Web Development Life Cycle


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Web development cycle is the essence of any development project. Proper conceptualization of the various phases and following them religiously allows one to complete a web development project in a timely and effective manner.

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Web Development Life Cycle

  1. 1. Websites are like a published product for any businessand similar to any new project, even a website needsplanning. This planning is the web development lifecycle.A blend of right circumstances, right people, righttools, and enough effort can help make it happen andwithin a speculated time (as no one would like to waitfor months for getting a website developed)Planning helps in turning average websites intooutstanding!
  2. 2. World is run by web and the amount of informationthat a user can click and keep exploring, is like digginginside a rabbit hole, you keep digging and you go infurther and there’s actually no end.Problem- Wish to make your products and servicesvisible among people who are your target clients?Solution- Get a web presence, get a website.“Get ready to Express across the globe and put it allwithin your reach”- GET A WEBSITE!
  3. 3. Customers with technology advancement have morechoices than ever, so get online, cos that’s where yourcustomers are.Lets’ see what steps a WDLC aka Web DevelopmentLife Cycle follows…
  4. 4. Begin with planning; remember that’s the first step toanything.No planning means no protocol, and means notknowing, what to do next, when done with one thing.Plan carefully, as a website can make or break yourbusiness’s reputation!
  5. 5.  Get a domain name or a web address Load content pictures, charts, products and price listingsand anything else you want the customers to see. Customer security must never be overlooked; especiallyif yours is an ecommerce business where customersshare their personal info, for who on earth would like tosee their confidential information going public. Decide a layout.From a local specialty shop to a worldwide arena, this iswhat a website can lead your business to!
  6. 6. Who all are needed- a programmer, a developer and acustomer Discuss, analyze, research because as much as youtell, those much are your chances of getting in return.No say, no results. Speak out, after all it’s your money, discuss yourobjective, where you are now, and where you vision tobe 6 months from now?A website is like your business’s online face, so trykeeping it clean and beautiful!
  7. 7.  Choose multimedia structures, which you wish shouldbe a part of your site Comply with legal terms, why get into troubles later? Discuss about links, navigation bar, graphics, colorscheme, theme and keep asking as it will cost younothing, but time. Content planning is crucial, so don’t hurry for noreader loves coming to a site that’s designedbeautifully, but lacks the readability factor. Check foraccuracy, completeness, relevancy, errors (no matterany type are harmful).
  8. 8.  People don’t just use chrome, choose a multi browsersite Don’t force your readers to wear their reading glasses,offer them an easy readability Don’t use colors just because it’s your favorite, choosesomething that goes ideally with your websites’ layout.Test the water before diving in, otherwise finding it toocold, your visitors may get turned away!
  9. 9.  A usable site is important, don’t do it just becauseeveryone else is doing. Ask for a sample; why make changes in the entirewebsite when you can see it going one by one Check for the publishing site, hosting service (asnobody likes visiting a site that shows “404” or “503forbidden” error)
  10. 10.  Check functionality, downloading time, navigability,working links Get SEO or SEM services to help potential customersfind your businesses, once it’s up and running. Ask for the follow up, who will do it and after how longIt’s for your visitors and not just for the WEB
  11. 11. Building and forgetting is not needed, as when youplant a seed, just planting it in soil will not give youfruits; taking care, watering, providing necessarynutrients would cause fruiting. Similar is for yourwebsite, which will flourish only if proper maintenanceis offered.Website Maintenance is important to keep yourrecurrent visitors and ROI count up!
  12. 12. Brainwork TechnologiesWebsite: www.brainworkindia.net/Email Id: sales@brainworkindia.net
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