SAP Knowledge Acceleration 2012 Customer Presentation by Braeven
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SAP Knowledge Acceleration 2012 Customer Presentation by Braeven

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SAP Knowledge Acceleration 2012 Customer Presentation by Braeven

SAP Knowledge Acceleration 2012 Customer Presentation by Braeven

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  • 1. SAP Knowledge AccelerationNameDateSAP Education
  • 2. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 2Introducing SAP Knowledge Acceleration Provides end user training material to support: Go-Live Training Post Go-Live Reinforcement New Hire Training Center of Excellence Sustainability Gives users easy-to-navigate ways to learn whatthey need to do with role-specific courses, workinstructions, interactive simulations, self-tests, and assessments Is easy to deploy: via website, learningmanagement system (LMS), or local installation
  • 3. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 3SAP Knowledge Acceleration – Key FeaturesComprehensive E-Learning Courses Provides effective self-paced trainingcontent for multiple skill levels Bookmarking allows you tostart, stop, and re-start where you leftoffBuilt-in Simulations Provides hands-on practice ina safe training environment Self-contained within KA – noneed to create training system
  • 4. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 42012 KA AvailabilityKA for BusinessObjects SolutionsBusiness IntelligenceAnalysis for Office 4.0Analysis for OLAP 4.0BI Platform 4.0Crystal Reports 2011Dashboards 4.0Explorer 4.0Web Intelligence 4.0Enterprise Performance ManagementBusiness Planning & Consolidation 7.5Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 MSBusiness Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NWKA for ERP & CRM SolutionsNavigating SAPUser Tips & TricksManagement Accounting/ControllingAccounts ReceivableAccounts PayableSales Order ProcessingPurchasingHuman Capital ManagementCross-Application Time SheetCRM – SalesCRM – ServiceCRM – Marketing
  • 5. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 52012 KA BundlesKA Bundle for the BI Suite1. Web Intelligence 4.02. Analysis for OLAP 4.03. BI Platform 4.04. Crystal Reports 20115. Dashboards 4.06. Explorer 4.07. Analysis for Office 4.0KA Bundle for ERP1. Navigating SAP2. User Tips & Tricks3. Management Accounting/Controlling4. Accounts Receivable5. Accounts Payable6. Sales Order Processing7. Purchasing8. Human Capital Management9. Cross-Application Time SheetBenefits of KA Bundles: No user minimum No counting heads Buy some, get some free (compared to buying titles individually)
  • 6. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 6KA for Navigation, CATS, and User Tips & TricksKA for Navigation: Covers same content as e-learning SAP129, but includes more exercises Also includes navigating scenarios in Financials, Logistics, HCM, and ReportsKA for Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): For SAP customers using ERP to enter, approve, or report on timesheets Includes scenarios for recording time against a network, cost center, and order activityKA for User Tips & Tricks: All the things our instructors teach their classes that are not part of any curriculum:– Change your user profile– Personalize the SAP GUI– Setup default printers, date formats, currency fields, and more– Run basic SAP reports– Use the Business Workplace to manage your inbox– Submit a ticket to the support desk
  • 7. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 7Key Benefits for KA CustomersSAP Knowledge Acceleration provides Risk Mitigation:Decreased Time to ProficiencySince it can be used out of the box, with little to no implementationtime, SAP Knowledge Acceleration can significantly reduce the timeit takes to get a workforce up to speed.Decreased Support CostsBecause the product is delivered online, training costs decreaseand end-users are able to learn and refresh their knowledgethemselves rather than relying on a support desk or co-workers.Increased User AdoptionBy providing a workforce with a user friendly training and supportsolution that is available 24 x 7, customers will ensure user adoptionof their deployments.
  • 8. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 8Positioning KA vs. E-LearningSAP Knowledge AccelerationE-Learning (SingleCourse)E-Learning (Subscription) E-Learning (Site License)OwnershipCustomer licenses KAperpetually and owns/maintainscontent onsiteCustomer does not owneLearningCustomer does not own eLearning Customer purchases contentDeploymentCustomer deploys KA on theirown web-server, LMS, or onstand-alone desktopsContent is hosted;customer accesseseLearning from SAP/SBOPweb-siteContent is hosted; customeraccesses eLearning fromSAP/SBOP web-siteCustomer deploys content inLMS (SCORM) environmentonlyPricingSold as license, pricing is basedon the number of users of theapplication module.Pricing is based on numberof students.Pricing is based on bulk (minimum10 SME/25 LE) number of usersper content library.Pricing is 40k (minimum) forunlimited users and durationContentKA contains job aids and a userguide that can be printed.E-Learning content is onlyavailable on-line; no take-awaysE-Learning content is onlyavailable on-line; no take-alwaysE-Learning is built with avariety of legacy toolsets(Captivate, Lectora), andmost recently, SAPproprietary LEXIMaintenanceKA is licensed with maintenanceproviding updates to the contentas versions change and/or asnew content is added.E-Learning is sold for asingle versioneLearning is sold for a singleversion but if new versions ofeLearning become availableduring subscriptions (12 months),customer will have access to it.eLearning is sold as is, noupdates are providedCustomizationCustomer has the ability tocustomize content using WPB orProductivity Pak / Composer.Customer does not havethe ability to modify orcustomize contentCustomer does not have the abilityto modify or customize contentCustomer does not have theability to customize content.AvailabilityContent is available 24x7x365and users can accessed at anytime.E-Learning access istemporary (6 months)E-Learning access is temporary(12 months)E-Learning is available24x7x365 and users canaccess at any time.
  • 9. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 9Using SAP Knowledge AccelerationWho can Benefit from KA: End users – for initial training, and for ongoing support Power users – in conjunction with other SAP Training Project team – as part of blueprinting / project ramp-up New Hires – for onboarding or “gap” training (until formal training can be scheduled) Help Desk / IT – for support of all usersWhen KA can be Utilized: Blueprint: for project team members to better understand the solution Realization: for power users working with consultants to understand the solution Go-Live: for end user training Post-Implementation: for end user support Ongoing Support: for those who need refresher training, or who never received formaltraining Upgrades: for delta training
  • 10. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 10KA and SAP Workforce Performance Builder andSAP Productivity Pak by AncileSince KA is built with SAP WorkforcePerformance Builder and SAP ProductivityPak, there are many ways that customerswho own of one of these solutions canbenefit.With SAP WPB or SAP ProductivityPak, you can take KA content and:• Modify the overall look & feel (e.g.Replace the branding, modify thewebsite layout).• Modify the existing content (e.g.remove lessons, replace backgroundscreenshots to match yoursystems, update terms & definitions)• Create new content (e.g. createadditional documentationresources, add new simulations orinclude new business processworkflows)Republish Course ModulesnTheorynDiagramsnImages changesRepublish WebsitenNew/updated content visiblenAdd reference documentsUpdateSimulationsnAdd new workflowsnChange screenshotsnAdd specific examples Using SAP WPBor SAPProductivity Pak,customization ofall KA content ispossible.
  • 11. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 11KA and SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB)► We have moved all KA titles to SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB)► We will continue to support KA titles on the SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) platformat least as long as we continue to support SPP customers, if not longer► New KA titles will only be produced in SAP WPB► From a customer’s perspective, you now have more choices:– Customers buy KA title(s), and then choose which version of the KA title(s) they would liketo download from SAP Service Marketplace– WPB: published files or source files (for editing)– SPP: published files or source files (for editing)– Published files include:– WPB: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, HTML, EXE (standalone executable file)– SPP: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, HTML, AICC– Customers can download any or all of these files, based on their needs, for each KA title
  • 12. © 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 12SAP Knowledge Acceleration – Benefits SummaryRapid deployment of training Out-of-the-box deployment provides just in time training Can be used to quickly train early adaptors, QA testingteams, project teams, and other groups who need early training Deploy KA as you wish: website, LMS, desktop – or all of themLong-term solution Upgrades to new KA versions of the latest platform releases aresimple, and are a benefit of the KA maintenance payments SAP updates KA titles whenever the user interface or userfunctionality changes in the system itselfFlexibility and agility through customization Customer-based examples can enhance out-of-box content Reference documents and other supporting material will driveexcellence with internal best practices Customization is not required, so customer can controldevelopment costsOperational cost savings Reduced travel expenses Less/no travel time Low per user cost