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U.s and athens government
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U.s and athens government



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  • 1. Athens and U.S. GovernmentBy: Brandon Dunn, Izayah Silva, and Ryan Hageali
  • 2. Athens GovernmentAthens is considered the beginning of democracy because they did not havekings, pharaohs, or emperors. It was divided into small groups called demsthat were grouped together into 10 tribes. Every tribe had the same amountof members in it. The form of government was called a demokratia, whichwas ruled by the people.Every ten days the people would come together andtalk about laws, and vote on new laws. Slaves, women, and metics couldntvote because they were not considered citizens.
  • 3. Athens government is an early form ofdemocracy developed in the 5th century B.C.
  • 4. Ancient Athens is considered the beginningof democracy
  • 5. Athens is a direct democracy
  • 6. In Athens, in order for direct democracy towork, the community must be small enough forall eligible people to participate
  • 7. Athens is split into 3 groups; the assembly,the courts, and the council
  • 8. Athens rotate among the officials to be thepresident
  • 9. Any Athenian male over the age of 30 canbecome president
  • 10. Athenian women cannot vote
  • 11. In Athens it is not as important or treasuredto be president as the u.s.
  • 12. Athens government and legislative bodies cometogether and the people speak to them and thenthey resolve the issue immediately
  • 13. In Athens the council and the courts heldthe main source of power
  • 14. The Athens courts were staffed by differentmen above the age of 30
  • 15. U.S Government
  • 16. The Civil participation refers to a condition inwhich every citizens has the means to activelyengage in to the public sphere including politicalprocess
  • 17. The Civil society is empowered, protected,and accountable; the media are present,professional, and independent of Governmentinfluence, equal access.
  • 18. Through these means, the population can alsoparticipate in politics, provide on a check on theGovernment and influence the government policy.
  • 19. Active citizenship were individual has adirect input into the the policy formationprocess and those with direct experience ofservices or new social needs are given a voiceto determine policy and practice.
  • 20. Eligibility to vote in the U.S is determine byboth federal and state law.
  • 21. Currently, only citizens can vote in the u.s.election
  • 22. When the country was discovered, in moststates, only white men with property wereallowed to vote(Freed African Americans couldvote in four states).
  • 23. ComparisonOf u.s. and Athens government
  • 24. Both vote for political figures
  • 25. Both have more than one legislative groupto rule
  • 26. The legislative branch in both areas are one ofthe main roles in political area
  • 27. The legislative branch of Athens makesimportant decisions for the people like going towar, whereas you have a choice to go to war inthe u.s.
  • 28. The Athenian legislative bodies are split up into3 groups, and the u.s. is split into 2
  • 29. The Endby by