How to Manage Social Media


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There's so much social media. Maybe even too much! You've gotta get on Twitter, engage with guests on Facebook, share photos on Pinterest, post updates to Tumblr--where does it all end!?

Despite the complexity, you can manage your own property's social media easily, without a huge time investment, all by yourself. In this webinar we explore a sample of the many tools available, share tips on social timing and even a few tricks to make your life that much easier.

This webinar aired Thursday, April 5th at 11:00 AM.

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How to Manage Social Media

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ buuteeq
  2. 2. Ideally… You’d have a unique voice for all social media channels with different, fresh and constant content. Because different kinds of people like different social media channels, you should develop a unique voice with unique content for each channel. info buuteeq
  3. 3. …but in reality… You have a property to run. You don’t have time for that. Huge companies can realize the ideal, but for the rest of us, we need to find a quick, convenient way to manage social media at once. What we need is one place where we can do it all— Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. info buuteeq
  4. 4. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  5. 5. Social Media Dashboards There are dozens of social media dashboards to choose from. Each one has unique pros and cons, which we will go over here. Dashboards give you a nice “overview” of the state of your social media so you can quickly respond. For this presentation, I will go over the top two—HootSuite and TweetDeck. info buuteeq
  6. 6. TweetDeck TweetDeck, owned by Twitter, allows you to monitor your social graph and respond. Supports multiple Twitter accounts and one of the following: Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Go ogle Buzz and MySpace. info buuteeq
  7. 7. TweetDeck Use TweetDeck to monitor the people you follow and quickly respond to them. Pros: • Near instant updates; real-time streaming • Free • Supports major functions like tweets, likes, mentions, direct messages and so on. info buuteeq
  8. 8. TweetDeck Cons: • With many social accounts, it can be overwhelming. • It has a limited selection of accounts it supports. • No analytics. • No timed updates. • The mobile app has limited functionality. info buuteeq
  9. 9. HootSuite Use HootSuite to create reports and manage streams. Pros: • Create analytics reports • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fours quare, MySpace, PingFM, Wordpr ess and mixi • Add users, like staff • Schedule updates • Supports major functions like tweets, likes, mentions, direct messages and so on. info buuteeq
  10. 10. HootSuite Cons: • The free version is limited. • The tabbed interface is sometimes hard to navigate • Certain reports cost „credits‟ which cost money info buuteeq
  11. 11. buuteeq’s 360 Analytics Cloud DMS subscribers have access to buuteeq’s 360 Analytics. Track your Facebook progress from your BackOffice. Compare your acquisition of new likes to previous periods of time, or take a cumulative view. info buuteeq
  12. 12. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  13. 13. Why Schedule? Scheduling your news and updates ahead of time allows you to post consistently and at the optimal times of day. Many people get burdened by the need to update and just end up not updating at all. Scheduling updates ahead of time allows you to enjoy the rest of your day. info buuteeq
  14. 14. Buffer Buffer allows you to set a schedule. As you add updates to the queue, Buffer publishes them according to your schedule. You can install a Buffer app to most browsers so that you can add interesting things to your Buffer queue as you browse the web. info buuteeq
  15. 15. Buffer Limitations Buffer can push notifications to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, I have personally been informed by the developers that they will soon support Tumblr, Pinterest and others. The free version of Buffer limits the number of social channels you can publish to. The paid version is inexpensive. info buuteeq
  16. 16. Buffer Analytics Buffer provides click-thru analytics, unsupported by many other services. Additionally, it has some Dashboard functionalities, like responding to Mentions and Retweets. info buuteeq
  17. 17. When to Schedule Much research has been done about which days and what time of day is the best to post updates. There is a lot of general information out there to help you plan your tweets and Facebook updates. This handy infographic by KISSmetrics is a good place to start. info buuteeq
  18. 18. Schedule for Your Audience Each audience is different. It is best to schedule updates when you know your specific audience is paying attention. There are many ways to discover when your followers are active. I use a service called Tweriod to scrub my networks‟ activity and inform me what days and hours of the week my followers are active. The free service is informative. The paid service is in- depth and inexpensive. info buuteeq
  19. 19. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  20. 20. If This Then That (ifttt) ifttt is a powerful solution that follows a simple principle: if (this) then (that). For example, one formula could look like this: if (facebook) then (twitter). This formula would publish a tweet to Twitter every time you update your Facebook status. info buuteeq
  21. 21. If This Then That (ifttt) There are hundreds of thousands of ‘recipes’ that can enable to you to do many things. ifttt supports dozens of services. Using a little creativity, you can get ifttt to do almost anything. You can use ifttt to publish your updates to services that your favorite dashboard doesn‟t support. info buuteeq
  22. 22. Example 1 – Use ifttt to create backlinks Activate your blog with ifttt to create dozens of backlinks every time you publish a blog post. Using this example recipe, ifttt will publish an update containing anything you want, including links back to your website, every time you update your blog. info buuteeq
  23. 23. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  24. 24. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  25. 25. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  26. 26. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  27. 27. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  28. 28. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  29. 29. Example 2 – Facebook to Google Plus info buuteeq
  30. 30. Simplify Your Life Broadcast to your guests with the push of a button. Using these tools, tips and tricks, you can successfully broadcast your property‟s news to your guests with the push of one button. Never feel burdened by social media again! info buuteeq
  31. 31. The Digital Marketing System for Your Property COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. info buuteeq