Brahmas Presentation - USA Hockey


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Brahmas Presentation - USA Hockey

  1. 1. We’re Ready
  2. 2. “Great moments are born from great opportunities” Herb Brooks
  3. 3. A Foundation of LeadershipThe culture and identity of the Texas Brahmas Youth Hockey Association (TBYHA) has beenbuilt upon the foundation and leadership of a passionate community of coaches, parents andyoung athletes. From the early introductory skating programs right up to the Texas BrahmasProfessional Team all participants and staff members have embraced a culture of strongcommunity and family values, selflessness, a tireless work ethic, respect and responsibility.TBYHA’s core values have been adopted directly from, and are fully consistent with,the USA Hockey Guidelines TBYHA is ready to take their organization to the next level 4
  4. 4. USA Hockey Youth Programs : Mission Statement & Core ValuesUSAH Mission StatementTo provide an innovative grassroots foundation for the growth and development of USA Hockey,designing programs aimed at increased participation, improved skills and a responsibleenvironment for the conduct of youth hockey.USAH Core Values» Sportsmanship» Respect for the Individual» Integrity» Pursuit of Excellence at the Individual, Team and Organizational Levels» Enjoyment» Loyalty» Teamwork 5
  5. 5. TBYHA Alignment with USAHUSA Hockey Texas Brahmas Youth HockeyPurpose Statement PhilosphyEnsuring that every day will be a great day + Kids come firstfor hockey. + Focus on development, NOT recruitmentMission MissionPromote a “fun and learning” Facilitate the development and growth of youthenvironment for the growth of the sport hockey in North Texasand all it’s participants. Vision Maintain a culture of fun and learning centered around hockey 6
  6. 6. TBYHA Alignment with USAHUSA Hockey Model Program Guidelines Texas Brahmas Program» A safe and healthy environment for all » A safe and healthy World-class facility + 48 security cameras + Battery zambonis vs. propane + On-site certified trainer» An opportunity for all new players » Lowest cost in the Metroplex who wish to play hockey + Summer Sports Camps + Skate School» Fair and equal opportunity fo all + Hockey Skills to participate in our sport + Mini Mites » House Leagues Participation + Annual equipment exchange + One Goal program 7
  7. 7. TBYHA Alignment with USAHUSA Hockey Model Program Guidelines Texas Brahmas Program» An opportunity to learn the basic skills » Follow the ADM to keep kids involved by without an over-emphasis on winning developing passion» A philosophy which attempts to reduce » Consistency of coaches keep kids the number who become disenchanted coming back and drop out» An opportunity for those who wish » Learn to Skate - Skate School to advance in a more competitive environment to do so» Qualified adult leadership » Leadership + One coach / One team philosophy + Focus CEP + Background checks 8
  8. 8. American Development ModelPLAYPlaying the game is where kids learn that the game is, in its simplest form, fun. By mixing inage‐appropriate Training and practice with an introduction to skills and athleticism, kids willhave even more fun. And to keep it fun, there should be a low priority placed on winning andlosing and a high priority placed on just introducing the game to a young kid.LOVEOnce kids learn to play the game and begin to develop skills and athleticism, hockey begins totake priority among their other activities. Skills become more refined, their physical and mentalmakeup is stronger and the friendships they developed early on continue to grow. The gamesbecome more important, and hockey in general becomes a bigger part of their lives.EXCELNow that they play and love the game, a higher premium can be placed on excelling at it.Tougher competition and more of a focus on mastering skills play an increased role in theirdevelopment. Hockey starts to take a larger priority over other activities. But, above all, thegame is still fun and the friendships that were forged back in Mites are as strong as ever.The bottom line is that if we can give kids reasons to stick with the game, we can unlock theirpotential and help them excel at the game they play and love. 9
  9. 9. Long-term Athelete Development10 Key Factors 8 Stages1. FUNdamentals 1. Active Start Stage2. Specialization 2. FUNdamental Stage3. Trainability 3. Learning to Train4. Ten year rule 4. Training to Train5. Physical/Mental/Cognitive/Emotional 5. Learn to Compete development 6. Train to compete6. Biological age vs. Chronological age 7. Training to Win7. Periodization and Training Principles 8. Hockey for Life8. System Alignment and Integration9. Calendar Planning for Competition 10
  10. 10. Texas Brahmas: Youth Development ProgramCommitment to USA Hockey’s ADM and LTAD programs1. Grass roots athlete development in summer sports camps in both non‐hockey as well as hockey related activities2. Summer recreational sports camps with versatile sports including volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, floor hockey3. All summer sports camp participants have the opportunity to learn how to skate from professional instructor4. TBYHA hockey development camps and recreational leagues5. Year-round learn-to-skate programs for Baby Brahmas 12