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SEO has been a confusing, cloudy and sometimes scary topic for many innkeepers. It raises a number of questions. Exactly how much should I worry about SEO? What parts of SEO are important, and what others are just 'fluff'? How much should I be paying for ongoing SEO work?

This webinar is the first in a series that aims to pierce through the veil of SEO and get down to brass tacks--what's important, what isn't and exactly how much you should worry about it.

This webinar by buuteeq aired on Thursday, April 26th at 10:00 AM.

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SEO - Piercing the Veil

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ buuteeq
  2. 2. Don’t Get Hoodwinked FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt SEO doesn‟t have to be a scary topic. Let‟s pierce through the veil of misinformation that agencies use to intimidate clients. info buuteeq
  3. 3. Over Optimization Google is now penalizing websites that are ‘over optimized’ for SEO Many of the SEO strategies agencies tell innkeepers to use will hurt their websites instead of help, thanks to Google‟s new penalty on over- optimized websites. Further reading: • How to Avoid Over Optimization for Your Property – buuteeq • Changes to Make to Avoid a Penalty - SEOmoz info buuteeq
  4. 4. SEO is NOT About Constant Tweaks 90% of SEO is about backlinks. Investing undue time and energy into SEO wastes time and money, because 90% of effective SEO is all about backlinks. On-page and infrastructural tweaks can only help you so much. info buuteeq
  5. 5. What you can actually do: There are only a few things you can actually do to make any meaningful positive effect to your SEO: • Choose a well-built content management system. • Create amazing web content. • Gain backlinks. ALL else is wasted time and money. Don’t fall into the SEO trap! info buuteeq
  6. 6. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  7. 7. Find a Good CMS or DMS A well-built CMS will be SEO optimized out-of-the-box. Why buy a boat and then pay more for buoyancy? Why buy a website and pay more for it to be discovered? Legitimate developers build websites optimized for search, and don‟t charge you more for „ongoing‟ SEO. Most structural SEO needs are the same for all websites. Yours does not have ‘special’ SEO needs. info buuteeq
  8. 8. What to look for in a CMS or DMS • Information Architecture • Correct Markup • Multi-language support • Multi-channel Support • Stable IT info buuteeq
  9. 9. Information Architecture Good information architecture organizes information in a logical way that robots— and, more importantly, people—naturally expect to consume it. Find a CMS or DMS that organizes pages with a “pretty permalink” structure that is easy to read. Make sure your website navigation places the information your guests want to find right where they expect to find it. info buuteeq
  10. 10. Correct Markup Your CMS must use correct markup. This includes: • Meta tags • Header tags • Appropriate styles • Etc. info buuteeq
  11. 11. Multi Language Content Providing your content in multiple languages gives your property a better chance at ranking well in other markets. Choose the languages that best fit your property and provide translations for those visitors. info buuteeq
  12. 12. Multi Channel Support Search engines look at indicators such as mobile and social support when deciding how to rank your website. A CMS or DMS that supports other marketing channels such as mobile and social will help you better manage your online marketing. info buuteeq
  13. 13. Stable IT Many small agencies use unstable hosting options. Find a solution that uses a stable hosting technology. For example, Amazon Web Services—the solution buuteeq and Netflix use—is stable, helps websites load faster all over the world and encourages a better bounce rate. info buuteeq
  14. 14. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  15. 15. Google Rewards Amazing Content Fill your website with well- written articles people will actually read. You know your guests better than any SEO agency. Write dozens of articles about local attractions, local partners, annual events, hiking trails and so on. The more you write, and the better its quality, the more likely Google will be to reward you with better rankings. info buuteeq
  16. 16. Include Multimedia More and more, Google is giving preference to web pages that include images and video. Give guests a better browsing experience by including beautiful images about your topic and, if you can, video you produced yourself. Upload the videos to YouTube and embedd them on your website. info buuteeq
  17. 17. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  18. 18. NEVER pay for backlinks While backlinks are incredibly important, paying for backlinks invites trouble. Paid backlinks are lower quality, don‟t help much and can trigger a warning from Google, that can, in some instances, remove your website from Google completely. Instead, gain backlinks with honest, hard work. Here are some ideas: info buuteeq
  19. 19. Guest Blog Blogs are always in search of fresh content. Find travel blogs and local blogs and offer to write for them. Send an email to the blog owner with a brief introduction and your blog post idea. Many times, bloggers will welcome new content and publish your blog article, within which you can include a link to your website. info buuteeq
  20. 20. Make Partnerships Find local businesses and create partnerships. Find local tour groups, hiking guides, restaurants and so on. Offer them a link to their website in exchange for a link to yours. info buuteeq
  21. 21. Be creative! Creativity is the heart of successful Internet marketing. Instead of wasting time and energy spreading out your keyword density and other SEO techniques with questionable actual results, spend your valuable time coming up with creative ideas to market your property. info buuteeq
  22. 22. @buuteeq lisa@buuteeq.comAll images in thispresentation wereeither created andowned by buuteeq orare in the publicdomain and used with The Digital Marketing System for Your Property COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC.permission from www.buuteeq.comWikimedia Commons. info buuteeq