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360 Analytics - Hospitality Business Analytics by buuteeq
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360 Analytics - Hospitality Business Analytics by buuteeq


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Introducing innovative web, mobile and social analytics, custom-built for the hospitality industry.

Introducing innovative web, mobile and social analytics, custom-built for the hospitality industry.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 360 Analyticsinfo buuteeq
  • 2. 360 AnalyticsIn one image, monitor theperformance of all your onlinemarketing efforts.• Within each metric, darker colors represent better performance, lighter colors represent weaker performance.• Organic: Shows you the keywords used to find your marketing and how well each performed.• Direct: Shows you direct entry points to your marketing, via a saved bookmark, for example, and how well each page performs.• Referral: Shows you how much traffic comes from which external sites, like an online travel agency, for example, and how well it performs. info buuteeq
  • 3. Overview PageDetailed business intelligence torefine your marketing strategies.• Intuitive, powerful data about your visits, conversions, bookings and social graph.• Quick performance overview of all your marketing channels; web, mobile & social.• Produce detailed, intuitive charts for any date range you wish. info buuteeq
  • 4. Channel PerformanceEnjoy detailed performancereports for all of your Internetmarketing channels—web, mobile and social.• Compare conversions and actual revenue by channel.• Learn which channels perform well and which need improvement to better hone your Internet marketing strategy. info buuteeq
  • 5. SummarySee up-to-datevisitor, conversion and bookingsummaries on your web, mobileand social marketing channels.• Usage Summary breaks down user site navigation behavior including bounce rate, page views and unique visitors. Compare conversions to bookings to visitors.• Chart data over time and compare with previous date ranges.• Enjoy detailed information about how guests use your booking engine and how well your promotions and add-ons perform. info buuteeq
  • 6. SourcesDiscover where yourtraffic, conversions andbookings come from on each ofyour web, mobile and socialmarketing channels.• Discover which keywords lead to more conversions, more marketing traffic and more revenue.• Learn which external websites produce the best results. info buuteeq
  • 7. DemographicsUnderstand the make-up of yourguests and the decisions theymake to learn how to bettertarget your marketing efforts.• Learn the exact number and percentage of guests who visit and convert by language, and how much revenue each language generates.• Compare performance between nationalities.• Break-down visits and conversions by browser language and content language consumption. info buuteeq
  • 8. Top Performing PagesSee a list of your top performingpages in terms of visits andconversions.• Learn which pages are visited the most frequently and compare them with other pages of your marketing materials.• Discover which pages best convert lookers to bookers.• Compare your page performance among your web, mobile and social marketing channels. info buuteeq
  • 9. Room ReportsCompare all your individualrooms or room types.• See which rooms get the most reservations and deliver the most revenue.• Discover which room rates generate the most revenue. info buuteeq
  • 10. Social AnalyticsKeep a handle on how yoursocial graph grows over time.• Track your cumulative Facebook likes and compare them with your past social performance• Track and compare your new likes by day, week or month. info buuteeq