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Neuro-technology turnkey licensing program (hardware, software, education, marketing, support).

50,000 Clients, 200 Provders, 18 Countries.

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  • Our research team works independently and with other experts in the field, in academia and public health to identify ways to address vexing human conditions and unleash the limitless potential of a balanced brain.
  • Ask Lee: Brainwave Optimization

    1. 1. The Brain is the Master Control Michelangelo knew: The brain is the master control. It controls everything we think, feel, say and do.
    2. 2. The Brain in the MainstreamPublic interest in the brain and how it functions is at an all-time high.• 32,000,000 monthly web searches for the word “BRAIN”.• 1 in 5 people in the U.S. seek relief for brain related illness.• Brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.• Worldwide brain software market (2009) was over $295,000,000.
    3. 3. What is Brainwave Optimization™Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ (Real-Time Balancing) is an effective,non-invasive process for achieving greater brain balance. Improving brainbalance has been correlated with helping disorders, afflictions, injuries,compulsions, pain, sleep issues, addictive tendencies, and learningchallenges.
    4. 4. Brain Imbalances May Cause Issues With
    5. 5. BrainwavesUNBALANCED (TRAUMATIZED)
    6. 6. Brainwaves BALANCED
    7. 7. Growing Number of Clients
    8. 8. Client Testimonial “Elmer has grown from being disconnected (from language, bodily functioning, etc) to being able to self-control functions, engage fully in play, and speak. Amazing what a balanced brain can do.”
    9. 9. Client Testimonials “My golf game continues to improve. Hitting the ball great off the tee. Irons are better than they were, and putting has significantly improved. I’ve noticed that I seem to get “in the zone” more often and stay there longer.” “After Brainwave Optimization, I was able to beat my 30- year best time record and 2-days later completed a business plan in hours that would have taken me months previously.” “Before Brainwave Optimization, sleep was such a rough spot in my day and my focus was gone. After only 2 sessions, I slept the entire night without waking once! I woke up refreshed and excited! IT WORKS!”
    10. 10. Independent Research Studies Charles H. Tegeler, MD Collaborating on a series of Clinical Wake Forest University School of Medicine Trials - including Insomnia, Professor of Neurology Migraines, and MCI. Howard Skolnik “Inmates showed a marked Director decrease in inappropriate behavior, Nevada Dept. of Corrections while increasing in attention span.” Billie Grobe “Success rate was 100% -- Chief Probation Officer Yavapai County unheard of for meth addicts.”
    11. 11. In The Media
    12. 12. Worldwide Provider Network Nearly 200 Providers in 18 Countries
    13. 13. Who Can Be a Provider Compassionate, entrepreneurial people from all walks of life have chosen to become a Brainwave Optimization providers. The Basic Education Courses prepare applicants to administer this life-changing modality.Many practitioners can enhance their existing practices, including:- Naturopaths - Psychologists - Physical Therapists- Spa Owners - Athletic Trainers - Yoga Instructors- Life Coaches - Medical Doctors - Healthcare Professionals- Elderly Care Givers - Psychotherapists - Social Workers- Sleep Centers - Therapists - Homeopaths
    14. 14. Turnkey Provider Program System • Hardware – desktop computer, printer, router. • Software - brainwave analytics, office management. • Equipment - sensors, amplifier, EEG point finder, calibration device, sound device, in-ear phones. • Zero-Gravity client chair and office furniture. • Supplies (ear clips, paste, pump, and gauze). Upgrades • Secondary License – multiple clients at same location. • Mobile License – “go to” clients with a laptop, wireless keyboard/mouse (Pelican protective case). • Server – set firewall, host surveys, improve efficiency.
    15. 15. Comprehensive Provider SupportAdvanced Neuro-Technology • Calibration insures ongoing validity of data. • Sensors that inhibit brainwave distortions and enhance clarity. • Auto-generation of protocol and ongoing client reporting. • Continually enhanced and automatically dispersed protocol, assessment strategy and software upgrades.Continuous Professional Support • Research & Development (R&D) • Technical Support (24/7) • Case Management Assistance • Provider Online Community (Forum) • Marketing Resources (Affiliate Resource Center) Ongoing Education • NTCB Certification, Master’s Training, Provider Audits.
    16. 16. Sustainable Advantages• Accredited institutional and academic relationships.• Patent-pending process, encrypted software and technology.• BST analytics compares over 48,000 brain frequencies while traditional neurofeedback compares only 7.• BST has accumulated the largest relational database of brain patterns in the world - which represents the backbone for the company’s technology and cutting- edge advancements.• 85%+ of Clients report that Brainwave Optimization has assisted in meeting or exceeding their goals – these results are unmatched by other products or modalities.
    17. 17. The Business ModelKey Revenue Generators• Generate revenue from client Assessments and Sessions.• Generally, a client intensive consists of an assessment and 10 sessions approximately 90 minutes in length (BST offers intensives for $2,000 each).• Licensed BST providers average 2-3 client intensives per week (per chair) and can readily scale up to 15 chairs per office - which equates to 30-45 client intensives per week.• Secondary licenses and adding additional Technologists offer opportunities for scalability and sustainability.•The Mobile program (including a laptop) allows providers to travel to clients to provide services increasing their volume and accessibility.
    18. 18. Provider Testimonials “Becoming a BrainwaveBerney LincolnAlternative Health Optimization provider is by far theCare Solutions best investment of my life.”San Diego, CA, USA “My business is very successful. I Rumi Suzuki have clients waiting 13 months [for Brain Rescue Japan Tokyo, Japan an appointment].” “We are very blessed to have had Kathleen Kellenbek enough success to have two part Brainjoy Medford, OR, USA time employees.”
    19. 19. Limitless You• Our brain drives our behavior.• Traumas can alter brain patterns.• Optimizing the brain can optimize our entire life.FREE EXCERPT (Chapter 18)Contact us for a complimentary samplingfrom ”Limitless You: The InfinitePossibilities of a Balanced Brain”.
    20. 20. Next Steps Book Review: Limitless You, Lee Gerdes, Namaste Publishing, 2009 View Videos: What Is Brainwave Optimization, Wake Forest Clinical Trials, Physician’s Perspective Contact Licensing Specialist: Q&A, FREE Book Excerpt, Special Promotions