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Animal health products presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 1 Name Development Process & Case Studies
  • 2. 2 Testimonials “Since 1995 Bill Smith has done a significant amount of our brand marketing on an outsourced basis. Everything from developing new products, to developing go-to-market strategies, to preparing our annual marketing plan. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bill to any food and beverage company who needs marketing support of any kind.” Mary Minnick* Chief Marketing Officer Coca-Cola *Listed on Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Women
  • 3. 3 “It was a delight to work with a group of creative professionals with the strategic skills to understand the implications of the brand development process. I rarely have an opportunity to work with a firm with the focused therapeutic acumen that Bill and his team possesses.” Bunny Ellison Executive Director, Marketing Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. Testimonials
  • 4. 4 Testimonials “My experience with Mr. Smith and the entire team was very positive. They clearly understood the nuances of the orthopedic device area and structured an innovative research methodology which translated into a highly defined, brand strategy which was counter-intuitive on the surface, but truly was the best plan of action. We achieved great results and I would highly recommend them to anyone.” Terry Sahagen Director of Knee Marketing DePuy, Inc.
  • 5. 5 Our Services – An Overview • Brand Name Development • Strategic Brand Analysis • Brand SWOT™ • Corporate Identity Creation • Whitespace/Tightspace™ Mapping • Brand Ideation
  • 6. 6 Research Validation Techniques • VOC Studies • Brand PESTEL™ • KOL/KIL/KDM Consultation • CINs (Closed Innovation Networks) • In-depth and One-on-one Interviews • Netnographic Studies
  • 7. 7 We use a 3 phase process to develop a new and unique name brand for our clients. Phase I Landscape Analysis & Review Phase II Name Development Phase III Market Research Validation Brand Name Development Process
  • 9. Brand Name Development – Phase I 9 Tactical Competitive Review Collateral Audits Name Strategy & Messaging Session Project Launch & Kickoff
  • 10. Brand Name Development – Phase I 10 Project Kickoff Here we will specifically seek to understand:  How will the new brand fit into the existing company portfolio?  What is the ideal brand development output? What is the positioning?  What do you believe your customers look for in a brand?  Identify and understand any existing strategy or market research that may have a direct effect on brand name development.
  • 11. Brand Name Development – Phase I 11 Name Strategy Development This Naming Strategy Development meeting will consist of in-depth conversations with the project’s stakeholders. Our team will ask a battery of questions in order to understand how the potential brand name may affect future strategy.
  • 12. Brand Name Development – Phase I 12 Name Strategy Development Continued Potential items of discussion include:  What types of messages should the brand portray to existing and future customers?  Who do you currently consider to be your customer base? The future customer base?  What type of name do you believe would have the greatest impact (i.e., descriptive, “made-up,” non-English, and/or a real word)?
  • 13. Brand Name Development: Phase I 13 Landscape Analysis & Review In order to create a successful brand, it is imperative to understand the landscape around you. Once the existing landscape is realized and understood, our team will be able to create a development guide that will provide us with a roadmap to the optimum brand name.
  • 14. Brand Name Development – Phase I 14 Tactical Competitive Review The tactical competitive review will provide an assessment of competitors’ weaknesses from a brand perspective.
  • 16. Brand Name Development – Phase II 16 Name Development In Phase II, we will focus our efforts on the overall name development process. We will utilize the information collected in Phase I in order to create the most effective brand names for our clients.
  • 17. Brand Name Development – Phase II 17 Name Development Components Naming Brief Development Creative Trademark Screening Market Research Domain & Common Law Search Linguistic Analysis Scriptability Evaluation Name Presentation
  • 18. Brand Name Development – Phase II 18 Naming Brief Development The naming brief will serve as a guide for developing the ideal brand name. It should be viewed as a fluid document so as not to limit our internal creative thinking. The naming brief will be able to provide a framework for developing the brand essence.
  • 19. Brand Name Development – Phase II 19 Creative Process Creative name development will be performed through an iterative process. The first iteration will contain thirty to thirty-five brand name candidates. Our creative team will present each name and identify patterns of words or styles upon which to expand.
  • 20. Brand Name Development – Phase II 20 Creative Process Continued Our creative team will continue to develop lists of potential brand names until we generate a list of ten to twelve mutually agreed upon brand names to take into Phase III.
  • 22. Brand Name Development – Phase III 22 Market Research Validation In this market validation phase, we will take the final ten to twelve brand name candidates into the field in order to obtain primary market feedback.
  • 23. Brand Name Development – Phase III 23 Market Research Validation Components Validation Questionnaire Recruitment QualiQuant Interviews AccuBrand™ Report
  • 24. Brand Name Development – Phase III 24 Market Validation Questionnaire Prior to taking the ideated brand names into the field for market validation, our team will construct a project-specific questionnaire that will seek to uncover consumer thoughts, opinions, likes, and dislikes regarding each created brand name.
  • 25. Brand Name Development – Phase III 25 QualiQuantitative Interviews We will use this questionnaire as a QualiQuantitative platform with an approved sample of existing and potential customers.
  • 26. 26 AccuBrand Report™ Based on our creative process and market validation research, we will present our final recommendations in the form of our AccuBrand™ Report. The AccuBrand™ Report will include all qualitative and quantitative information that has been assimilated throughout the course of the engagement. Brand Name Development – Phase III
  • 27. 27 AccuBrand Report™ The AccuBrand™ report will provide a stack ranking of created brand names, ranked from most viable to least viable. This stack ranking will be based on our trademark screening process, linguistic analysis, scriptability evaluation, and information collected in our QualiQuantitative interviews. Brand Name Development – Phase III
  • 28. 28 Services: Strategic Brand Analysis Strategic Brand analysis requires evaluation of the business ecosystem and deciding on a strategy. Our team of experts conducts market research to create a roadmap, analyzing the strengths of your brand’s competitive forces and mapping long-term direction.
  • 29. 29 Services: BrandSWOT ™ Through BrandSWOT™, we assess the internal and external components of your brand in order to maximize potential and achieve strategic advantage in the marketplace. Using a point system, we rank your brand on various metrics to benchmark it against its competitors. Based on this review, we make recommendations for the best approach to optimize strength and longevity.
  • 30. 30 Services: Corporate Identity Creation There are many reasons for new corporate identity creation, including: • M&A Ventures, PR Resolution, Spinoff Creation. These are crucial points at which the optimal corporate identity must be achieved for your brand. To this end, our team will conduct research to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing identity (or identities) and use this knowledge to either promote an existing or novel identity for your brand.
  • 31. 31 Services: White Space/Tight Space ™ Mapping White Space brand innovation study allows us to find untapped markets the brand can move into to generate more revenue. • We will utilize the insights of Key Opinion Leaders and Key Innovation Leaders to discover which markets present the most opportunity. Our TightSpace™ brand research will help us to focus more in-depth on the areas in which the brand is already integrated to determine whether it can be extended to adjacent domains.
  • 32. 32 Services: Brand Ideation Our team mines deeply to explore new categories and innovative concepts that we believe will be possible in the not-so-distant future. We think deeply about trends in technology, society, and the media, and then we play out creative scenarios that may fall along a continuum starting from evolutionary concepts, to revolutionary, and all the way toward disruptive.
  • 34. Brand Name Development – Names Created 34
  • 35. Brand Name Development – Names Created 35
  • 36. Brand Name Development – Names Created 36
  • 37. 37 Brand Name Development – Names Created
  • 38. 38 Brand Name Development – Names Created
  • 39. 39 Brand Name Development – Names Created
  • 40. 40 Brand Name Development – Names Created
  • 41. 41 Brand Name Development – Names Created Brand Strategy and Positioning Assessment Associated With the Divestiture of the Business to Neogen
  • 42. 42 Brand Name Development – Names Created Brand Architecture Strategic Analysis
  • 43. 43