Evaluation question 3


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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. + Magazine Publication And Distribution A look at the most appropriate publishers and distributors for New Artist Magazine
  2. 2. +Bauer Media GroupI have chosen Bauer Media Group asthey have a strong background inpublishing music magazines.Bauer media is part of the BauerMedia Group and is Europes largestprivately owned publishing group.They publish over 300 magazinesworldwide and also publish online andon TV making them a large part of thepublishing industry.Their strong background in musicmagazine publishing makes them anattractive opportunity for anybodytrying to publish and distribute a newmagazine into the market.
  3. 3. +Kerrang MagazineOne of Bauer’s many brands theypublish Kerrang a magazine which hasa very similar target audience to NAMmagazine. This makes it an even moreor an ideal choice for publishing themagazine with them. They will alsohave a good idea of the sorts ofadvertising that will be effective withinthe magazine and what other sorts ofmedia will make NAM more widelyviewed and accessible. Such as onlinepublishing, since NAM is aimed at ayounger audience a website will be amust have and since Bauer hasexperience working with onlinepublishing it seems like a good idea touse their experience to an advantage.
  4. 4. +Online PublishingAs NAM is aimed at younger peoplethen it will be necessary to have awebsite.Bauer Media have developed websitesfor many of the leading musicmagazine brands such as Kerrang andQ meaning that they have plenty ofexperience working on websites forsimilar brands and will be able to getthe website noticed by the right peopleas well as putting the right content inthe right place. A website is also thebest way to advertise a subscription tothe magazine as people will probablylook at the website before buying themagazine.
  5. 5. +AdvertisingThe kind of advertising that should bein NAM is mostly going to be musicbased advertising. Such asadvertisements for music shops suchas HMV and iTunes as well as advertsfor concerts and festivals.I think this type of advertising would bebetter than product adverts such astechnology because the targetaudience is people who enjoy going toconcerts and people who’s primaryinterest and hobby is music rather thanenjoying music as a side activity. Thismakes direct music adverts the bestway to take up the advertising space inthe magazine.
  6. 6. +AppsAlong with websites the latest way ofreaching out to a younger audience isthrough Mobile applications. Devicessuch as the iPad, Android Tablets andthe Amazon Kindle are a good form ofmedia to distribute the magazine on.Whether you produce an app fordownload in the market or if you makeyour magazine available as adownload on the kindle store or theiBook store or even on the latestaddition of Google books.NAM magazine is primarily aimed at ayounger audience, meaning that thisform of distribution is possibly the mostimportant method of selling the brand.
  7. 7. +iPadiPad has become one of the most popularpieces of technology available today andat the center or its popularity is the Appstore which offers a huge range of appsfrom games, office suites and now evenmagazine apps.With a younger target audience NAMmagazine would greatly benefit from anapp to boost its audience to people whodon’t like buying magazines and itdoesent have to be an app. In newerversions of the iPad there is an iBookstore which provedes access to books,newspapers and magazines, by releasinga copy of the magazine through the iBookstore the audience will again be furtherincreased due to the advanced availabilityof the magazine.
  8. 8. +AndroidMuch like the iPad android tabletshave become a very popular way toaccess media in many forms and withthe addition of the google books storethe audience has become muchbigger. But the bok store is not the onlyway of producing a magazine on thesedevices. Since Android tablets areflash compatible they provide accessto a wide range of online media suchas a flash version of the magazineeither launched as a book, app or evenjust through the web browser