Social Publishing - Chapter 6
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Social Publishing - Chapter 6



This is Tracy's PPT for chapter 6 of Tuten & Solomon's Social Media Marketing textbook.

This is Tracy's PPT for chapter 6 of Tuten & Solomon's Social Media Marketing textbook.



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  • Note: These are Tracy Tuten’s personal PPTs. They are not the published supplements affiliated with the text.

Social Publishing - Chapter 6 Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Learning Objectives 1 What are the channels of social publishing? Who creates the content published in social channels? What kind of content can be published? What content characteristics enhance perceived content quality and value? How can marketers plan and organize their efforts as they embrace a social publishing strategy?
  • 3. Learning Objectives 2 What is the role of social publishing in social media marketing? How do social media marketers utilize search engine optimization and social media optimization to meet marketing objectives? How can social content be promoted? What role do social news and social bookmarking sites play in content promotion?
  • 4. The Social Publishing Zone
  • 5. Channels Involved inSocial Publishing Blogs Microblogs Media sharing sites
  • 6. Types of Content Blog posts  Videos Feature articles  Webinars Microblog posts  Presentations Press releases  Podcasts White papers and case  Photos studies Newsletters
  • 7. Sources of Content Editorial, journalistic  Objective and unbiased Commercial  Intent is to persuade Counterfeit conversations Consumer-generated content (CGC, UGC)  Organic  Solicited  Incentivized  Sponsored
  • 8. Dooce: A Blog
  • 9. Sponsorship Disclosure on“Dates to Diapers” Blog
  • 10. WOMMA Disclosure GuidesPersonal and Editorial Blogs• I received _____________________ from________________________________________ sent me___________________MicroblogsInclude a hash tag notation, either:• #spon (sponsored)• #paid (paid)• #samp (sample)
  • 11. Editorial Calendar
  • 12. Value Ladder Filler content Original content  Plain old original  Authority-building content  Pillar content  Flagship content
  • 13. Filler Content
  • 14. Original Content
  • 15. Original,Authority-Building Content
  • 16. Original, Pillar Content
  • 17. Original, Pillar,Flagship Content
  • 18. Types of Pillar Content How to Definition Glossary Theory List
  • 19. Social Publishing StrategiesTypes On-Site Off-SiteSearch engine Optimizing content value Publishing relatedoptimization Using tags, keywords, content elsewhere with titles, URLs links back to original Linkwheel structureSocial media Using share tools Social news andoptimization Including RSS feeds bookmarking Microblog posts Social media press releases
  • 20. Why? Search Engine Patterns
  • 21. Viewing Patterns
  • 22. On-Site Indicators
  • 23. On-Site Indicators
  • 24. On-Site Indicators: Keywords
  • 25. Off-Site Indicators: Links
  • 26. SEO Tactics White hats Gray hats  Keyword stuffing  Link exchanges  Three-way linking  Paid links Black hats  Gateway pages and cloaking  Link farms
  • 27. Writing Titles with LinkBait Resource hook: 5 tips for great grades. Contrary hook: Lose weight with chocolate. Humor hook: Obese skunk cuts out bacon sandwiches. Giveaway hook: Save $50 here. Research hook: 66% of Americans are overweight.
  • 28. Help People Link withShare Tools and RSS Feeds
  • 29. PromoteContent witha SocialMedia PressRelease
  • 30. Encourage Influencers toPromote Content on Their SocialBookmarking and News Sites
  • 31. Questions?
  • 32. Recap Discussion Reminder: Visit to read daily news and search for examples related to each chapter.