Social Media and Your Business Strategy
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Social Media and Your Business Strategy



Mike Rogers and Rob Petersen presented this workshop in cooperation with SCORE. It is designed for business owners and marketers who have little or no experience with Social Media. If you would like a ...

Mike Rogers and Rob Petersen presented this workshop in cooperation with SCORE. It is designed for business owners and marketers who have little or no experience with Social Media. If you would like a private workshop for your company, please feel free to contact us.



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    Social Media and Your Business Strategy Social Media and Your Business Strategy Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media Workshop Crawling and Walking
    • Social Media: Revolution or Fad?
    • Knows how to find the right social network
    • Knows how to find the right social network
    • Why social media might be a revolution?
    • Knows how to find the right social network
    • We’re in a new era: the Social Economy In the next 3 years, Forrester projects a $6.9 billion Social Economy
    • Did you know?
      • 90% of all purchase decisions begin on the internet
      • 75% of people shop online before they buy offline
      • 85% are looking for an independent review
      • 80% trust the recommendation of another person
      • 14% of people trust advertising
      Sources: comScore, Neilsen, Harris Interactive
    • Interest in social media is growing…
    • … and so is belief in its effectiveness
    • Socio-media-logy
    • Step 1 Crawl
      • Define business goals first, enable your social networks and listen
        • Monitor the buzz
        • Optimize search
        • Find and enable relevant social sites
        • Make web site desirable
        • Build your list
    • Step 2 Walk
      • Connect and engage through shared interests
        • Start the conversation
          • Product news, consumer testimonials, offers
        • Qualify and quantify your audience
          • Enthusiasts, participant, voyeurs
          • Survey
          • Build a database
        • Learn and optimize
          • Measure what you want to achieve
          • Amplify what works; delete what doesn’t
    • Step 3 Run
      • Re-engage; keep them coming back
        • Content…content…content
          • Video, audio, text
        • Email newsletter
        • Blog
        • Status Updates
        • Podcasts
        • Webinars
        • Live Events
    • Step 4 Thrive
      • Rely on your community and nurture them
        • User contributed content and conversion
        • Forums, town halls, bulletin boards, live events
          • Better customer relationships
          • Enthusiasts convert others like them
          • New product ideas
    • Core Beliefs
      • Strategy supercedes technology
      • Establish measurements and expectations
      • Have your online house in order
    • Hub & Spoke Model
      • Have the following ready before you start:
      • Your “Money Site” Goals
        • Online Sales, Brick & Mortar traffic, newsletter signup
      • E-mail list signup
      • Web Analytics
      • Blog
      • Search Plan
      • Create a customer persona
        • Who – demographics
        • What – will they buy
        • Where – can they be found
        • When –do they buy & how often
        • Why – what are the hot buttons
        • How –will they buy: online or offline
    • Let’s start crawling and walking
      • Free social network and micro-blogging service
      • 23 million people use Twitter; 72% in first six months
      • 1+ million people use it per day
      • 65% of are under 25
      • 5% of all users account for 75% of all Tweets
      • Tuesday is the most popular day
      • 11 am to 3 pm is the most popular period
      • 94% have fewer than 100 followers/following
      • 21% of users have never written a post
      • Why Tweet?
      • Broaden your reach
      • Improve your search ranking
      • Connect with people, some not usually possible
      • Is an incremental sales channel
      • Listen to the pulse of your industry
      • Distribute relevant information, articles and events
      • Link to your website and social networks, particularly your blog
      • Best Practices
      • Find and develop your personal voice
      • Tweet regularly
      • Tweet the quality of information you would want in to get in return…because that’s what you’ll get
      • Respond regularly
      • “ ReTweet (RT)” regularly
      • Ask questions
      • Practice good manners
    • Twitter Success Story
      • The Largest Social Network with 300+ Million active members
      • Many commercial options for businesses: ads, Fan Pages, Groups, Video, Custom Facebook Apps
      • MySpace is still a popular option for younger generation interesting music, bands, & media, but it has lost its way and is losing ground everyday
      • Why create a presence?
      • Connect with customers through “fan” pages
      • Create compelling promotion content to attract new prospects
      • Use Facebook Ads to create highly targeted advertising campaigns and drive traffic to your website
      • Links to website, blog and Twitter profile
      • Best practices
      • Are your customers on facebook?
      • Determine your goals
      • How much time and effort can you afford?
      • Create a fan page, use existing customers, friends and family to quickly build numbers
      • Get your fan page “vanity” URL
      • Have a content/engagement plan
      • Drive people to your site, measure conversion
      • Largest social network for business professionals
      • 60 million members in 200 countries
      • 21 million in U.S./Over 100,000 are CEO’s
      • Visits are growing +20% per year
      • Average age: 41
      • Average salary: $139,000
      • Average number of connection: 60
      • Average number of groups per member: 3
      • Why become a member?
      • Promote professional and personal identity
      • Join relevant groups and communities
      • Get business help and help others
      • Distribute news about you and your company
      • Display recent presentations
      • Increase search ranking
      • Links to website, blog and Twitter profile
      • Best practices
      • Decide what to promote and in what balance
        • Personal brand: Experience, expertise
        • Professional brand: Capabilities, credentials
      • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s many features
      • Join groups and professional community
      • Build connections wisely
      • Participate
      • Why use it?
      • YouTube is the #2 search engine
      • Interact with customers who can “reply” via video
      • It is a strong element of a content marketing strategy
      • Creating Video Content isn’t as hard as you think
      • YouTube videos can rank highly in Search Results
      • Best practices
      • Keep it short: 60% of viewers don’t watch beyond 60 seconds
      • Great content trumps production quality focus on your message
      • Don’t make it a heavy sell, its not a TV commercial, people want to be entertained or informed
      • Have a call to action at the end
      • Focus on a good keyword rich title
      • Always embed it on your blog and other sites to build search visibility
      • For maximum viewership, post to other video sharing sites as well.
    • Blogs
      • Type of website, maintained by an individual with regular entries and commentaries
        • 133,000,000 blogs
        • 346,000,000 read blogs
        • 900,000 new blogs are created every 24 hours
        • Positive perception of your company website increase by 36% if it has a blog
        • 67% of bloggers are male; 70% have college degrees and 50% are 18-34
    • Why Blog?
      • Elevate search ranking
      • Create positive business perceptions
      • Be a thought leader in your industry and get to know other thought leaders
      • Generate content for your social networks
      • Fix a customer problem personally
      • Return on investment potential is $$$$
    • Blogging Best Practices
      • Building search traffic will take time. There will be ups and downs. Live with them
      • Work out a posting strategy; post continually
      • Focus on your area of expertise
      • Blog posts compound interest with each one
      • Link to other blogs
      • Comment of other people’s blog in your industry
    • Examples
      • How does it work?
      • Consumers “Check-in” at locations, friends are notified directly and you can share your location on social networks
      • Consumers can see what is nearby via GPS location
      • Businesses can use it by creating offers and “tips” to encourage users to visit
      • Apps like Yelp show users what businesses are nearby and provide ratings
      • Best practices
      • Make sure you create a quality listing for your business, you want people nearby to find you
      • Stay on top of listings and ratings such as those on Yelp, resolve issues quickly and publicize the solution
      • Encourage customers to find you on foursquare, create a review on Yelp and share their experience with friends on social media
      • Reinforce your social media presence with tools like foursquare by “friending” your customers who check-in & reward them
      • Build social/mobile into your business
    • Compound Social Interest
      • Produce Content on your site and blog
      • Share it via social media, email and digital PR
      • Content, Video and Blogging drives Search results
      • Interact with customers on Communities and Forums building your online reputation
      • Respond to ratings and reviews
      • Build mobile & social into your business to increase benefit
      • Focus on driving people to your “money site”
      • Measure your effectiveness and adjust
    • Case Study: AJ Bombers
    • Rob Petersen Founding Partner BarnRaisers llc 5 River Road, Suite 205 Wilton, CT 06897 P 203.594.1701 C 203.231.6434 [email_address] Twitter: @robpetersen Mike Rogers Chief Brain, Founder Brainloaf 48 Union St #1C Stamford, CT 06906 P 203.653.2283 C 203.858-5839 [email_address] Twitter: @TMichaelRogers We welcome your questions and input.