Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials II


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Testimonials for Brian Rainford ACMA Oswestry Shropshire

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Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials II

  1. 1. Brian Rainford ACMA Introduction Hello and welcome to my short presentation. In the following pages I will share with you some testimonials I have received from former colleagues, including Finance Directors, Senior operational management and finance staff. If you would like to see some more details of my achievements, I have included several case studies on my website . Just click on the website name for a direct link. Regards Brian
  2. 2. Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials “ Brian is a highly experienced and versatile financial controller. I worked with him at MyTravel and Thomas Cook during a challenging period of turnaround and merger, during this time he built excellent teams, delivered a series of control and process improvements and acted as a lead on many successful large scale system changes .” Claire Hearnshaw , Finance Director, MyTravel Airways To view a range of my case studies click here >>>> <<<<
  3. 3. Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials “ Brian was a key member of the senior MyTravel Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines finance team through periods of significant change. With his ability to engage at all levels of the respective organisations he delivered consistently well on very large finance and IT projects, forging strong relationships through his structured common sense approach to each area of work. Brian was a high performing individual, a good team builder and a well regarded member of the team.”   Tim Barlow , Finance Director, Thomas Cook Airlines To view a range of my case studies click here >>>> <<<<
  4. 4. Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials “ Brian was a pleasure to work with; he has a very methodical approach and has the ability to make financial processes easy to follow for those of us who are not dealing in detailed financial matters on a day to day basis. The level of support my team and I received from Brian was fantastic; his patience and determination to understand the detail of matters from an Engineering perspective was a first when compared to previous Finance Managers.  This led to his involvement in key negotiations which would previously have been conducted by Engineering in isolation, one particular example I recall was our &quot;Trent engine total care&quot; discussions with Rolls Royce, Brian brought considerable benefits to this process and was a key member of the team.   Whoever secures Brian's services for future employment will be very fortunate.”   Ian Clark, General Manager – Base Maintenance, Thomas Cook Airline Engineering To view a range of my case studies click here >>>> <<<<
  5. 5. Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials “ Brian developed and enhanced automated solutions for our departmental needs on numerous occasions, by offering to be involved and interact with users so as to obtain what they actually wanted from an automated spreadsheet / database, which subsequently offered a suitable & reliable outcome for all.   At all times Brian was exceptionally understanding, creative and innovative while challenging constructively the current work processes within the departments, which ultimately gave the departments a far better solution and overview that change is beneficial and was actually exceptionally beneficial in our case.   Brian always took ownership and personal responsibility to ensure our needs were met and exceeded, while conducting himself in a professional, efficient, friendly and flexible manner. As of today, we are still using the work processes Brian implemented within the departments and they are still delivering positive results for our business, with minimum intervention from the actual users .” Damian C Ives , General Manager - Operations Control & Travel Services, Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd To view a range of my case studies click here >>>> <<<<
  6. 6. Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials &quot;Brian blends his high-calibre technical accounting ability with a practical, common-sense approach to problem resolution - essential qualities for effective management of multi-disciplined infrastructure projects & achievement of successful on-time, on-budget deliveries. Brian is a strong team player: disciplined, supportive, cooperative & always giving 101%, hence he was consistently top of every Project Director's team shopping list.&quot; Jim McKinney , Finance Director, ALSTOM Power Plants To view a range of my case studies click here >>>> <<<<
  7. 7. Brian Rainford ACMA Testimonials “ I worked with Brian for six months at Thomas Cook Airlines. I joined TCA in July 2010, as part of a small team of four responsible for reporting, treasury and financial control. Brian had recently moved over from managing a different department to managing this team. This function had recently moved back to Manchester, after being performed for a brief period at the group’s Head Office in Peterborough. This meant that all team members were new to their roles. Furthermore, the disruption caused by the move to Peterborough and back meant that there were some considerable issues that needed to be fixed. I was very impressed with how Brian was always able to manage his time between his own projects, correcting and improving the issues that had built up, teaching his new team how to perform the tasks required in their roles, and assisting anybody else that would come to him with questions or problems. He always had time for you if you asked his advice on something. I could not have hoped for a better handover. By the time Brian left in December, he had taught me everything I needed to carry out my role as financial accountant. Brian was very well regarded in the department as a whole, and seemed to be the first port of call for most people if they had a problem that they couldn’t solve on their own. He was a very central character in the office and everybody was very sorry to see him leave.” David Sanderson, Financial Accountant, Thomas Cook Airlines To view a range of my case studies click here >>>> <<<<
  8. 8. Brian Rainford ACMA Thank You Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope you found it useful. P.S. Don't forget to check out my website for some interesting case studies Regards Brian