Benefits of Responsive Web Design


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Now, get flexible and compatible website designs through responsive web designing techniques. These web designing and development approach is practiced in order to attain maximum viewing experience.

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  1. 1.  Richard can access your website on his laptop  John cannot access it on his iPhone  Chen cannot access it on his iPad  Sato-san cannot access it on his Android phone Does this make you feel good about your website?
  2. 2. In today’s technologically advanced industry, just having a website for your business is not enough; but molding it according to the modern trend is very essential. Responsive web design is the principal used in shaping your website with newer streams of technology.
  3. 3. Responsive web design is a web designing and development approach which is focused on web development for optimal viewing experience. It allows web page to be flexible and compatible considering the type of device, operating system, browser etc.
  4. 4. As it ensures seamless user experience and easily adjusts across multiple user devices, it is turning to be a benchmark. Here we will see,  Why it is getting so popular?  What are its advantages for business marketing?
  5. 5.  No need of creating links to multiple sites.  Enhancing the content for multi-platform support is also not that critical.  It creates a single optimization & update friendly model.  Rather than wasting efforts on SEO campaigns, you can concentrate on single site with unified strategy and tactics across devices.
  6. 6.  Development of multiple sites for different devices can be avoided.  As single site is compatible for all devices, making changes and updates is an easy task.  All other technical and administrative maintenance also gets simplified.
  7. 7.  Saves time as you do not need to develop multiple sites compatible to all the criteria.  You can use standardized testing methodologies.  As you need to test only one hosting site, you will save the support, development and maintenance cost.
  8. 8.  Tracking user navigation, conversion paths, funnels and redirections between your sites is no longer required.  Site analytics tools are now improved for handling responsive and multiple device report.  Analysis and examination of single consolidated report happens effortlessly.
  9. 9.  Sharing of website on social networks can be done easily with the help of responsive web design.  While using desktop/ laptop, viewing mobile optimized version of website is possible with responsive web design.
  10. 10.  Responsive web design removes many of the hurdles that you may encounter in having multiple sites viz. functionality, performance and consistent look and feel.  Uninterrupted browsing of website with any kind of device creates positive impact on user.  It will definitely increase number of potential customers and thus increase in sales.
  11. 11. Considering all the above benefits it’s obvious that more and more entrepreneurs will shift to the responsive web design instead of continuing with the traditional version. Ever growing sale of Tablets and Smartphones is also one of the reasons that compel us to shift the focus on responsive web design. So while trying to be ahead of your competitors, don’t forget to choose your web designing company carefully.
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