan have 5 NSF during last 12 monthsUtility bills, car payment can’t be over 60 days
  10. 10. The Customer Pays “10 & 10”A Typical situation:You add 10% & $10 to the saleAverage ticket $500Costs the consumer $560 paid over 90 daysYour account is credited in full in 48 to 72 hours forthe sale amount made – in full(Less the customer fees, added to the sale)
  11. 11. A Simple Electronic Process Customer amount debited over 90/180/360 Days Merchant credit in full in 48 hoursScan the checks once and hold for 6 months.Collection is not your problem. c
  12. 12. What is the “Electronic Process?”A patent pending software that allows you toenter checks into the Federal Deposit CheckCashing system.• This codes the customers checks to your business, and schedules your customers checks to be debited from their checking account.• This allows us to electronically purchase customers checks from you, AND• Enables us to provide your funds to you, in full, in 48 hours.And that’s what you would be expecting, right?
  13. 13. Additional ServicesCheck Guarantee up to $36,000Check Guarantee is included withevery purchase
  14. 14. For More Information Contact Presented By: Brandon Hunter Direct Contact: 317-565-7067 Email: