My grandfather´s arrival


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My grandfather´s arrival

  1. 1. My grandfather´s arrival
  2. 2. My family records indicate that my ancestorswere born in Pamplona, Spain by the year1920. They lived in a small house between“Plaza de Toros” and “Plaza San José”, whereMartin Urrutipi passed most of his life workingand studying. In the year 1936, during Franco`sgovernment, his parents had not choice thanemigrate from the country due to the civil warthat Spain suffered in that time. They wereworried about their new destiny and theydidn`t have much savings, so they asked forhelp at the council, but unfortunately theydidn`t help them because they had biggerproblems. Martin`s family were at the cornerof “Plaza de Toros” when a men approachedand asked them if they wanted to buy ticketsto go to a country called Argentina, and theywere so desperate that that afternoon theyembarked to the new place Argentina
  3. 3. They travelled in a ship called “NuevaEsperanza” and it arrived two days after thescheduled date because there were strongwinds across the ocean. Once in La Plata, hisfather used his last savings to rent a cheaproom for two weeks in an old inn. They didn`thave money for food or clothing, so his motherbegan working as a maid for a rich man nearthe inn, and his father got a job in a bakery asan assistant in the centre of the city. By the year 1938, Martin left home becausehe wanted to live somewhere else, and that`swhen he went to live to Berisso where he got ajob in a mall.
  4. 4. In the year 1989 they decided to move back to Llavallolbecause I was born and some thieves broke into therestaurant and stole all the money we had pointing meon the head with a gun. My parents were so scaredabout it that we went to live with my grandparents tillmy parents had saved money to build a house. After 8years of hard work they finished the house where weactually live in.
  5. 5. The city was really quiet, and the citizens were gentleand respectful, nobody judged him for being Spanish.His employer had a beautiful daughter calledAlcira, who later on would be his wife. During the yearsthey became a strong couple and they had several kids.By the time my father was born (1957) they werealready living in Llavallol because my grandfather wasoffered a good job in Firestone and took it.
  6. 6. My father studied at the same school my motherdid, and there is where they met with the particulardetail that my father was 5 years older. My grandfatherCayetano Saucedo (my mother`s father) was againsttheir relationship because my mother was 12 whenthey began dating and she had to sneak out from thehouse to see my father. They were dating for 11 yearswhen my father finally proposed her; they got marriedand went to live to Mar del Plata where they run arestaurant with my uncle for 3 years.