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  • 11/02/09
  • 11/02/09
  • Fi start up seminar

    1. 1. Indonesia Today … And In 2030Source: “The archipelago economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s potential”, McKinsey Global Institute, 2012
    2. 2. 5thLargest Internet Users By 2015Source:
    3. 3. Most Of Them Are MobileSource:
    4. 4. Investors Are Coming
    5. 5. We Need More Great StartupsSource:
    6. 6. Time To Launch Your Tech Startup4 Main Reasons to Launch Your Tech Startup4 main reasons to launch a tech startup
    7. 7. No Big Capital NeededXOr, build your company with other people’s moneyPhoto: William Mercer McLeod
    8. 8. Huge Return (Market Cap)$294.56B$78.66B$99.63B
    9. 9. Scalable (Employees)34k175k761k
    10. 10. Early Retirement (Age)14 years97 years65 years
    11. 11. Local Success Story:In the beginning:1.Started with 2 co-founders2.No local conglomerate/big group backup3.Compete with big players (Plasa, Rakuten, Multiply)Now:1.No 1 C2C e-commerce website2.Grow by 686% (2012)3.Raised Series-C funding
    12. 12. Now, What Should You Do?1. Select a real, big problem you arepassionate about2. Find the right solution3. Build a strong team4. Develop a great product5. Launch with laser focused execution
    13. 13. You’ve Got Help!
    14. 14. What Is The Founder Institute?• A global network of startups and mentors that helpsentrepreneurs launch technology companies.• The World’s Largest Idea-Stage Incubator• A startup building startups: globally operated by 4 people outof a garage in Silicon Valley (yep, that’s right!)• Goal is to Globalize Silicon Valley and launch over 1,000meaningful and enduring technology companies per year.
    15. 15. Growing Worldwide EntrepreneurshipSeattleSan FranciscoSilicon ValleyLos AngelesSan DiegoChicagoSt LouisBrusselsBerlinParisAmsterdamSingaporeJakartaHanoiSydneyKuala LumpurDenverHoustonCurrently in 23 locations – 30+ planned in 2013BogotáSantiagoBostonNew YorkWashington DC
    16. 16. The Problem• Starting and running astartup is hard• There is no playbook• Success is rare• We want to helpentrepreneurs avoiddeadly mistakes
    17. 17. Our Philosophy• Ideas are largely irrelevant• Great companies start withgreat people• Great People+ Expert Training+ Aligned Incentives =Exponentially BetterChance of Success
    18. 18. Expert TrainingPhase 1: Idea Refinement Phase 2: Business Setup Phase 3: Launch Planning1. Startup Basics2. Vision/ Values3. Startup Research4. Naming/ Branding5. Mentor Idea Review6. Startup Legal/ IP7. Cofounders/ Hiring/ Firing8. Revenues/ Costs/ Profits9. Product Development10. Mentor Progress Review11. Outsourcing/ Suppliers12. Marketing/ Sales13. Presentation/ Publicity14. Fundraising15. Graduation• 4 Month Curriculum• 3+ Mentors / Session• Emphasis on Group Work andConstant Feedback/ Evaluation• Not Required to Quit Your Job• ~ 20 hrs / week commitment
    19. 19. … Taught By Seasoned Mentors- Nolan Bushnell (Atari)- Peter Guber (Mandalay Entertainment)- Bram Cohen (BitTorrent)- Jonathan Abrams (Friendster)- Naval Ravikant (VentureHacks)- Will Bunker ( Jake Nickell (Threadless)- Gregg Spiridellis (JibJab)- Luke Beatty (Associated Content)- Dan Shapiro (Ontela/Photobucket)- Glenn Kelman (Redfin)- Elon Musk (PayPal, Tesla)- Marc Pincus (Zynga)- Jeff Dachis (Razorfish)- Jason Calacanis (Mahalo)- Scott Heiferman ( Aaron Patzer ( Michael Arrington (TechCrunch)- Jon Nordmark (eBags)- Phil Libin (Evernote)- Jordan Greenhall (DivX)- Phillip Kaplan (Adbrite, Blippy)800+ Global Mentors
    20. 20. … Taught By Seasoned Mentors- James Chan (Neoteny Lab)- Julian Gorman (Indosat)- Martin Hartono (GDP Venture)- On Lee (GDP Venture)- Remco Lupker (Tokobagus)- Rudy Ramawy (Google)- Sakti Makki (MakkiMakki)- Takeshi Ebihara (Rebright Partner)- Toto Sugiri (Sigma Cipta Caraka)- Weihan Liew (MainGames)- William Tanuwijaya(Tokopedia)- Alfred Budiman (Samsung)- Andy Jobs (Nexian)- Andy Sjarif (Sitti)- Ari Juliano Gema (Assegaf)- Budi Rahardjo (Indo CISC)- Dian Kurniadi (Nexian)- Dian Noeh Abubakar (KVB)- Danny Oei Wirianto (MindTalk)- Edi Taslim ( Eka Ginting ( Izak Jenie (Nexian)800+ Global Mentors
    21. 21. The Result: 500+ Companies Already• 550+ FoundersGraduated• 41% receive fundingwithin 6 months• Only 9% of companiesfail in the first 18months
    22. 22. Some Testimonials“I believe that these eight startupsand 13 founders have reallyexperienced a tough yet fun fourmonths – I could sense it throughtheir presentations. Props to thedirectors for bringing the FounderInstitute to Jakarta.”
    23. 23. Questions?@jktfi or directors@jktfi.comDirectors:Andy Zain@andyzainNovistiar Rustandi@novistiarSanny Gaddafi@sagadProgram Manager:Sadina Kasman (