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Genre survey

  1. 1. Genre Survey
  2. 2. • Yeah cause they are indie • Don't stop (colour on the wall) is very changing and interesting and fun • They were different • I liked somebody that I used to know because it was unique as well as a catchy, good song. • Not really • They were ok • San cisco up beat and generally happy music • No • Yes • I am not very good at deciding which bands are which type of music but I like arctic monkeys, r5 and blink 182 because they are original and sound really nice. • No • No • Yes, they're more creative than for example R&B music videos • Yes I like gotye's 'somebody that I used to know' because it is really different • Yes • They have a nice melody • No • Yeah, interesting and pretty • Yes, they were really creative • They were alright • Yes, I have seen somebody that I used to know, and I liked it because it was very clever how they were gradually painted to blend with the wall as though they never existed - like the song title suggests. • Yes because they are fun to watch • Yes, somebody that I used to know because its different • Not really, they are a bit eerie • No • Not really • Yes. Somebody that I used to know - clever • Yes arty • Yes because nice music • Yes. Indie #swag • No you have no idea how much I hate gotye's one like wow • They're great • I liked the art influence in the somebody that I used to know video - imaginative use of paint. • I've see the video for somebody that I used to know. I liked it's creativity however it also didn't really make a lot of sense to me so I didn't particularly enjoy watching it. • Interesting - somebody that I blah is different from your average video and it's a good song • I enjoy them, it relaxes me and it often has a catchy tune • I don't know who they are - sorry! • They were fun • No • Yes. Somebody that I used to know - I like the abstract and colourful theme of the video as well as the choice of instruments used to create the song. • I like the video for pumped up kicks because its quite retro • I quite liked them because they are different • Not really • I liked the tune, and I like that genre of music • I liked them because they made me dance • No • Not really • Both mentioned videos, 'something that I used to know' and 'pumped up kicks'. I like the originality of them and the avoidance of the common use of normal music videos, models etc.. • Yes, because they are unusual • I didn't really pay attention, I was listening to the music. • Yes, when they have storylines I enjoy them, one of my favourites is sweater weather - the neighbourhood and really like the music video. • Yes, because it's different • I like it • Gotye - simplicity yet different to standard pop tracks . somebody that I used to know is different and got people talking • Not particularly • Yes, different, not typical pop • They're happy, don't tend to require huge amounts of attention to the story line and are easy to watch • Yes because the storyline matched with the song's lyrics • No • No • Yes because the music was upbeat • Yes because they are quite different to any other genre. They don't necessarily link to the song/lyrics • Yes • Yes and no - some are quite bizarre and I spend most of the time trying to understand what is going on in the video than enjoying the music • Yes, pumped up kicks - good to sing • No • Meh..They're alright don't watch music vids that often
  3. 3. • Foxes • Dancing, time scale, story • Dancing and a storyline with some meaning • Different to other examples, including the person singing, interesting storyline related to song • Dancing and storylines, a moral • Storyline • Storyline • Both • Dancing • Dancing • I like to see something interesting like dancing • I like something that actually has something to do with the song unlike more modern videos. Music videos don't really appeal to me because I get really frustrated at why people in music videos start doing random things. • Dancing, relevant scenes, cool props. • Story • Storyline, showing someone's life/story • A good story line • A storyline • Dancing and stories • Something interesting like and funny • You have to get the idea of the video. • Storyline that matches with the video, lyrics videos • Story line and well directed • Storyline • A storyline • Interesting storyline/creativity • I like to see action. • Artistic angles • Dancing, twerking, hammers, wrecking balls, naked people, • I like to see a story being told, and things that relate to the actual song. • Dancing people having fun laughing • A storyline, something unique e.G. Not loads of dancing • Storyline • A story told • Story • A storyline • Storyline • A storyline • Good graphics, love the lyrics incorporated • Story • Dancing • Storyline, visuals that relate to the music • Storyline interesting shots if no storyline, then the band themselves • Storyline rather than just dancing around • I like music videos where they tell a story, which perhaps continues over several music videos. • Storyline, no twerking, wearing clothes would be nice • A storyline • Entertainment but with a story line • Snippets of footage that tell a nice story • No naked people. Miley Cyrus and Britney spears take note. Ok, being serious, I like to see a storyline that is told beautifully and gracefully and follows the song lyrics • No naked people. Miley Cyrus and Britney spears take note. Ok, being serious, I like to see a storyline that is told beautifully and gracefully and follows the song lyrics • Storyline • A story • I feel that storylines help a listener visualise and relate to songs better than just dance routines. From experience, music videos with story like shots are more memorable. • A story line footage from gigs • A funny or dramatic outcome, acting and energetic dancing • Dancing and clever affects • A storyline • Dancing and a strong storyline that links with the lyrics • Storyline • Dancing and a storyline • Dancing • Group dancing. • Dancing • Storyline/scenes with a reflection of the lyrics of the song/melody (i.E. Sad/happy). • Dancing, a storyline and the artist • The artist's representation of the song and it's meaning to them • I don't normally look for anything specific in a music video though prefer them when there is a story line • Dancing • Dancing • Good dance or a storyline, not a cheesy combination. Being a dancer, good dance is appealing. Entertaining videos - comedic/easy to remember • A storyline • Storylines, happy endings, drama • I like to see a storyline and something that makes the video more interesting to watch • Lights and colours • Storyline • I like something relating to the song, something that goes along with the song's lyrics instead of random dancing and acting. • Dancing, storyline, emotion, link to lyrics I like to see either dancing or a storyline, I don't really mind which. • A story which links to the lyrics. • Storyline as it makes it interesting • Storyline • The artist • A story that is not too cheesy • Dancing and storyline • Storyline • Storyline. • Some type of storyline so it makes sense • Dancing
  4. 4. • It to be boring. (For full details, watch a biffy Clyro music video.) • Costumes • I dislike when people are just dancing, there are right and wrong songs to dance in the music video to and sometimes it looks out of place. • Completely random and doesn't link to the song at all • I don't like it if it just shows the band our singer performing. • Something which is a bit random and doesn't link with anything. • Repetition of the same person standing there singing • No relevance to the song at all or if it doesn't make much sense • Dancing and no storyline weird unrelated images and random people • Boring people standing doing nothing provocative dancing • When its really flashy e.g. Homerun by Misha b or when its really odd and makes zero sense. • Too much flesh • Not knowing what the fox says • Axolotls • Just an artist performing live. Boring • A boring story line • Miley Cyrus 21 twerking, smoking etc. • Cheesy dancing and predictable outcomes • Annoying dancers • Links to sex • Sex, drugs, drinking • Words • Probably when it is confusing and you don't know what is happening in the video • I don't like people doing any random things that ruin the song • Inappropriateness, irrelevant features • Rudeness • Repetition -music videos seem to be all pretty similar these days swearing, naked people and sex basically • Too much dancing. • Too much sexual stuff like blurred lines or mile Cyrus videos • You have no idea what's going on and it doesn't link in with the song • Loads of dancers • Cringe worthy dancing • Gay dancing. Naked women • Rude words and rude dancing • Cheesy • Ugly men • People wearing skimpy outfits doing supposedly 'sexy' poses that don't really relate to anything and are just a bit boring. • People crying people sitting around or playing an instrument • Dancing • Dancing • Just a band playing on stage or in a studio • Random stuff • Too much dancing and lip synching • Un relevant material / band shots • Overly pretentious lyrics printed on the screen in big writing re robin Thicke • CIS white men • Random stuff (doesn't fit in) • Things that don't make any sense • Naked girls dancing for the enjoyment of men naked men dancing for the enjoyment of girls (although I do like the naked men) • The artist just singing - there needs to be some other interest • I dislike music video's that make no sense, video's which involve people twerking or who generally can't dance. • Twerking, meaningless stuff, terrible dancing, women trying too hard to be sexy • The randomness • Lip syncing • It should not try to explain everything or it ruins my awesome conception of the story • Miley Cyrus. • Unnecessary nudity (or any nudity actually. Songs don't need naked people in them). • Idiotic trying to be cool • Stuff that doesn't fit in • To many girls and just the artist showing off • A music video that contains stupid, irrelevant, inappropriate content. This content simply prevents a younger audience from accessing the music and the video and I would think reduce the target audience significantly. • Cheesy dance routines • Too set up- not believable a boring meaningless video with only one type of thing type of thing that goes with the song, for example only having dancing and nothing else • To much repeating • A not very good storyline • No storyline • When their voices are auto tuned. The exploitation of women • Only focused on the singer. • Weird dancing or standing still and nothing exciting • Too much fast movement of the camera (camera spinning), • Flickering screen shots that make it hard to register what is going on • Too much strobe lighting • Over-sexualized dancing for its' own sake • Half-naked girls • Singers who attempt to dance who cant. • Overly sexualised unnecessarily. • Just lip synching, 'artistic' shots with no meaning • Doesn't flow, doesn't link in with the lyrics or theme of the song • People just dancing around
  5. 5. • 13 have heard of her and said: • Yes, cute and happy music • I think she's very talented and I enjoyed her cover of Somebody That I Used to Know • Pretentious and repetitive • Heard of her but don’t know her music • I have only heard of one of her songs which is Everybody. I like it because it is very catchy and she does have a lovely voice. • She’s cute • Have heard of her but don’t know who she is • Yes and I like her music • I think I have one of her songs on my iPod, she has a unique voice • Not a huge fan but she’s okay • Love her sound • Yes I love her music • Yes but I have no real opinion of her • 68 have not heard of her
  6. 6. • No • I think the music video should be relevant to the genre, such as more dancing or spontaneous actions, that wouldn't work in a rock video for example. • I don't really think it matters about the artist or genre. • No it needs to be relevant to the subject, as you can't have people slow dancing to a upbeat pop song. • The mood of the song to be shown in the video • Doesn't matter • It doesn't matter but it should be influenced by the artists style/personality and it should have some reflection of the song • No • No • No • No • Does not matter • No • I don't really mind what is in a music video unless it has something to do with the lyrics. • No • Think it has to tell a story and have a meaning to it • Lyrics that the audience can relate too. • No it doesn't really matter as long as it's a nice video • Doesn't matter • It doesn't matter • Including the band in the video • It doesn't really matter • Fields with wild flowers for indie music and daisy chains • I don't think it really matters what genre it is, as long as the video relatively fits with the song. • Doesn't matter • It doesn't really matter • No • I don't really know what is in indie pop music videos as I haven't seen any • Don't know • Style • Sepia filter • No • Nope • No • Not really - the point of indie-pop is that it's different, sometimes unexpected, usually fun • It doesn't matter about the genre as long as the artist is unique and true to their own music • I think the artist should be able to do whatever they want with their music video and should not be limited by what genre they are. • It has to be indie, would be a bit weird if you had average music videos for indie songs. • Some effort should go into music videos as a lot of people remember songs they like from the videos they watch them with, whether it's indie or not • Indie pop should just stick to being indie. • Doesn't matter • Nope • Music videos should fit the style of the particular song, and as they should fit with the song, they will therefore fit with the genre without having to try. • No • I think it is important for the music video to reflect the artists' personality • It needs to portray the artist's personality and stick to one theme. The theme could take any view of the song, a funny or romantic or dramatic one etc. • I don't know the music very well • I don't think it really matters but it has to work • I doesn't really matter • Doesn't matter • Does not matter about the artist or genre. Open field. • Every song and music video is individual to the artist themselves! • Not really, just nothing too much like a bubble- gum pop music video like one direction • No • Nothing is essential - it better to be unique than just another stereotypical video • Doesn't matter about artist or genre • Needs to be more original and unique • I think it depends on the pace and lyrics of the song/artist as to what needs to be included