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A presentation put together by myself and Tony Donnellan on helping SMB's with Content Management focused around B2B.

It explains why content marketing is worth doing and how to go about doing it.

@tonester & @brandjoe

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  • People do their research at arms length todaySo much content that they can become an expert before talking to you
  • Content Marketing

    1. 1. ContentMarketing
    2. 2. 1. Why Content Marketing is so valuable (particularly for smaller businesses)2. Where Do I Start? • Why people share • Understanding the buying process and content needs • Thinking like a publisher • Your objectives • Creating an editorial calendar3. Creating – Platforms, Formats and Inspiration4. Tracking and Measuring
    4. 4. 1. Makes You Easier To Find70% of B2B buyers use Searchengines at the start of their buyingprocess (Marketing Sherpa 2012 SEO Benchmark Report)
    5. 5. It Delivers Traffic
    6. 6. It Costs Less
    7. 7. 2. Makes You Easier to Recommend More than 8 OUT OF 10 IT decision-makers said word of mouth recommendations are the most important source when making buying decisions Forrester Research, How to take B2B relationships from Indifferent to Engaged: Jan 2009BETHEHURRICANE.COM | TWITTER.COM/SOCIALVATION
    8. 8. Sharing Adds Credibility
    9. 9. Word of Mouth is now Jet Powered!Don’t just aim to be read – aim to be SHARED
    10. 10. Content Fuels B2B SocialBrands play a key role: 60% of all content-sharing messages specificallymention a brand or product name
    11. 11. 3. People Remember What They Share 73% say they process information more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully when they share it “Sharing information helps me do my job. I remember products and information sources better when I share them and am more likely to use them.” Participant, male “Psychology of sharing” New York Times 2011
    12. 12. 4. It Helps People to Buy9 OUT OF 10buyers say that when they’re ready tobuy, they’ll find youContent marketing is your opportunity to shape their thinking (write the proposal)
    13. 13. 5.• Smaller businesses often thrive due to a particular expertise• In the past it was enough to claim this expertise…• Content marketing gives you the opportunity to demonstrate itThe Result?• You become the ‘go to’ person or company within your category
    14. 14. 6. Content Marketing builds trust and familiarity 70%+ of purchases are restricted to established vendors or are heavily dependent on Word of Mouth recommendationsSource: Buyersphere ebook, Enquiro
    15. 15. Content Drives• Search Ranking• Recommendation• Understanding• Buying (not selling)• Experts• Trust and Familiarity
    16. 16. But Where Do I Start?
    17. 17. 1. Understand Why People Share 49% say sharing 68% share to give 49% say sharing 78%share 84% share allows them to people a better allows them to information because it is a inform others of sense of who they inform others of online because it way to support products they care are and what they products they care lets them stay causes or issues about and care about about and connected to they care about potentially change potentially change people they may opinions or opinions or not otherwise encourage action encourage action stay in touch with “Psychology of sharing” New York Times 2011
    18. 18. There are different types of sharers
    19. 19. 2. Understand your customers buyingprocess Strength
    20. 20. What contentare B2Bmarketersusing?
    21. 21. 3. Be Clear About What YOU Want to AchievePhase Persona Objective Theme Subject Format• Awareness • CxO • Awareness • Vision • Future trends • White Paper• Consideration • Directors • Perception • Point of View • Thought • Video White• Decision • LoB Manager • Trust • Proof Leadership Paper • IT • Preference • Comparative • Market • Interview • User • Recommenda • ROI analysis • Webinar tion • How To • Data Sheets • In Depth • Case Studies • Top Reasons • Infographic • Five Ways • Demo To… •…
    22. 22. 4. Think Like A Publisher• Information over promotion• Help rather than sell• Hold opinions / pick a fight!• Invite debate
    23. 23. Create An Editorial Calendar• Saves time by maximising all opportunities• Keeps your messaging on track• Aligns you with industry ‘events’• Gives you the flexibility to respond• Schedule writing / creating time, not just dates
    24. 24. What have you done for me lately? • Your audience don’t care about you or your brand • What you’ve done in the past doesn’t matter • Think how you can help them now!
    25. 25. The Problem• We’re all busy• No time to do more
    26. 26. To createTo publishTo measure
    28. 28. Your email newsletter couldblossom as a blog • People to subscribe via RSS, which reduces inbox overwhelm. • Prospects and customers can engage with you through comments and questions.
    29. 29. Tips to Make Blogging Easier• Guest bloggers • Create a schedule that• Spread the task around you can live with (find people already • Keep a list of blog topics blogging!) • Write a couple at a time• Find the stories in your • Interview experts business – be creative • Video Blog
    30. 30. Where to Blog• A wide range of Blogging tools• Free and paid• Hosted and Client Side
    31. 31. Create a Video ChannelInterviews or Voxpops ChannelsEvents you attendEvents you runInterview clientsInterview employees
    32. 32. Just Audio?• Podcasts• Audio books
    33. 33. WebinarsReadymade Build your ownaudience audience
    34. 34. Crowd Source ContentCreate surveys quickly and for free with Google Docs
    35. 35. Crowd Source Content1. Identify industry trends2. Discover different strategies that customers are using3. Discover peoples worries or concerns4. Uncover success stories5. Ask customers why the buy from youAlso uncover those customers that are most vocal
    36. 36. Create Animations / Viral Videos
    37. 37. IBM Many Eyes
    38. 38. Create Tools • Step up your quality control and ensure all aspects of your websites are complete before exposing• A legal checklist you can view them to the world at large. Create online or print on paper is a your own checklist templates and great tool for pointing out test your projects before launch. potential legal concerns and identifying needs for help.
    39. 39. Create presentations!!• Prezzi• Powerpoint& Keynote
    40. 40. Co-Create contentUse your communityto co-create
    41. 41. Don’t Create Content, Curate it! OLD SCHOOL NEW SCHOOL• Coment •• Google Reader / • Blogs• Twitter
    42. 42. Where Do I Find Inspiration?
    43. 43. Wordle
    44. 44. Results are Easier to Measure
    45. 45. Allow you to track all Create campaign codes links from one place and tracking linksTrack Platforms – most have their own tracking capabilities
    46. 46. THANKYOU