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On site real-time marketing

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A presentation from the ARF's 2014 Re:Think conference.

A presentation from the ARF's 2014 Re:Think conference.

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  • 1. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 John Perls Founder and CEO JoopLoop Mobile Mobile Increased Engagement Research Insights Robert Passikoff Founder and President Brand Keys, Inc. + =
  • 2. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 JoopLoop allows retailers to target consumers via mobile based on their social network profiles, brand engagement, and spend at retail brick and mortar Brand Keys is a research-based consultancy that specializes in emotional brand engagement and consumer loyalty metrics. These metrics are proven to be predictive of future in-market behavior, correlating very highly with sales and profitability.
  • 3. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Objective Utilize a mobile app system to collect retail brick-and-mortar consumer sales transaction data and social media profiles, and correlate them to specific mobile advertising or promotional campaigns and real-time brand engagement assessments
  • 4. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Brand Engagement Brand engagement is the result of any marketing activity, program, communication or interaction with the brand that results in the brand being seen to better meet the expectations consumers hold for their Ideal in the category Brands that do that have equity, sales, market share, loyalty, and profitability Brands that don’t, have problems
  • 5. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Q: How Can Retailers Optimize Insights Regarding Consumer Outreach and Engagement Via Mobile? A: Seamlessly integrate valuable research measures into the app-based process with metrics that can provide marketers with immediate feedback, both passive and active Because the engagement experience is both brand and channel- based, this research re-engineers the traditional retail/promotional model using mobile technology to create a geo-based, minimal- barrier social media app
  • 6. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 • Mobile’s role in the purchase process for various products and services • Value and breath of location-based research • The ability to real-time assess a program’s facility to create real brand engagement Insights This app yields greater insights about:
  • 7. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 • Message/communication effectiveness • Measures of consumer participation • GPS/location-based participation levels • Perception of program value • Real-time sales • Identification of shopper social networking activity • Levels of viral engagement generated and viral channels used • Sales generated virally via social networking • Behavioral effects of promotional options, and • Insights regarding consumer engagement for the product on offer and/or the retail brand making the offer Real-Time Insights and Analytics Addressing:
  • 8. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 The JoopLoop Process
  • 9. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Social Networth™ Index
  • 10. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Q: Why Include Brand Engagement Assessments? A: Real engagement metrics correlate highly with consumer behavior and sales, and real-time assessments allow for immediate program re-calibration and optimization
  • 11. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Solutions for 600+ Brands in B2B and B2C Categories Airlines Allergy Medication (OTC) Apparel Athletic Footwear Automobiles Banks Beer Breakfast Cereal Car Rental Casual/Fast Casual Dining Coffee Computers-Laptop Mutual Funds Natural Food Stores Online Brokerage Online Music Online Payment Online Retailers Online Travel Packaged Coffee Pain Reliever (OTC) Parcel Delivery Pet Food Pizza Printers Quick-Serve Restaurant Retail Search Engines Smart Phones Social Networking Sites Soft Drinks Streaming Video Tablets Tequila Toothpaste Vodka Wireless Phone Service Cosmetics Credit Cards Diapers E-Readers FMCG Flat Screen TV Gasoline Headphones Hotels Instant Messaging Apps Insurance Major League Video MFB Office Copier Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index Database
  • 12. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 As Part of the Mobile App Access, Consumers Only Need to Rate Four Category/Brand-Specific Engagement Scales Brand Engagement Analytics (test/re-test reliability: 0.93/35 countries/B2B = B2C/r = 0.70-0.91; + 5 points required for a significant difference at the 95% level of confidence)
  • 13. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Case Study: Department Store
  • 14. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Real-Time Brand Engagement Metrics 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%
  • 15. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% Department Store Retail Brand Engagement
  • 16. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Can Be Examined Real-Time for Any Segment 18-24 81% 91% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement 85% 92% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement 82% 92% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement WomenMen
  • 17. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 84% 96% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement Can Be Examined Real-Time for Any Segment 82% 85% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement Social Networth Index 9.8Social Networth Index 25.7
  • 18. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Loyalty Drivers – Order of Importance Highest Lowest 155 145 156 140 119 122 117 122 130 112 110 129 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 Store Reputation Value Shopping Experience Merchandise Range Ideal Store Program Engagement Brand Engagement Diagnostics for Lower-Engaged SegmentConsumerEngagementLevels Social Networth 9.8
  • 19. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Allowing for Immediate Real-Time Program Recalibration
  • 20. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 82% 85% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement 82% 91% 60% 80% 100% Store Brand Store Brand's Program Engagement 4:00 PM Social Networth Index 9.8 2:00 PM Social Networth Index 9.8 And to Collect New, Real-Time Engagement Effects TWO HOURS LATER…
  • 21. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 Engagement Metrics Correlate Highly with Sales Data At 81% Engagement At 85% Engagement At 91% Engagement (Control Store) (Real-Time) (Program Adjusted) 96 102 211 (# of units by Social Networth Index 9.8: Day 1) 300 locations/13 segments: M/W, 3 age groups, 6 Social Networth segments and ↑/↓ sharing, r= 0.72
  • 22. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14 • Confirms mobile’s greater role in the purchase process and sales generation • Verifies value and breath of real-time location-based research • Verifies mobile’s ability to leverage social networking behavior à la retail activities • Validates engagement assessments’ ability to optimize real-time programs participation and sales The Mobile Engagement Bottom Line Brand Keys/JoopLoop Engagement Approach
  • 23. @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14