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Great Writing 3 Unit 1 Lecture
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Great Writing 3 Unit 1 Lecture


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For Sangmyung University Writing 4 Class

For Sangmyung University Writing 4 Class

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Unit1: IntrotoParagraphs
  • 2. Paragraph Mechanics
  • 3. Page 1: What’s a Paragraph Letter > word > sentence > paragraph > essay
  • 4. Page 2: 3 Main Parts of a Paragraph 1 2. 3. Topic sentence Supporting sentences Concluding sentence Topic Sentence = main subject + controlling idea Cars can be used in many different situations. Cars have changed enormously in the past 50 years.
  • 5. Page 5: Five Features of a good topic sentence 1. Guide paragraph – what’s coming 2. Not well-known fact – be interesting! 3. Be specific – contain details 4. But not too specific – if too specific, you have nothing to write about! 5. Must contain controlling idea
  • 6. 1. Digital cameras •Have more features than film cameras
  • 7. Page 3 Activity 1 • Choose the best sentence. Put a check. 1.A 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.A
  • 8. Page 6 Activity 3 • Thinking about the previous page, choose the best topic sentences in this activity. • Underline the controlling idea. 2. Dolphins : nature’s most incredible animals 3. Ninio’s Pizzaria : wide selection of foods 4. Snowboarding : interesting history 5. Seashells : great souvenirs
  • 9. Page 9: Activity 6 • Read the paragraphs, and write a good topic sentence with controlling idea. 1. If you’re looking for a good way to stay in shape, running is one of the best exercises around. 2. Getting a job is difficult, but there are six steps than can really make it easier for you.
  • 10. Page 11: Activity 7 Brainstorming • Let’s think about our first paragraph. Choose one the the topics and brainstorm ideas about the topic. Come up with four ideas about the topic. • Write a topic sentence about the topic. • On page 12, write a paragraph. • Exchange your paragraph with a partner. Read your partner’s paragraph and ask a question or two about it. Underline your partner’s topic sentence. • Now, return the paragraph. LOOK at your paragraph. Did your partner underline the correct topic sentence?
  • 11. Homework •Page 17 Activity 12 •(Look at internet practice icons in book) these are related: •Page 18 Activity 13 •Page 20 Activity 15 (supporting sentences. Study page 12-13) •Page 21 Activity 16
  • 12. Week 3 • Schedule coming soon • Unit 1 continued • Keep writing portfolio Warm Up – Take 5 minutes to write about anything you want in your notebook. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation.
  • 13. Page 17 Language Focus • Many scientist = many scientists Activity 12 Editing for Noun Forms
  • 14. ConcludingSentences:Page22
  • 15. Page 22 Concluding sentences A concluding sentence wraps up the paragraph. Let’s the reader know you’ve finished. Features: 1. Usually last sentence. 2. Let’s reader know you’ve finished. 3. Brings a logical conclusion. • Restate main idea (but not exactly the same!) • Offer a suggestion, give opinion, or make a prediction.
  • 16. Page 22 Continued: Example: Look at Paragraph 6 (Page 15) Topic sentence: One of my greatest vacations was spent in Washington, D.C. Concluding Sentence: Clearly, Washington, D.C. has a lot to offer visitors! Transitions with Concluding Sentences because of all of this as a result clearly Etc.
  • 17. Page23 – Activity 17 Practicewritinga concludingsentence. • Write concluding sentences for the paragraphs on pages 9 & 14. • What does the sentence do? Page 23 Four Features of Well-Written Paragraph 1. Topic sentence states main idea 2. All sentences about one topic 3. First sentence is indented 4. Concluding sentence makes logical conclusion
  • 18. Page24–Activity18 Analyze aparagraph
  • 19. • Activity 21 = extra practice • Check your answers with a partner… Page26 – Activity 20 – Vocabulary WordAssociations (website has flash cards) circlethe correctword
  • 20. • First Draft • Brainstorm for ideas • Follow the guidelines on page 28 • Bring all to class • Paragraph should be In book, notebook or printed Assignment1 (Start with Activity22 Page28)
  • 21. Checklist
  • 22. Peer Editing • Why peer review?
  • 23. Also…. • Learn how to read carefully, with attention to the details of a piece of writing (whether their own or another writer's); • Learn how to strengthen their writing by taking into account the responses of actual and anticipated readers; • Make the transition from writing primarily for themselves or for an instructor to writing for a broader audience-a key transition for students as they learn to write university- level papers and as they prepare for post-graduate work; • Learn how to formulate and communicate constructive feedback on a peer's work; • Learn how to gather and respond to feedback on their own work. Source:
  • 24. Tips for peer editing: Page 30
  • 25. PeereditingSheet1–Page239
  • 26. Portfolio 10%