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Here are the latest posts on our group


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Here Are the Latest Posts on our group …

Here Are the Latest Posts on our group
Boolean Strings - the Internet Sourcing Community

Check them out & Join the Group to participate!

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  • 1. Here Are the Latest Posts on our groupBoolean Strings - the Internet Sourcing CommunityCheck them out & Join the Group to participate!Link Author/Content --- Carl Watson Advice on my booleanboolean-string-1176637%2ES%2E189993603 string please --- Liat Cohen After I found mycandidates-1176637%2ES%2E181359507 candidates in do I find their phone numbers??? I dont want to email or InMail them...Thanks:) --- Erin Page Allison Wilhelm on Techon-Tech-Sourcing-1176637%2ES%2E204330837 Sourcing via Reddit --- Jan Bernhart Another way to contact acontact-candidate-1176637%2ES%2E185221461 candidate --- Terry Charmers Any help with thisstring-please-1176637%2ES%2E205554202 string please? Looking for a manufacturing research and development engineer, specializing in plastics in San Francisco. --- Trish Wyderka, CPC, CIR Anyone goingSourceCon-in-ATL-1176637%2ES%2E202897890 to SourceCon in ATL next month? --- Amy McDonald Anyone in the groupusing-Google-1176637%2ES%2E198338790 using Google+ for sourcing? --- Miriam Mealy Any suggestions on aon-CRM-ATS-1176637%2ES%2E200089467 CRM / ATS software? --- Jan Bernhart Approaching passivepassive-candidates-some-numbers- candidates: some numbers on response1176637%2ES%2E197994578 rates
  • 2. --- Steve Reynolds Are there any goodgood-sourcing-1176637%2ES%2E199129834 sourcing books out there ? --- Anthony Meaney Are there anyindependent-names-1176637%2ES%2E194511069 independent names sourcers based in Germany that do contract ID work beyond LinkedIn sourcing? If so can you contact me... --- Carl Watson Around/Near operatorsoperators-1176637%2ES%2E192908651 --- Kelsey Conkling Assistance with aBoolean-Search-String-1176637%2ES%2E193107180 Boolean Search String --- David Gillies Boolean company namesnames-in-LinkedIN-1176637%2ES%2E189798049 in LinkedIN - Glenn Cathey --- Carl Watson Boolean scanning a wordword-document-pdf-1176637%2ES%2E183573873 document or pdf --- Lorna O Callaghan Boolean Searchingon-Jobscience-1176637%2ES%2E182703414 on Jobscience --- Rob Brinkley Boolean Search StringString-Question-1176637%2ES%2E194609639 Question --- Sakina Syed Boolean string for GoogleGoogle-search-1176637%2ES%2E197033951 search --- Shakeer Sd Boolean string for GoogleGoogle-search-1176637%2ES%2E197756174 search --- Matthew Jalayer Boolean StringsDiscussion-1176637%2ES%2E203204351 Discussion? --- Geraldine Bruce [LION] Calling allAfrican-People-1176637%2ES%2E190505862 South African People Sourcers --- Nirmala Kodange Can anyone help meme-find-1176637%2ES%2E186921773 to find a lower level resumes in Linkedin like Data Entry, Customer support, Administrative assistant, care associate...
  • 3. --- Mamta Negi Can any one suggest asuggest-boolean-1176637%2ES%2E199209475 boolean search for dotnet developers with different keywords for each- window and web application developers? --- Jay Mitchell Can anyone tell me whereme-where-1176637%2ES%2E203176151 the function is to create a resume using your linkedin profile? --- Antoinette West, MA, MDiv, Canprovide-me-further-1176637%2ES%2E205034097 someone provide me with further search or buzz words to find mobile applications developers? Our company is in Georgia, I am not... --- Rick Eickenhorst Can someone tell meme-how-1176637%2ES%2E191097164 how to target a geographic area i.e. greater New York or Greater Hartford, etc? Thanks --- Amy Crouch Change on sourcingsourcing-Monster-OFCCP- Monster with OFCCP1176637%2ES%2E191087760 --- Maria Ruiz Chinese CV databases anddatabases-search-logic-1176637%2ES%2E188148699 search logic --- Alan Fluhrer Comments pleaseegrabber-vs-broadlook-1176637%2ES%2E185523594 egrabber vs broadlook diver. or others --- Marlene Ball Does anyone havesuggestions-Software-1176637%2ES%2E181652717 suggestions for Software Design Engineer Manager Boolean String? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks :-) --- Julie Goode Does anyone know of anyknow-any-good-1176637%2ES%2E199446516 good beginner Boolean trainings on line? --- Alexandra Wilson Does anyone knowknow-if-LinkedIn-1176637%2ES%2E200990160 if LinkedIn is changing their 3rd connections?
  • 4. --- Tony Melling Does anyone know aknow-string-show-1176637%2ES%2E200742886 string to show the connections of someone who youre not connected to on LinkedIn? --- Amy Crouch Does anyone know of aknow-tool-that-1176637%2ES%2E184121001 tool that allows you to take a list of companies and it automatically converts it into Boolean (adding quotes and... --- Irina Shamaeva Do you know theBoolean-Search-1176637%2ES%2E201246458 Boolean Search Basics? I thought I did... --- Erin Page Do you search youryour-ATS-1176637%2ES%2E189793211 ATS/Database first?? --- Erin Page Email Sourcing1176637%2ES%2E193043912 --- Trish Wyderka, CPC, CIR Exalead1176637%2ES%2E199426821 --- Irina Shamaeva - what afantastic-crossreferencing-tool- fantastic cross-referencing tool!1176637%2ES%2E205728470 --- Judi Wunderlich A favor1176637%2ES%2E204360403 --- Carol Capsis Filtering out "Viewers ofViewers-this-profile-1176637%2ES%2E200871610 this profile also viewed..." --- Kip Gregory Finding (longer) list ofrecent-hires-1176637%2ES%2E205556409 recent hires/departures on LinkedIn company profiles --- Jonathan Campbell Find your next hirehire-using-1176637%2ES%2E205494126 using Google+ Communities --- Jonathan Campbell Frequently askedquestion-Why-does-1176637%2ES%2E190158198 question - Why does MS Word break my Boolean Strings? --- Carey Wilson Full-Time Direct-HireDirectHire-Sourcing-position-in- Sourcing position in Nashville1176637%2ES%2E186294601
  • 5. --- Shon Burton Fun Dataset for booleanboolean-hackers-https-1176637%2ES%2E195392102 hackers: --Disclaimer: This is my site! ;) --- Christine Foglio A fun infographicabout-candidates-1176637%2ES%2E188405187 about candidates! --- Leslie "Lee" Bonds Good morninggroup-Can-anyone-1176637%2ES%2E201212254 group: Can anyone suggest a search string for a Trauma coordinator in Florida, I cant seem to get more than a few names.... --- Kevin Harry {LION} Google Alerts forLinkedin-search-strings-1176637%2ES%2E190282075 Linkedin search strings? --- Irina Shamaeva Google-Based PeoplePeople-Sourcing-December-5- Sourcing - December 51176637%2ES%2E192150166 --- Francine Ploysungwan Google BostonSourcing-Summit-1176637%2ES%2E198066153 Sourcing Summit? --- Miriam Mealy Google: New CSELayout-1176637%2ES%2E206697881 Layout --- Irina Shamaeva Google-PlusCommunities-1176637%2ES%2E193427985 Communities! --- Dhanasekar G Google search script toscript-find-Locationspecific- find Location-specific Profiles on Twitter1176637%2ES%2E190432603 --- Irina Shamaeva Gordon LokenbergsLokenbergs-Blog-1176637%2ES%2E181276877 Blog --- Tanya Varanelli A greatdevelopment-role-focused- sourcing/development role focused on1176637%2ES%2E203294880 the nonprofit sector! --- Sharon Greenberg, PHR Great tool1176637%2ES%2E193110090
  • 6. --- Jennifer Bellenoit Has anyone sourcedsourced-candidates-in-1176637%2ES%2E189732168 for candidates in different countries? Does anyone have tips for international sourcing? --- Vincent Valle Has anyone used OutWitOutWit-Docs-1176637%2ES%2E202815631 Docs successfully? How have you utilized it in general and specifically, with or Linkedin Recruiter? --- Trish Wyderka, CPC, CIR Havingusing-Exalead-1176637%2ES%2E201232803 trouble with using Exalead.... --- Labelle "Daphne" Armstrong Hellotrying-1176637%2ES%2E181400133 Group... I am a trying to find resumes using a boolean search string I have put together... I have been combing the job boards for... --- Brian Hatfield HELP, its a tonguetwister-1176637%2ES%2E201546557 twister! :) --- Keith Rutsky Hey all - need somesome-guidance-1176637%2ES%2E191373792 guidance - I want to create a search string that will capture data engineers --- Arielle McElhinney Hi all! I am new to1176637%2ES%2E203299280 sourcing and was looking for top tips and tricks to get the best Boolean strings possible..any suggestions? --- Nancy Ford Hi all! Im looking for a bitbit-1176637%2ES%2E189844928 of a unicorn and have crafted the following search string, yielding only one or two results. Any...
  • 7. --- Lewis Vuong Hi all. I was wondering ifwondering-1176637%2ES%2E205130136 it is at all possible to gain access to profiles of candidates outside of your network in another country i.e.... --- Leslie Batchelor Hi Boolean StringCommunity-Im-1176637%2ES%2E186255539 Community! Im in need of two good Boolean search strings for the following roles, each one looking for a diversity... --- Hitesh Moolya Hi Everybody, I m newnew-1176637%2ES%2E197485859 2 passive sourcing. Is there any sites where I can gt resumes wit numbers or with email ID. Also any sites where I... --- Sakina Syed Hi everyone, I need aneed-boolean-1176637%2ES%2E183766134 boolean string for a Google Search for a Software Engineer with Windows Cloud or Azure or Hyper-V in Illinois. Any... --- Neeharika K Hi everyone, I needneed-boolean-1176637%2ES%2E197659982 boolean string for a Technical Architect who is hands on and ready to code with Java and cocoa experience location is... --- Anisha Fernandes Hi Guys, i am new1176637%2ES%2E197846957 to this boolean strings. So can anyone assist me to design the strings for: a JAVA developer position with Sun IDM,... --- Antoinette West, MA, MDiv, Hi, I amqualified-1176637%2ES%2E201878499 looking for qualified .Net Developers in the Atlanta/Decatur area with Microsoft certifications. Can you tell the best way to...
  • 8. --- Gordon Freeman Hi, I provide helpSourcing-1176637%2ES%2E205113676 with Sourcing Candidates and Lead Generation, if my fellow group members need any help kindly check my profile for... --- Siby Thomassearch-1176637%2ES%2E183930082 ( Hi Is there a good search site to find Phone Numbers on the web for Indian Geography --- Piyush Lakhote (Open Networker-improve-my-1176637%2ES%2E187718644 How can i improve my search strings --- Sherwin Co How can I search LI groupLI-1176637%2ES%2E205148875 discussion ??? --- Jim Stroud How To Do a BackgroundBackground-Check-Google- Check with Google Image Search1176637%2ES%2E207022807 --- Fran Zeiler How do you get the oldold-1176637%2ES%2E202415708 jobs off of Bullhurn reach? I am trying to post new but cant get the old. Anyone? --- Donna South How do you keep tracktrack-1176637%2ES%2E183901071 of your candidates? --- Alan Fluhrer how would you searchsearch-twitter-1176637%2ES%2E190757384 for the twitter followers? --- Vijay Anand L V HR / Recruiters,Follow-Hirington-Academy- Follow Hirington Academy with your1176637%2ES%2E200307097 Linkedin account. --- Abigail OConnell I am looking for aATS-1176637%2ES%2E192132993 free ATS.
  • 9. --- Matt Kiernan I am looking atpurchasing-Network-1176637%2ES%2E203491846 purchasing Network Grabber for linkedin contacts. Has anyone used this, was it helpful or do you suggest something else?... --- Campbell Ballantyne I am looking forsome-help-1176637%2ES%2E183573472 some help to find some Electrical / Instrument Controls Engineers with oil and gas or hydro carbons experience and am... --- Denise White I am struggling to findfind-candidates-1176637%2ES%2E197787106 candidates for a PC refresh in a pretty remote area. Can someone assist with a string which finds candidates in... --- Campbell Ballantyne I have an emailaddress-name-1176637%2ES%2E206393052 address and a name, does anyone have any good search strings that will help find a phone number --- Brynne Furko AIRS CIR / CDR I’mSourcer-1176637%2ES%2E201830934 looking for a good Sourcer / Researcher. Virtual role and will be part-time and eventually full-time. Great company!!... --- Amy McDonald Im writing a blog postpost-on-1176637%2ES%2E182342491 on basics of boolean for our users who have never tried it. Anyone interested in submitting a "Experts Secret"? --- Carl Watson Incorrect spelling withinwithin-cvs-social-1176637%2ES%2E193649427 cvs and social media profiles --- Maria Ruiz Increase CSE results toresults-more-than-1176637%2ES%2E186382651 more than 100?
  • 10. --- Judy Wilcox I need to find people whowho-1176637%2ES%2E205558378 have recently graduated with a finance degree and Masters degree located in northern indiana with some... --- john sapuppo I need help creating acreating-specific-1176637%2ES%2E190136454 specific search string --- john sapuppo I need help creating acreating-specific-1176637%2ES%2E190231232 specific search string Can anybody direct me to somebody who can help create a search string specific to targeted... --- Swaroop G U I Need help for findingfinding-people-1176637%2ES%2E186360475 people on Xray search for linked in skills with kernel developers in India. its highly critical for me to source. --- Erin Page International PeoplePeople-Sourcing-Contest-Whose- Sourcing Contest: Whose connections1176637%2ES%2E182812370 are shown? --- Matthew Jalayer IPad/iOS apps forRecruiting-1176637%2ES%2E197849129 #Recruiting --- Shelly McCoy Is it possible to create acreate-search-1176637%2ES%2E187508594 search string that will pull viable management candidates who have worked or are willing to work second shift? --- Mamta Negi Is there any certificationcertification-training-1176637%2ES%2E201718579 or training that can boost up your recruitment career???? --- Michelle Rea Is there any way for meme-1176637%2ES%2E194416746 to export my LinkedIn contacts with their email by location?
  • 11. --- Jonathan DiGiulio Is there a way tosearch-1176637%2ES%2E201164149 use a search string and Google alerts to track new LinkedIn profiles? --- Lois Grimshaw Is this true?ukrecruitercouk-1176637%2ES%2E192501080 linkedin/ --- Erin Page It doesnt seem there is anthere-is-1176637%2ES%2E192066917 "industry standard" for paying people who strictly source. How are you currently getting paid? --- Bill Hornaday IT Recruiter - Alpharetta,Alpharetta-GA-1176637%2ES%2E195039683 GA --- Michelle Rea Java Consultant tipstips-1176637%2ES%2E183243686 --- Erin Page Job Websites1176637%2ES%2E181254441 --- Irina Shamaeva Join Amazon, Dell,Kforce-Modis-1176637%2ES%2E190808495 Kforce, Modis, Futurestep, PwC, Wells Fargo, SAIC, Juniper Networks, Samsung, Sears, Staples, University of Toronto,... --- Irina Shamaeva Join fellow recruiters,recruiters-sourcers-talent- sourcers, talent seekers and staffing1176637%2ES%2E196562972 professionals. --- Suzy Tonini Join together to keep thekeep-Internet-free-1176637%2ES%2E189883283 Internet free and open. Make your voice heard. --- Jean Bonnard Junior vs Senior: is therethere-1176637%2ES%2E206209919 a way to include experience (years) in a string? --- David Goddard Language search andLocation-search-Google- Location search (Google)1176637%2ES%2E184845584 --- Shane McCusker LinkedIn Bugs1176637%2ES%2E194454716
  • 12. --- Bill Boorman LinkedIn endorsements -endorsements-value-not- value or not?1176637%2ES%2E181451456 --- Tony Holowitz Linkedin GroupMembers-Search-Part-1176637%2ES%2E181628271 Members Search Part 2 --- Suzy Tonini LinkedIn milestonemilestone-1176637%2ES%2E202856177 --- Matthew Jalayer LinkedIn ProfileStrength-What-is-1176637%2ES%2E195618700 Strength. What is it? Does it Matter? (when people search) --- Patricia Brooks LinkedIn Recruiter1176637%2ES%2E183405165 --- Carl Watson LinkedIn results, what amwhat-am-i-1176637%2ES%2E185241942 i missing? --- Priya Gangipogu Looking for a ETLdeveloper-SSIS-skills-1176637%2ES%2E203065385 developer with SSIS skills....Any suggestions? --- Sweta Narvenkar Looking for aDeveloper-Web-social-1176637%2ES%2E205610582 Fatwire Developer with Web or social media experience.Any suggestions? --- Mamta Negi Looking for Oracle appsapps-developer-any-1176637%2ES%2E206804095 developer any suggestions??????? --- Doug Cohen To minus or NOT1176637%2ES%2E188412327 --- Bill Boorman Mobile recruiting 20132013-1176637%2ES%2E202087511 --- Bill Boorman Most agencies just lookjust-look-same-1176637%2ES%2E196189509 the same --- Sarang Brahme My new article onSocial-1176637%2ES%2E186575421 Social Samosa: Basics of Twitter for Social Recruiting --- Cheryl Dietzman my string in google:google-site-1176637%2ES%2E183407510 "packaging engineer" "location * Austin, Texas area" "people you know" execute the search I see...
  • 13. --- Farzana Latifi Need help with a basicstring-find-1176637%2ES%2E195602075 string to find Mobile candidates in SF Bay Area through an Xray search of LinkedIn (on Google). I did a search... --- Sanjeev Angal Need Help withFacebook-1176637%2ES%2E197670226 Facebook --- Balazs Paroczay New comment oncracking-open-1176637%2ES%2E184415617 cracking open #Facebook #sourcing --- Joey Haug New Linkedin ProfileProfile-Format-1176637%2ES%2E181359691 Format.. --- Robert Alexander New LinkedinProfiles-1176637%2ES%2E194714433 Profiles --- Irina Shamaeva New post from me:me-People-1176637%2ES%2E193558411 "People You Know" (on X-Raying LinkedIn) --- Irina Shamaeva New Post: Non-NonHuman-LinkedIn-Profiles- Human LinkedIn Profiles1176637%2ES%2E204728655 --- Irina Shamaeva New post: Search forMBAs-SPHRs-1176637%2ES%2E190602657 MBAs or SPHRs on LinkedIn With a Free Account --- Emily Sobel New to Sourcing1176637%2ES%2E201969850 --- Sakina Syed No luck so far! No one is1176637%2ES%2E197435559 answering their phones. Ugh. --- Bill Kaminsky Northern Trust Co. isis-hiring-1176637%2ES%2E185432818 hiring a Contract Researcher / Sourcer --- Maricarmen Neris Osram SylvaniasTalent-Acquisition-team- Talent Acquisition team is expanding! We1176637%2ES%2E188337450 are currently seeking a skilled Temporary Recruiting Sourcer at our corporate... --- Erin Page Parentheses on GoogleGoogle-1176637%2ES%2E190595372
  • 14. --- Irina Shamaeva People SourcingCertification-2013-Free-1176637%2ES%2E200901410 Certification-2013 Free INFO Session, January 8th, Tuesday, 9 AM PST/ noon EST --- Irina Shamaeva People SourcingCertification-Program-2013- Certification Program - 20131176637%2ES%2E189486662 --- Irina Shamaeva People SourcingCertification-Program-2013- Certification Program - 20131176637%2ES%2E189757482 --- Erin Page People Sourcing ContestContest-Question-1176637%2ES%2E186172373 Question --- Erin Page People SourcingContest-When-was-1176637%2ES%2E182404345 Contest...When was picture taken? --- Irina Shamaeva People SourcingWithout-LinkedIn-Webinar- Without LinkedIn: Webinar 1/22/13, 101176637%2ES%2E205577833 AM PST/1 PM EST --- Mark Mansour Perth recruiters -SOSU12-Perth-is-1176637%2ES%2E185553819 #SOSU12 Perth is almost here, what are you waiting for? --- Anneke Blaauw Philips is hiring!Manager-Talent-1176637%2ES%2E198021466 Manager of Talent Sourcing. --- Valerie Fahs-Thatcher Q: Asterisksquotation-marks-1176637%2ES%2E185022017 within quotation marks --- Bryan White Recommendations for anin-country-sourcing-can- in country sourcing/can gen partner in1176637%2ES%2E193090231 Brazil? --- Toni Buccarelli Recruiting viaPininterest-1176637%2ES%2E191103308 Pininterest --- Irina Shamaeva Reminder: WebinarWebinar-Boolean-Search-on- "Boolean Search on LinkedIn" is coming1176637%2ES%2E194604504 up --- Howard Frankel Seeking a newposition-in-Houston-1176637%2ES%2E184218716 position in Houston. --- Sharon Greenberg, PHR Some good1176637%2ES%2E201507524 tips
  • 15. --- Rachel Fanelli Sourcing Brainiacs. II-Need-help-1176637%2ES%2E191099295 Need help on this tough one. Greater Boston Principal Wireless Transmitter Architecture Applications engineer 3GPP... --- Erin Page Sourcing CompensationCompensation-1176637%2ES%2E195957271 --- Jennifer Bowen Sourcing on MeetupMeetup-1176637%2ES%2E191119780 --- Suba Sriram, PHR Suggestion forlearn-Boolean-1176637%2ES%2E191866449 book(s) to learn Boolean search. --- Doug Cohen SVP1176637%2ES%2E181333810 --- Jay Wren Thank you to Irina for aterrific-group-1176637%2ES%2E198465587 terrific group and to Gary Cozin and Shane Bowen for for info on megatron tools (Gary), Email... --- Amy McDonald There are some reallyreally-great-1176637%2ES%2E186934276 great points in this. Why make it harder than it is? --- Joe Self Thoughts on tools for sourcingsourcing-personal-1176637%2ES%2E190264390 personal or work cell numbers (most of pay ones do NOT provide accurate info)? Seems the politicians... --- Craig Allan Use of Wildcard operatoroperator-when-Xraying-1176637%2ES%2E197697875 when X-raying LinkedIn profiles --- Brynne Furko AIRS CIR / CDR Virtualparttime-grow-into-1176637%2ES%2E200930256 Researcher part-time to grow into full- time role --- Irina Shamaeva Webinar "BooleanSearch-on-LinkedIn-1176637%2ES%2E185400298 Search on LinkedIn" Thu Nov 15th --- Carl Watson What boolean pick uppick-up-this-1176637%2ES%2E187808419 this?
  • 16. --- Jonathan Campbell What BooleanSearch-operators-does-1176637%2ES%2E185322430 Search operators does LinkedIn support? - A Sourcing Refresher --- Carl Watson What order do youyou-source-1176637%2ES%2E190557470 source in? --- Gary Cozin What’s the most effectiveeffective-way-1176637%2ES%2E192904216 way to X-Ray search LinkedIn? (by Glen Cathey) --- Trish Wyderka, CPC, CIR WhenIntegration-engineer-particularly- searchign for an Integration engineer1176637%2ES%2E205092370 (particularly biographical information say in a Word doc (resume) - I could find a hyperlink... --- Erin Page Which web browser are youbrowser-are-you-1176637%2ES%2E195435333 using? --- Carl Watson Why is linkedin breakingbreaking-up-1176637%2ES%2E192425487 up my string --- Paul Thompson Why isnt thisworking-Any-1176637%2ES%2E185660194 working? Any help appreciated sunderland or newcastle or wakefield or leeds or manchester and... --- David Berk Would anyone like freelike-free-access-1176637%2ES%2E193376791 access to our Beta Boolean Search Aggregation tool? --- Robin Levitt Would love a helpinghelping-hand-in-1176637%2ES%2E194256315 hand in creating a search string for a comp consultant with International Exp. --- Paul Cooper www.recruitin.net1176637%2ES%2E191027462 --- Morgan Denno XRay LinkedinSearches-in-Los-1176637%2ES%2E186583015 Searches in the Los Angeles Area
  • 17. --- Carl Watson You have found youryour-shortlist-1176637%2ES%2E193692998 shortlist of say 20 relevant candidates on linkedin, none are connections, whats your preference in contacting them?