Facebook Business Page Timeline for Hotels


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Facebook Business Page Timeline for Hotels

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC.help buuteeq
  2. 2. Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Profile Photo Apps Business Info help buuteeq
  3. 3. Cover Photo Details &Restrictions• Size: 851x315• Cover Photos cannot include: • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”. • Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section. • References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features. • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”. help buuteeq
  4. 4. Profile Photo• Size: 180x180 (scaled to 32x32)• Choose an image that represents your business, like a logo or an image of your property.• Be sure to stay on-brand. help buuteeq
  5. 5. Apps• There are 4 total app slots.• The built-in Photos app cannot be moved.• You can place any other apps you wish in the three remaining slots.• Other apps are hidden in a twirl- down arrow menu.• You can change the photo of your apps, if you wish.• You can change the name of your apps, if you wish, like “Start Here”. help buuteeq
  6. 6. Business Info• Click “Manage Page” to edit your business info.• Be sure to include your website address.• Map points will be added to your About page automatically when you enter your property‟s address.• Great above-the-fold exposure. A wonderful opportunity to share your property‟s vital info. help buuteeq
  7. 7. Pinned Posts and Fan ActivityPinnedPost Fan Activity help buuteeq
  8. 8. Pinned Posts• Click the pencil icon of a post and choose “pin to top” to pin a post.• Pinned posts stay at the very top of your Timeline for 7 days.• Use this tool to promote a contest, seasonal promotion and so on. help buuteeq
  9. 9. Communication WithGuests• Activity from guests, such as comments and likes, appear in a new box on the right-hand side called “Recent Posts by Others”.• In the Permissions section, you can manage how guests post on your Page.• Guests can send you direct, private messages over Facebook. You cannot initiate a conversation with guests—they must act first.• You may respond to messages they send you up to two times. help buuteeq
  10. 10. Milestones Milestones help buuteeq
  11. 11. Create a Milestone• Navigate to the moment in time where you want to add the milestone.• Hover over the line in the middle of the page. Your mouse pointer will turn into a + icon. Click.• Choose “create a milestone”• Complete the information and save. help buuteeq
  12. 12. Highlights Highlights help buuteeq
  13. 13. Highlighted Posts• Highlighted posts take on the full width of your timeline. Great for photos and videos.• Hover over your post and click the star icon to highlight a post.• You can un-highlight a post at any time. help buuteeq
  14. 14. Admin Panel Direct, Private Messages NotificationsLikes Insights help buuteeq
  15. 15. Admin Analytics• Shows you how many people saw your post (reached), how many people posted a comment or liked or shared your content (talking about this) and shows this information in relation to your posts. help buuteeq
  16. 16. Admin Notifications• See a list of guest activity in the order it happens.• See who likes your posts. help buuteeq
  17. 17. Admin Messages• Private messages appear in the new messaging center within the admin dashboard. help buuteeq
  18. 18. Other News & Considerations• Facebook ads have changed. • You can preview how the timeline Now, when you publish a new looks with your Page now until Facebook post, you can pay March 30th, when it will Facebook to give it more prominence automatically go live to all with your fans. These are called “Sponsored Stories”. Facebook pages.• You can change the dates on your • You can‟t send a message to a posts, and repeat certain posts fan until they first send one to you. throughout your timeline using a Then, you may respond to their range of dates. message only twice.• Facebook Places are not integrated • Pinned posts stay at the top of with Timeline. Your “check-ins” will your Timeline for only 7 days. become “visits”.• Your Facebook page analytics are public. help buuteeq
  19. 19. COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC.help buuteeq
  20. 20. Eye Tracking Studieshelp buuteeq
  21. 21. Designed for Bookings Reservation buttonWhat do potential Property photoguests focus on? More Attention Less Attention help buuteeq
  22. 22. help buuteeq
  23. 23. Same Great Content Prominent „like‟ button Quick access to other apps 850px Wide help buuteeq
  24. 24. Hotel Info App forFacebook – ComingInnovations• New, 850px, full-width app• Three new App places; Location app, Room Overview App, Reservations App• Photos published right to your Facebook photo gallery• Rich analytics from Facebook to track your conversions help buuteeq
  25. 25. Resources• Page Guidelines by Facebook http://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php• Introduction to Page Timelines by http://www.facebook.com/about/pages Facebook• Cover Photo Guidelines by http://www.facebook.com/help/timeline/cover Facebook• How to make a Milestone http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=279680818 764230• Facebook‟s Timeline introduction http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/P PDF ages_Product_Guide_022812.pdf• buuteeq‟s Timeline guide on the http://www.buuteeq.com/blog/timeline-for- facebook-pag blog https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=2132085• More about Sponsored Stories 52035450es/ help buuteeq
  26. 26. @buuteeqbuuteeq.com/blogbrandon@buuteeq.comkaren@buuteeq.com The Digital Marketing System for Your Inn COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. www.buuteeq.com help buuteeq