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  • Some pages got confusing with too many pictures, and the Brahma Bull on eahc slide might be a bit much. You pushed the limits a little on having the presentation to lenghty but overall good presentation.
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Texas Star Chart Mac Arthur High School

  1. 1. T EXAS STA R C HART School Technology and Readiness Douglas MacArthur H.S. 2008-2009
  2. 2. A GENDA  Introduction to the Texas STaR chart  Key Area: Teaching and Learning  Campus Data  Break-out Session for Ideas  Share-out of Ideas/Create New Goal  Closure
  3. 3. C ONTENT OF THE S TA R C HART  Purpose: a tool designed for use in technology planning, budgeting, and evaluation of progress  Shows progression toward reaching the goals of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology (LRPT)  Four levels of progress : Early Tech, Developing Tech, Advanced Tech, or Target Tech.
  4. 4. W HAT ’ S IT F OR ? The Texas Campus STaR Chart Can Be Used to:  Create a vision for the use of technology.  Measure student and teacher proficiencies with regard to the integration of technology into all content areas.  Determine if our students are gaining literacy in the technology application standards for grades K-12.  Designate resources for integrating technology on campus.
  5. 5. K EY A REA FOR I MPROVEMENT: T EACHING AND L EARNING  MacArthur needs to move from Developing Tech to Advanced Tech  Goal is to reach Advanced Tech in two years  Importance to Douglas MacArthur teachers and students
  6. 6. C AMPUS D ATA T EACHING AND L EARNING 2005- 2006- 2007- 2006 2007 2008 TL 1: Patterns of Classroom 1 1 1 Use TL 2: : Frequency/Design of 1 1 1 Instructional Setting TL 3: Content Area 1 2 2 Connections TL 4: Technology Applications 2 2 2 (TEKS) Implementation TL 5: Student Mastery 2 2 2 TL 6: Online learning 2 1 1 TOTAL (Developing Tech) 9 9 9
  7. 7. C URRENT C AMPUS T ECHNOLOGY G OAL  Douglas MacArthur will integrate seamless technology into the classroom at all levels.  Key Technology Question: * Does our technology goal meet the needs of our teachers and students for integrating technology into all curriculum areas? If not, how do we fix this?
  8. 8. C RITICAL Q UESTIONS  How can we show that we are meeting the campus, district, and state goals of the Long Range Plan for Technology?  How can we establish a plan to improve of technology integration and create best practices for Douglas MacArthur students?  What resources can we realistically dedicate to improving the technological culture of Douglas MacArthur high School?
  9. 9. P ROTOCOL FOR S TAFF D EVELOPMENT S ESSION  Break into department groups for 30 minutes  Use protocol handout to answer the critical questions for the campus  Determine at least one new campus technology goal  Share the goal with the large group  Vote on at least one new campus technology goal
  10. 10. C REATING A N EW G OAL  What steps can we take to create a technology vision for Douglas MacArthur High School?  How do we want the technology goal to address the needs for all stakeholders?  Who should be responsible and accountable for the goal?  Does the goals meet the criteria of the district and state and comply with the Long Range Plan?
  11. 11. S UMMARY /C LOSURE  Review of Key Area 1 and future initiatives  Statement of new technology goal & vision for Douglas MacArthur High School in the area of technology  Comments/Discussion?  Critique Slip….review of staff development session  Source: Texas Long-Range Technology Plan, 2006, http://www,tea.state.tx.us/technology/lrpt