What the new Facebook means for Brands


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What the new Facebook means for Brands

  1. 1. How do FacebookChanges effect Brands?
  2. 2. Facebook Changes(Overview) • Posts can be upto 5,000EdgeRank characters • SubscriptionChallenges • Picture Resolution (300 by 200) Strategy • Smart Lists • Ticker Know • Newsfeed (Top Stories)Facebook • Edgerank • GraphrankGraphRank • Insights Insights
  3. 3. Facebook Changes(Overview) • Page updates and your friends’ activitiesEdgeRank show up in the news feed and real-timeChallenges ticker both. • Effects Brand Pages (Decides Strategy which posts to show in your news feed and at what rank) Know • 3 components:Facebook – Affinity – User relation – Weight – Type and Level of Interaction – Time Decay – How Recent?GraphRank Insights
  4. 4. Research by: EdgeRank Checker Facebook Changes(Overview)EdgeRank • Impressions Interaction • Understand the influence of EdgeRank and GraphRank Logarithms. Challenges • Users don’t have to ‘like’ your page to Strategy comment/like/share /participate in a quiz/contest. Know • Users only have to ‘Like’ aFacebook page if they want to support your brand, your belief/idea or follow your posts.GraphRank • Challenging to show up and remain in New Feed. Insights
  5. 5. Facebook Changes(Overview)EdgeRank • Content is King – Build ContentChallenges Strategy. • More Targeted and Influential Strategy Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories( Page-Like story and Post-Like Story work like Know Personal Recommendation forFacebook Fans Friends’). • Subscriptions (Wall posts) can be used for Celebrity Endorsement, to leverage Page Views.GraphRank • For a new or dead page: Throw a teaser, improve the page rank and then throw in the net. Insights
  6. 6. Facebook Changes(Overview)EdgeRankChallenges Strategy • Measure how viral your content is. Learn. The key is to create shareable content but at the same time, maintain a brand association. KnowFacebook • Let there be a catch. But don’t overdo sales. Try to create as rich a user experience as possible. • Share more photos, links and videos. (Tip: Give CompleteGraphRank URLs, not shortened ones as people are 3 times more likely to click the original ones) • Time your posts. (Tip: Posts posted outside the working hours of a day have 20% more engagement). Insights • Listen and Respond to Positive & Negative comments, both.
  7. 7. Facebook Changes • Fb ads are based on the(Overview) location mentioned in your profile, not your IP address. • Facebook RecommendationsEdgeRank (of Pages) is organic and is generated by evaluating yourChallenges unique interests. • Featured Ads and Sponsored Strategy Stories are paid. • Facebook is working on Know Interactive Ads.Facebook • Posting with 3rd party apps is not penalized anymore. • Ticker increases your chancesGraphRank of Social Discovery. • Editing your News Feed is now more easy than ever. Even more difficult for Marketeers.. Insights
  8. 8. Facebook Changes(Overview) GraphRankEdgeRank • New Facebook Game Ticker has been added. • It gives a live feed of gameChallenges activity, score and achievement. Strategy • App Page design is clean and shows (in a glance) your Know friends’ interaction withFacebook apps. • You know, without any effort or navigation, that the gameGraphRank exists and which of your friends are playing it. Insights
  9. 9. • A step towards creating a tight Facebook Game Community.• Organic.• Discover More Content due to Automatic Generation of Stories - Quicker and Easier. Hit over 198, 000 fans in less than 3 days.
  10. 10. Facebook Changes(Overview)EdgeRankChallenges • Evaluate the correlation between the posts and people talking about this. • See how viral each post is. Analyze what people expect from your page and what they appreciate the most. Strategy KnowFacebook • Click ‘reach’ to see a breakdown of whether that reach came directly from your PageGraphRank activity, Facebook Ads, or was viral (fans generating stories). • Click ‘engaged users’ to see : Other clicks (clicks on other parts of the post, such as the name of the person that posted it) ; Link clicks (the number of clicks in a link on your post) ; the number of stories generated from your post, by fans. Insights • Click ‘talking about this’ to see whether these stories generated were someone liking your post, or sharing your post. • Virality is a percentage of people that created a story about your post, against the total reach.
  11. 11. Facebook Changes(Overview) • Friends of Friends (Exposed to your Page Activity but are not fans.EdgeRankChallenges Strategy Know • Takes into account all the interaction and posts generated in a specificFacebook time period. (A week by default)GraphRank • The number of times someone has been exposed to your Page organically or Insights through an ad in a week.
  12. 12. Facebook Changes(Overview)EdgeRankChallenges Strategy KnowFacebook • Get to know the demographics( Gender and Age), Location andGraphRank Language of the People who liked your Page. Understand what type of people you are reaching out to. • Understand the sources that generate the maximum traffic and interaction for your page. Use these sources in the future. • Use this in adjusting content for future. Insights
  13. 13. Facebook Changes(Overview)EdgeRankChallenges How people visited your Page. How many times each person Strategy See which source you need to viewed your content. work on. • Demographic, Location and Know Language of your Reach.Facebook • Total Page Views and unique visitors. • Total Tab Views and External Referrals (a URLGraphRank not belonging to Facebook). Insights
  14. 14. Facebook Changes(Overview) • Friends of Fans that saw a story published about your page.EdgeRankChallenges Strategy • Demographic, Location and Language of your Reach. KnowFacebookGraphRank • Unique Visitors who interacted with your Page or created a Insights Story.