Graduation Guidelines - Class of 2013


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Graduation Guidelines - Class of 2013

  1. 1. GUIDELINES FOR ETOWAH HIGH SCHOOLGRADUATION PRACTICE AND EXERCISESSENIOR FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE:Date Class PeriodMonday, May 13th7thTuesday, May 14th5thand 6thWednesday, May 15th3rdand 4thThursday, May 16th1stand 2ndSeniors are permitted to leave after their last exam period of the day.ATTENDANCE APPEALS: Appeals are generated automatically, as needed. Any time to be made up forexcessive absences will be served Monday, May 20, through Wednesday, May 22.CREDITS EARNED OUTSIDE EHS:All students who are Joint enrolled, Dual enrolled or taking online classes (ex BYU) for high schoolcredit: All Official Transcripts should be sent to Etowah High School: Attention Dana Dotson. All Official Transcripts must be received by Wednesday, May 8th Students in APEX courses must complete their course and submit paperwork by Wednesday, May15th at 4:45pm.PRACTICES:Senior Breakfast and1st Graduation PracticeFriday,May 17th8:00am Report to EHS Cafeteria2nd Graduation Practice Monday,May 20th8:00am Report to EHS New GymFinal Practice Thursday,May 23rd8:30am Report to First Baptist Woodstock Church (FBWC)EHS Graduation Friday,May 24th4:00pm Report to First Baptist Woodstock Church (FBWC)at 2:30pm Once you are dismissed from practice, you are to leave the campus immediately. In order to participate in graduation exercises on Friday afternoon, May 24th, graduates mustattend EACH practice session in its entirety. All school rules apply to graduation practice and exercises. Any student who breaks a county orschool rule or creates a distraction during practice will be dismissed from practice and not beallowed to participate in the graduation exercises. Seniors are not allowed to enter the school building without special permission after practices haveconcluded.
  2. 2. OUTSTANDING OBLIGATIONS: All debts, obligations, or detentions should be cleared by Thursday, May16, at 11:00 AM. These may include, but are not restricted to, any of the following: library fines, bookdebts, uniforms, parking tickets, lab fees, detentions, etc. To participate in the graduation exercises, allgraduates must have cleared outstanding obligations with the school.SENIOR DUES: If your student has ordered a cap and gown, the dues are paid! If you have not orderedyour cap and gown, go to . All orders and payments must be paid throughthe website link. Previous year’s caps and gowns are not permitted.ATTIRE: For all practices, casual but modest dress is acceptable. Shoes must be worn at all times.Halter tops, short-shorts, swimsuits, or inappropriate T-shirts, etc. are not acceptable dress. Studentswho are not appropriately attired for practice will be sent home and therefore unable to participate in theactual graduation ceremony.GRADUATION EXERCISES: The graduation ceremony is a privilege – not a right. Your behavior is themost important factor in the success of graduation. Distracting dress or misbehavior may result in yourremoval from the ceremony.Graduation Attire:Male: White collared shirts, dark dress pants, dark dress socks, dark dress shoes.Female: Dresses (no longer than the graduation gown), or dark pants, and dark dress shoes.Athletic shoes are not considered dress shoes. No flip flops are permitted.Graduation attire is very important. Students who are not dressed appropriately will be sent home. Trafficin the area is always heavy and occasionally, students who have been sent home to change don’t make itback for the ceremony. Don’t let this happen to you!Only those seniors who are properly attired will be allowed to march in the graduation ceremony. See Mrs.Sebring in Room 3109 if you are having a problem meeting the dress requirements.On the day of graduation, Friday, May 24th, please be at the church no later than 2:30 PM. Graduates willreport to the Magnolia room and locate their advisor. Do not go into the auditorium to visit. No one otherthan the graduates and school personnel will be allowed in the hallways where the graduates are lining upprior to the ceremony. If you are concealing any inappropriate items, you will be pulled from the line-up,and you will not be allowed to participate in graduation. Please do not create an embarrassing situation byfailing to abide by this rule.Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Sebring, Senior Class Administrator, atthe email address below.Upon receiving this letter, you will be asked for your signature indicating that you have read and agree tothe graduation guidelines. Polaris and ACE Academy students will sign on May 17th at graduation practice.In addition, all seniors will log to: complete the required Post-Secondary survey. In order to participate in graduation ceremonies, both ofthese items (signature and survey) must be complete by May 13th.We look forward to working with you during graduation week. Help us make this the best graduation thatEtowah has ever had.Sincerely,Keith L. Ball, PrincipalTonya Sebring, Senior Class