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The solution is sustainable living.  The problem is you're not helping.
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The solution is sustainable living. The problem is you're not helping.


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Staggering facts on homelessness

Staggering facts on homelessness

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. The solution is sustainable living.The problem is you’re not helping.
    Featuring Lyrics from
    “Tears Are Not Enough”
    by Bryan Adams
    PhotoKen Lewis
  • 2. As every day goes byhow can we close our eyesuntil we open up our hearts
    Austin has approximately 2,400 rental assistance vouchers
    This leaves 19,300 households underserved*
    * Comprehensive Housing Market Study, City of Austin – Neighborhood Housing & Community Development, BBC Research & Consulting, March 3, 2009
    Photo BL 1961
  • 3. We can learn to shareAnd show how much we careRight from the moment that we start
    The average life expectancy for the homeless ranges from 42 to 52*
    * O’Connell, Jim, MD. Premature Mortality in Homeless Populations: A Review of the Literature Nashville: National Health Care for the Homeless Council, December 2005.
    Photo DaliBorley
  • 4. Seems like overnightWe see the world in a different lightSomehow our innocence is lost
    According to a University of Texas survey, each homeless person cost the taxpayers $14,480 per year*
    * Diamond, Pamela and Steven B. Schneed, Lives in the Shadows: Some of the Costs and Consequences of a "Non-System" of Care. Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1991
    Photo SamPac
  • 5. How can we look away'Cause every single dayWe've got to help at any costWe can bridge the distanceOnly we can make the differenceDon't ya know that tears are not enough
    1 of 8 women in homeless situations report being raped*
    Photo Arty Smokes
  • 6. If we can pull togetherWe could change the world foreverHeaven knows that tears are not enough
    44% of homeless persons had paying jobs during the last month
    20% worked in a job lasting or expected to last at least 3 months*
    Photo Franco Folini
  • 7. It's up to me and youTo make the dream come trueIt's time to take our message everywhere
    On a single night in January 2008, there were 664,414 sheltered & unsheltered homeless persons nationwide*
    * 2009 HUD Homeless Assessment Report
    Photo Don Hankins
  • 8. If we should try together you and IMaybe we could understand the reasons why
    46% of homeless report chronic health conditions related to their living situation and inability to access adequate healthcare*
    Photo James Willamor
  • 9. If we take a stand every woman, child and manWe can make it work
    For God's sake, lend a hand
    22% of those in homeless situations report being assaulted*
  • 10. Our Tears Are Not Enough
    Do something
    Photo Metrix_X
  • 11. Please, do something
    Turn the page to learn about Mobile Loaves & Fishes
    and how you can do something
    Photo Chris A Carson
  • 12. We’ve got 10,000 volunteers.
    We’re looking for # 10,001.
    A little goes a long way
    Please, do something
    Who we are: Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social outreach ministry for the homeless and indigent working poor. 
    What we do: Provide food, clothing, and dignity to those in need in Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Providence, and Nashville.
    $10 30 Pairs of Socks
    If you can’t volunteer, will you donate?
    $20 Bread for 128 Sandwiches
    $50 Cheese for 600 Sandwiches
    $75 Peanut Butter for 900 Sandwiches
    $100 2000 Cups of Coffee
    Visit us