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Paralympic Bid Proposal

  1. 1. 2016 Paralympic Games CHICAGO2016Michael Griffith. Cory Hoover. Jack Laforce. Brady Lorek. Shane Peludat.
  2. 2. CHICAGO 2016 Table of ContentsNational and 4-10Candidate City Characteristics Ceremonies 53-55Customs and 12,13 Communication andImmigration Formalities Media Services 57,58Environmental Protection Data Processing Servicesand Meteorology 15,16 and Links 60Security 18,19 Finances 62,63Medical andHealth Services 21,22 Marketing 65,66Olympic Village 24-27 Legal Aspects 68Accommodation andTransportation 29-34 Sports Experience 70Programs of theParalympic Games 36,37 Works Cited 72-74Venues 39-49 Contributions 76IOC Session 51
  3. 3. 1CHICAGO 2016National and Candidate City Characteristics
  4. 4. CHICAGO20162016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Host Country Overview The United States of America is centrally located in North America between Canada and Mexico. The west coast of the United States lies along the Pacific Ocean while the east coast lines the Atlantic Ocean. It is ranked as the fourth largest nation (9,522,055 km2) following Russia, Canada, and China. The population of the United States of America (USA) is ranked third highest in the world. It’s estimated population of 313,287,719 ranks behind China and India. The medi- an age is 36.8 years old (male: 35.5 years, female: 38.1 years). The USA is referred to as the melting pot of the world for its diverse ethnic backgrounds. Its largely composed of Caucasians, African-Americans, and Hispanics. There is no designated national language 4 but English is the primary language spoken in the United States of America followed closely by Spanish.
  5. 5. CHICAGO2016Host Country Government Structure Washin gton D.C . Cap ital City:The United States of America (USA) became a country in 1776 when it declared itsindependence from Great Britain. The USA began as thirteen original colonies andthen expanded to the unified fifty states that it is today. The government of the Unit-ed States is a constitution-based federal republic. USA’s government is divided intothree separate branches of political power that maintain order through checks and 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESbalances. These three branches are the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and theLegislative Branch.The leader of the Executive Branch is the President of the United States, BarackObama. The president is placed into office through democratic elections (legal resi-dent over the age of eighteen may cast their ballot). The president serves a four yearterm and can serve a maximum of two terms. The president selects members of acabinet to assist and advise.The Legislative Branch has a bicameral structure which consists of the House of Rep-resentatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is based on a state’s pop-ulation; granting numerous elected representatives to serve a two year term. Thesenate has one hundred members, each state electing two representatives. One-thirdof the Senate is up for reelections every two years.The Judicial Branch consists of a court system both civil and federal, with the highestcourt being the United States Supreme Court.The United States of America is considered the world’s superpower with ties to multi-ple international organizations. It is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organiza- 5tion (NATO), The United Nations (UN) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  6. 6. CHICAGO20162016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Host Country Sports Structure At a young age children are encouraged to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle and are submerged into a culture of sports and recreation. There are m any different levels of sports including entertainment, recreational, school teams, private clubs and organiza- tions, collegiate, and professional levels. The United States holds numerous professional sport leagues that are recognized on both a domestic and foreign level. Some of these umbrella brands include:  Major League Baseball (MLB)  National Football League (NFL)  National Basketball Association (NBA)  National Hockey League (NHL)  Major League Soccer (MLS)  Professional Golf Association (PGA) 6
  7. 7. CHICAGO2016Host State IllinoisIllinois is located in the Midwest Region of the United States. Illinois is bordered byWisconsin to the north, Indiana to the east, Kentucky to the southeast, Missouri tothe west, and Iowa to the northwest. Its western border with Iowa and Missouri issegregated by the Mississippi River, the Ohio divides the southern border between 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESIllinois and Kentucky, and the northern segment of Illinois buts up against Lake Michi-gan.The state of Illinois is the fifth most populated state in the United States (12,869,257)and the twenty-fifth largest (57, 914 km2). Illinois is comprised primarily of Cauca-sians with a strong roman catholic religion tie. The dollar gross state product wasestimated to be $652 billion (2010) with a per capita personal income of $41,411. 7
  8. 8. CHICAGO2016 Host City Chicago The “windy city” is the largest city in the state of Illinois and the third most populous in the United Stated, with a population of over 9,700,000. It lies on the coast of the beautiful Lake Michigan. Today, the city retains its status as a major hub for industry,2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES telecommunications and infrastructure, with O’Hare International Airport being the second busiest airport in the world. The city is a monumental tourist center, hosting over 45,600,000 visitors in 2008 alone. Chicago’s metropolitan area has the 4th largest Gross Domestic Product of all metropolitan areas in the world. Chicago holds dominance in business and finance and is listed as one of the world’s top ten Global Financial Centers. Forbes has ranked Chicago as the world’s 5th most economically powerful cities. Chicago is one of the headquarters for the Democratic Party and has been home to many influential politicians, including the current Presi- dent of the United States, Barack Obama. 8
  9. 9. CHICAGO2016Host City TourismIn 2008, Chicago attracted 32.4 million domestic leisure travelers, 11.7 million do-mestic business travelers and 1.3 overseas visitors (over 40 million annually).Chicago is famous for its upscale shopping, with notorious streets such as the Mag- 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESnificent Mile and State Street. There are more than 7,300 restaurants with a notori-ous favorite being Lou Malnoti’s Pizzeria (known for its deep dish classics).The city-owned Grant Park hold Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Bean,and the Art Institute of Chicago. The park hosts multiple concerts and is an excellentlocation to spend a lazy afternoon.Navy Pier, located just east of Streeterville, is 3,00 pathway that houses retail stores,restaurants, museums, exhibition halls and auditoriums. Its home to a 150-foot tallFerris wheel which is one of the most visited landmarks in the region.Another sightseeing opportunity is the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower)which is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 110 stories high. 9
  10. 10. CHICAGO2016 Host City Sports Chicago is home to the Chicago Bulls (National Basketball Association), the most storied team in the modern era of professional basketball. With its ties to one of the best bas- ketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, Chicago has become an even greater tourist2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES attraction. The city also has two professional baseball teams, the Chicago White Sox and the Chica- go Cubs, who hold an intense rivalry. Wrigley Field, the baseball diamond of the Chica- go Cubs is one of the oldest stadiums and has created its own tourist destination: Wrigleyville. The Chicago Bears (National Football Association) have been idolized through the dec- ades because of legendary coach, Mike Ditka. Saturday Night Live Skits have immortal- ized “Da Bears” and created an even larger pull to the tourists of Chicago. Chicago is also host city to the Chicago Fire (Major League Soccer), Chicago Blackhawks (National Hockey League), and the Chicago Sky (Women’s National Basketball League).10
  11. 11. 2CHICAGO 2016Customs and Immigration Formalities
  12. 12. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Customs All participants, fans, and family of the athletes will have to comply with the United States rules that deal with foreign entry to the country. Visitors from outside countries will have to pass the regulations set forth by the U.S. Homeland Security. Any persons trying to enter into the United States without the proper documentation will be de- tained and will not be permitted to enter the country. It is crucial that every person from a foreign country wishing to attend the sporting e vent make the proper arrange- ments and have the proper documentation upon their arrival into the United States of America.2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES The proper documents needed for a foreign national entering the U.S. is a passport and valid visa issued by a U.S. Consular Official unless they are a citizen of a country eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, a lawful permanent resident of the U.S., or a citi- zen of Canada. A foreign national traveling by air who is a citizen of a country eligible for the Visa Waiver program must have an approved Electronic System for Travel Au- thorization and valid passport before traveling to the U.S. While traveling in an airport, the airline will give all travelers some documents to com- plete while still en route to the United States. All travelers are required to complete a Custom Declaration from 6059B. Those travelers who are non-United States citizens and are requesting admission to the United States with a Visa will be given the form I- 94 Arrival/Departure record to complete. Upon arrival, the airline will show one to the inspection area. Visitors will line up in the inspection line and then speak with a Customs and Border Protection officer. Fol- lowing this process visitors will be lead to the Customs Inspection Area. At a land border port-of-entry, foreign visitors go through the same general process. An officer will conduct the initial inspection on the vehicle lane. That officer will de- cide if the foreign passengers will need further review or issuance of needed papers to a secondary inspection area. Once the determination is made for foreigners to enter into the U.S., they may be sent for further Customs inspection or immediately allowed12 to continue on to their destination.
  13. 13. CHICAGO2016Chicago Customs 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESAll food items brought to the United States in luggage will be confiscated and dis-posed. They cannot be brought into the United States because they may carry ani-mal and plant pests and diseases. Restricted items include meats, fruit, vegetables,plant, soil, and products made from animal or plant materials. In most instancesprescription drugs are also not allowed to enter the United States. Any weapon, nar-cotics or explosive devices are strictly prohibited from entering the United States. 13
  14. 14. 3CHICAGO 2016Environmental Protection and Meteorology
  15. 15. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Environmental Protection Chicago is known for its great industrialization; which in exchange brings pollution. Chicago is a world leader in the “Going-Green” initiative. Although it is a heavily popu-2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES lated city, Chicago still utilizes its space for cultivating gardens within the Chicago Park District. These parks help distract from the busy lifestyles associated with the city life. The city of Chicago seeks to not only beautify its community with over 600 public parks, but looks to conserve energy and become economically friendly through the use of solar panels, emission conscious street sweepers, and chemical deposit center. The city will provide recycling services which will be utilized at locations in every facili- ty. Chicago also focuses on the critical importance of water to all life and the historic and significant role of Lake Michigan and the lakefront parklands in the revitalization of the city. By conserving energy and natural resources, protecting and enhancing parklands and showcasing innovative technologies through Games management, Chi- cago 2016 will leave a lasting legacy.15
  16. 16. CHICAGO2016Chicago MeteorologyChicago lies within the humid continental climate zone, and experiences four dis-tinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid with a July daily average of 84.7°F . In anormal summer temperatures will exceed 90°F Winters are cold, snowy, and windywith January temperatures averaging at 23.5°F . Spring and Autumn are mild seasons 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESwith low humidity. 16
  17. 17. 4CHICAGO 2016 Security
  18. 18. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Environmental Protection Security is a necessary component of an event. While most tasks can be performed by volunteers, occasionally the added authority of a security guard is needed. Some areas that could require a security guard would be crowd control and parking control. Having2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES a security guard ensures that directions are followed and the areas are safe. The company chosen is American Heritage Protective Services. American Heritage Pro- tective Services, Inc. is a Chicago land based full-service contract security and security consulting company. Their corporate offices are located in Alsip, Illinois. Licensed in Illi- nois and Indiana, American Heritage currently serves accounts along an axis extending from Chicago to Aurora, and from Glenview to Lake County, Indiana American Heritage Protective Services, Inc., provides uniformed security guards and officers, off-duty police officers, executive protection, confidential investigations and expert security consulting. AHPS clients include owners and managers of commercial office buildings, industrial complexes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and fortune 100 corporations. Each AHPS key executive and associated is nationally recog- nized with over 25 years of experience in the private security sector and / or public law enforcement. According to Stephen Pollack, Executive Vice President, the rates for security guards are as follows. Unarmed Security Guards are $16.50/hour and Armed Security Guards are $35.00/hour. AHPS also specializes in short notice availability, which adds flexibility.18
  19. 19. CHICAGO2016Chicago Meteorology 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESIt is the desire of the city of Chicago as the host, to provide a security blanketaround all visitors and competitors attending the Paralympics. In order to achievethis goal, the following steps must be taken: Each participant in the Paralympics will be given a photo identification card upon registration. No one will be admitted to any event, facility, or transporting vehicle without this card. There will be an increased level of security on DePaul University’s campus. This includes walk-through metal detectors and hand-held wands to ensure the safety of all Paralympic competitors. Security cameras located around housing facilities, training centers, and sport complexes will be constantly monitored. 19
  20. 20. 5CHICAGO 2016Medical and Health Services
  21. 21. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Medical and Health Services Chicago is blessed with many well-known healthcare systems for the Paralympic Games. The Illinois Medical District which includes the University of Illinois Medical2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Center at Chicago, Rush University Medical Center and the John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County are the largest trauma centers in the area. Two of the most impressive academic medical centers in the U.S. Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Univer- sity of Chicago Medical Center will treat all participants, coaches and trainers during the games. The athletic trainers from the University of Illinois Medical Center will be available on site at the events to assist participants in case of an emergency.21
  22. 22. CHICAGO2016Chicago Medical and Health ServicesIn addition to the certified trainers, paramedic teams from the city of Chicago willbe providing in first aid and immediate care situations. Each team will provide an 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESambulance to transport all participants to the closest emergency care provider inthe area. In addition to the numerous hospitals in the area, there will be numeroushealthcare related organizations that are headquartered in the Chicago area. Theseorganizations include the American Medical Association, American Osteopathic As-sociation, American College of Surgeons and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Associa-tion. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has agreed to terms with theUniversity of Illinois Medical Center to provide doping control collection centers andlaboratories for anti-doping of both the athletes and horses to be sure of fair com-petition. 22
  23. 23. 6CHICAGO 2016 Olympic Village
  24. 24. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Olympic Village The Paralympic Village will be located at DePaul University, and will host all athletes, coaches, and team staff. DePauls Lincoln Park Campus has 13 residence halls over 402016 PARALYMPIC GAMES acres of land, and has the capability of housing approximately 5,000 people. DePaul University in located in downtown Chicago, therefore, forms of transportation will not be an issue. The Paralympic Village is within a close proximity to all the competition sites. The Paralympic Village rooms will each include beds, desks, closets, dressers, ac- cess to wireless internet, lobby areas, laundry room facilities, and restrooms with showers. The Paralympic Village is within a close proximity to all the competition sites, which caters to all athletes.24
  25. 25. CHICAGO2016Chicago Olympic VillageAll 13 residence halls are handicap accessible, so no Paralympic athlete should haveany worries, or trouble. The Chicago, Illinois Paralympic Bid Committee has the liv-ing arrangements where the each country will stay together. The Bid Committee didnot want to split up the countries, in order to reduce potential conflict. The Bid 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESCommittee has also chosen DePaul University because of its exquisite three-levelStudent Center. The Student Center will become one of the most popular buildingsin the Paralympic Village. This is where the Bid Committee hopes the athletes canassociate with each other, from the reasoning that this is where the multi-stationcafeteria will be. Also, the DePaul Campus offers a brand new fitness center, whichwill allow for the athletes to work out and train at their convenience. Due to thefact that athletes, coaches, and team staff come from all nationalities and religiousbackgrounds, the campus chapel will host services in the needed religions of theparticipants. DePaul will play host for the dining services at the Paralympic Village. 25
  26. 26. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Olympic Village Deli- Offers signature style subs, paninis, and wraps, as well as, create your own sand- wiches all at an affordable price.2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Pasta- Appetizing menu entrees with an Italian flare. A variety of pasta, pasta sauces, meats, and grilled vegetables allows you to build your own pasta dish. Garden - You make the salad. No matter how you choose to combine the fresh, crisp ingredients, youre sure of healthy and delicious salad every time. Kitchen - Home-style cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees offered. If youre looking for a balanced meal option, Market Carvery/Balanced Choices aims to meet your needs by serving traditional meals that include fish, meat, or poultry with your choice of vegetable and rice or potato. Those on a vegan diet can regularly find en- trees to suit their needs. Seasons - Offers seasonally inspired dishes at the peak of their freshness. Simmer - Hot noodle bowls made to order.26
  27. 27. CHICAGO2016Chicago Olympic VillageMelt - Hot and fresh pizza made fresh right in front of you.Scramble - A full scale breakfast menu during the day with a specialty sandwich, 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESwing and quesadilla station at night.Sizzle - Offers a variety of grilled options. Tasty grilled chicken sandwiches, hamburg-ers, steak sandwiches, and grilled cheese are some of the menu items available atthis location. Those on a vegetarian diet can enjoy our veggie burgers which areprepared, cooked and served on a meat free environment.Savor - Is where you find Mexican dishes. The menu entrees at this station are over-whelmingly popular among the students. Favorites such as nachos, burritos, tacos,and quesadillas are made from scratch in front of you.Brownstones - Situated on the first floor of the Lincoln Park Student Center is a pop-ular location with students. Alongside the computer portals with free internet ac-cess, you can find Fair Trade coffee blends and specialty coffee and tea beverages,as well as a variety of pastries and pre-packaged sandwiches. 27
  28. 28. 7CHICAGO 2016Accommodation and Transportation
  29. 29. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Accommodations and Transportation Palmer House Hilton Hotel Chicago $139-$209/Night2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES 18 Miles from O’Hare Airport 0.2 Miles from DePaul University Number of Rooms: 1,639 For over a century, the Palmer House Hilton has been the Chicago meeting and event venue of choice. With over 100,000 square feet of the most celebrated meeting space in Chicago, the Palmer House Hilton has the flexibility to offer the perfect event space for most every type of gathering. The Palmer House has over 77 function rooms, pri- vate dining rooms, and large conference rooms. Whether you choose to stay in a luxu- rious Palmer House guest room, suite, or on our exclusive Executive Level, you’ll be de- lighted in a host of amenities and exceptional services.  Dry Cleaning/Laundry Room Service Elevators  Non-Smoking Rooms Fitness Center Foreign Currency Exchange  Data Port Family Rooms Handicap Access  Meeting Rooms Lounge News Stand29  Business Center Luggage Hold Local Area Transportation  Swimming Pool Multi-Lingual Staff
  30. 30. CHICAGO2016Chicago Accommodations and Transportation The Hampton Inn Majestic $100-$189/Night 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES 15.7 Miles from O’Hare Airport 0.2 Miles from DePaul University The Hampton Inn Majestic is a contemporary Chicago, Illinois hotel located in the heart of the Chicago Theatre District. Our boutique style hotel offers a sophisticated blend of historic Chicago and cosmopolitan flair. Guests at the Hampton Inn Majes- tic also enjoy our premier location above the historic Bank of America Theatre, and deluxe amenities such as complimentary Internet access and our signature Hamp- ton on the house hot breakfast. The Hampton Inn Majestic offers a wonderful range of hotel rooms for your ultimate comfort in downtown Chicago. All Hampton Inn Majestic hotel rooms are nonsmoking and feature complimentary Internet access, our signature Hampton Cloud 9 bedding, and other deluxe amenities.  Cloud 9 Bedding Adjustable climate control 24 Hour Fitness Center  Complimentary wireless Internet  Executive desk Meeting Rooms Fax machine available 30  Valet Parking Handicap Access Business Center 
  31. 31. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Accommodations and Transportation Hotel Allegro Chicago $129-$209/Night2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES 19.1 Miles from O’Hare Airport 0.6 Miles from DePaul University Number of Rooms: 483 Hotel Allegro Chicago, a Kimpton Hotel, welcomes you to the Windy City with vibrant style and luxury Chicago accommodations. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, our boutique hotel presents eclectic guestrooms and suites accompanied by luxury services and amenities. Superbly comfortable beds and unparalleled hospitality await you in the Chicago Loop. Adjacent to the opulent Cadillac Palace Theatre, the luxury Hotel Allegro combines old-world glamour with smart, modern services and ameni- ties. From your red carpet arrival to comfy beds and a superb, friendly staff, we want to make your Chicago visit shine.  Wireless High-speed Internet Business Center Shoeshine  Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Fitness Center Valet Parking  In-room Spa Service Meeting Rooms Handicap Access31
  32. 32. CHICAGO2016Chicago Accommodations and Transportation Best Western Grant Park Hotel $79-$238/ Night 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES 15.7 Miles from O’Hare Airport 0.6 Miles from DePaul University Number of Rooms: 172 Whether its business or pleasure that brings one to Chicago, Illinois, this downtown hotel will delight with supremely comfortable lodging at affordable rates. Service is exceptionally friendly and amenities are plentiful, ensuring a most pleasurable and memorable stay. Best Western offers an ultra-convenient location thats close to attractions and is the closest hotel from the Museum Campus and the Navy Pier as well as the Magnificent Mile district for the ultimate shopping and dining experi- ence. More importantly, they’re just a short drive from OHare International Airport.  Cable TV with Pay Movies Complimentary High-Speed Internet  Outdoor Pool with Sundeck Meeting Rooms  Laundry Facilities Airport Shuttle  Fitness Room Business Center   Wake-up Calls Room Service Handicap Access Dry Cleaning Service 32
  33. 33. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Accommodations and Transportation Travelodge Chicago $99-$160/Night2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES 19.9 Miles from O’Hare Airport 0.3 Miles from DePaul University Number of Rooms: 235 Built in 1928 the Travelodge Hotel Downtown has been a mainstay for generations in the area of Chicago now known as the South Loop. Featuring the charm and ambiance of Chicago along with comfortable affordable accommodations, Travelodge Hotel Downtown Chicago is just the place for an unforgettable experience. Strategically lo- cated, Travelodge Hotel Downtown Chicago enjoys easy access to Chicago’s loop area shopping, theaters, museums, restaurants and most of the famous tourist attractions such as McCormick Place, Sears Tower, Grant Park, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Lake Michigan and others. The hotel offers well-equipped accommodations with conven- iences that are sure to satisfy your needs. Enjoy the two on-site restaurants. For the discerning business traveler, there is a well-equipped business center. The lobby, with its comfortable sitting area, is the perfect place to relax and meet.  Wireless High-speed Internet Business Center Multilingual Staff33  Smoke-Free Hotel Dry Cleaning Service Valet Parking  Airport Shuttle Meeting Rooms Handicap Access
  34. 34. CHICAGO2016Chicago Accommodations and Transportation The locations of Chicago’s venues and celebration sites have been driven in part by the city’s extensive road and rail transport infrastructure. Chicago’s transport sys- tem is very capable of handling Paralympic capacities. With O’Hare International Airport offering frequent and direct flights to 68 international destinations, Chicago will be as easy to get to as it is to get around in. Taking advantage of multiple 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES transport options and access points, Chicago’s 2016 transport plan will ensure the safe, easy and quick movement of all members of the Olympic Family. The transport plan features to meet the unique real-time demands of all client groups. Paralympic athletes and the Paralympic Family will travel on an extensive network of dedicated Paralympic Lanes during the Games, while the Games workforce and spectators will utilize the city’s extensive public transport system. The Paralympic transport system will also ensure the efficient movement of spectators between stations and venues. All vehicles will run on low carbon fuels, and existing public transport terminals will serve all venues. The Paralympic Transport Command will integrate all public transport services and oversee traffic management and emer- gency response through the city’s experienced Traffic Management Authority. Chi- cago’s diverse community will provide a pool of knowledgeable drivers with multi- national language skills. 34
  35. 35. 8CHICAGO 2016Program of the Paralympic Games
  36. 36. 201636 Paralympic Events
  37. 37. 37
  38. 38. 9CHICAGO 2016 Venues
  39. 39. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 6.1 miles Distance: 1.0 miles2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Time: 14 minutes Time: 3 minutes SOLDIER FIELD Soldier Field is located on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois. It is home to the NFLs Chicago Bears. It reopened on September 29, 2003 after a complete rebuild (the se- cond in the stadiums history). Has a current stadium capacity of 61,500 which is ideal for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the track and field competitions. Currently Soldier Field does not have a track, but through funding by the City of Chicago (owner) a track will be added to the stadi- um. This track will be permanent and will be covered with astro turf when not in use. This will also help for future events, such as the Illinois High School Track and Field Championships, or NCAA meets Events:39 Opening Ceremonies. Closing Ceremonies. Athletics
  40. 40. CHICAGO2016Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 4.1 miles Distance: 5.1miles Time: 13minutes Time: 13 minutes United Center 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESThe United Center is an indoor sports arena located in Chicago, Illinois. The UnitedCenter is home to both the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association andthe Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. The arena is the largest inthe United States in physical size, and can accommodate a capacity of 21,000 peo-ple. The United Center hosts over 200 events per year and has drawn over 20 mil-lion visitors since its opening. Also, many new renovations have been made in re-cent years, keeping the United Center up to par with the best arenas in the world.Events: Wheelchair Basketball. Wheelchair Rugby 40
  41. 41. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 16.4 miles Distance: 21.2 miles2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Time: 25 minutes Time: 31 minutes ALLSTATE ARENA Allstate Arena is a multi-purpose arena in Rosemont, Illinois. It is home to the Chicago Rush, of the Arena Football League, DePaul Universitys mens basketball team, the Chicago Wolves, of the AHL, and the Chicago Sky, of the WNBA. With an 18,500 re- served seating capacity and forty-eight luxury suites, the Allstate Arena is one of the largest indoor entertainment facilities in the Chi- cago area. Excellent sight lines from all seat loca- tions, plenty of on-site parking and convenient public transportation unite to provide Allstate Arenas guests with the ultimate fan experience.41 Events: Volleyball. Table Tennis
  42. 42. CHICAGO2016Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 1.7 miles Distance: 7.8 miles Time: 7minutes Time: 16minutes WRIGLEY FIELD 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESWrigley Field is a baseball stadium in Chicago, Illinois, that has served as the homeballpark of the Chicago Cubs since 1916. Wrigley Field has also hosted football andhockey games, and is known for its ivycovered outfield walls, which would givean exciting feeling for the equestrianevents. Wrigley field can close to41,000 in the entire stadium, 15,000 ofthose seats are in the outfield, whichwould be the primary seating locationfor the events.Events: Equestrian 42
  43. 43. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 17.8miles Distance: 14.1 miles2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Time: 29 minutes Time: 21 minutes TOYOTA PARK Toyota Park is a soccer-specific stadium located in Bridgeview, Illinois. It is the home stadium of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, members of Major League Soccer. Toyota Park was developed at a cost of around $100 million. The facility opened June 11, 2006. The stadium hosted its first competitive international with a 2010 World Cup qualifying match on September 10, 2008. A practice facility with two fields (one natural grass, one artificial turf) for the Fire club and its youth programs is adjacent to the stadi- um. Toyota Park can accommodate up to 20,000 people for the football matches, which is a very good number for the highly popular sport.43 Events: Football 5-a-side. Football 7-a-side
  44. 44. CHICAGO2016Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village McCORMICK PLACE Distance: 6.8 miles Time: 14 minutesMcCormick Place is the largest convention center in the United States, and is located 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESin Downtown Chicago. McCormick Place is comprised of four state-of-the-art build-ings: the North and South Buildings, the West Building and Lakeside Center. Together,they form what many consider to be the economic engine that powers the entire con-vention and tradeshow industry. The size and versatility of McCormick Place are im-pressive:2.6 million sq. ft. of exhibit halls 1.3 million square feet all on one level Events: 170 meeting rooms Judo 600,000 square feet of meeting room space Powerlifting 6 ballrooms, 2 of which are the largest in the city Cycling Assembly seating for 18,000 peopleEasy access to 5,800 parking spaces Wheelchair FencingThese numbers are why this location will host 4 of the Paralympic events. Additionalseating will be brought in to accommodate the 4 events. Also, McCormick Place willbe the site of the Paralympic Command Center. It is centrally located to all the otherfacilities and has the necessary room to hold all meeting and activities for the Para-lympic Committee. 44
  45. 45. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 13.1 miles Distance: 17.3 miles2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Time: 29 minutes Time: 33 minutes WELSH-RYAN ARENA Welsh-Ryan Arena is a multi-purpose arena in Evanston, Illinois. It is home to the Northwestern University Wildcats basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams. It is locat- ed to the north of Ryan Field on the athletic campus, and also contains the stadiums field house. Welsh-Ryan Arena can accommodate just over 8,000 people, which is an ideal number for the two events that will be played at the are- na. Events: Boccia. Goalball45
  46. 46. CHICAGO2016Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village McCORMICK PLACE Distance: 6.8 milesMcCormick Place is the largest convention center in the United States, and is located 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESin Downtown Chicago. McCormick Place is comprised of four state-of-the-art build-ings: the North and South Buildings, the West Building and Lakeside Center. Together,they form what many consider to be the economic engine that powers the entire con-vention and tradeshow industry. The size and versatility of McCormick Place are im-pressive:2.6 million sq. ft. of exhibit halls 1.3 million square feet all on one level Events: 170 meeting rooms Judo 600,000 square feet of meeting room space Powerlifting 6 ballrooms, 2 of which are the largest in the city Cycling Assembly seating for 18,000 peopleEasy access to 5,800 parking spaces Wheelchair FencingThese numbers are why this location will host 4 of the Paralympic events. Additionalseating will be brought in to accommodate the 4 events. Also, McCormick Place willbe the site of the Paralympic Command Center. It is centrally located to all the otherfacilities and has the necessary room to hold all meeting and activities for the Para-lympic Committee. 46
  47. 47. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 4.8 miles Distance: 2.5 miles2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Time: 12 minutes Time: 7minutes GRANT PARK Grant Park is a large urban park in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. Grant Park is approximately 320 acres, and has many features. There are 12 tennis courts at Grant Park North Courts, which is where the tennis events will be held. To the east of the tennis courts are 16 baseball fields, where the outfield of the combined fields makes an ideal location for the archery and shooting events. The best part of the facil- ity is the other aspects of the park. Spectators can travel throughout the park and visit many amenities, such as the Buckingham Fountain and Millennium Park. Events: Archery. Shooting. Tennis47
  48. 48. CHICAGO2016Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 6.8 miles Distance: 1.3 miles Time: 16 minutes Time: 5 minutes 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESNortherly Island is a 91-acre man-made peninsula along Chicagos lakefront. The Chi-cago Bid Committee proposed this same sight for 2016 Olympic rowing and sailingevents. Besides the standing room on the island, additional seating will be brought into accommodate the spectators.Events: Rowing Sailing 48
  49. 49. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Venues From Paralympic Village From McCormick Place Distance: 4.8 miles Distance: 5.2 miles2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES Time: 12 minutes Time: 9minutes FLAMES NATATORIUM Flames Natatorium is the home of the University of Illinois at Chicago men’s and wom- en’s swimming and diving teams. This natatorium is considered one of the best in the state of Chicago. The pool, which hosted three Horizon League Championships in the past nine years, is located in UICs Physical Education Building. The facility provides a 50-and 100-meter lane setup, as well as two diving boards at both the one- and three- meter height. Current renovation will have the seating capacity to 10,000 by the 2016 Paralympic Games. Events: Swimming NOTES:  The 2016 Chicago Bid Committee has received Statements of Understanding From all ven- ues listed above, guaranteeing the use of all facilities. These Statements of Understanding also state that all problems and conflicts will be negotiated prior to the event.  Agreements have been reached with all necessary National Governing Bodies regarding permission and endorsements to use the above listed facilities. Also, all renovations have49 been approved. If further renovations are needed, negotiations will present themselves.  All venues are within 30 minutes of the Paralympic Village and McCormick Place.
  50. 50. 10CHICAGO 2016 IOC Session
  51. 51. CHICAGO2016 Chicago IOC Session AUGUST 13-15 2016 The IOC Session is the general assembly of IOC members that meets to adopt, modify, and interpret the Olympic Charter. Every seven years they elect the host city, decides2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES on the recognition (or exclusion) of sports from the Games, as well as International Federations, National Olympic Committees, or any other sport organization which submits a request. This Session is held once a year lasting for two to three days. On the years of Olympic Games, the Session tends to precedes them. On August 13, 2016, the IOC Session will meet at the McCormick Place, the central headquarters for the CHICAGO2016 Paralympic Games. It will be at this time that they decide who will host the 2024 Summer Olympics.51
  52. 52. 11CHICAGO 2016 Ceremonies
  53. 53. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Ceremonies PANALYMPIC VILLAGE ARRIVAL CEREMONY Chicago will welcome each country’s athletes, coaches, and team staff to the Paralympic Village on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. The Paralympic Village is located at DePaul Univer- sity. Upon arrival, all athlete, coach, or team staff members residing in the Paralympic Village for the length of the games must complete an identity check. This identity check2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES will include their personal information, and a mandatory fingerprint scan. This finger- print scan is very similar to Disney World’s scan, and allows the athletes, coaches, and team staff to move freely in and out of the village. A parade will go through the campus of DePaul University and the countries will follow and get released once they past their living arrangements. The opening ceremonies will follow the next night. MEDAL CEREMONIES Three medals will be given to the top three athletes in their respective events and classification groups. The gold medal will be awarded to the top athlete. The silver medal will be awarded to the second place finisher and the bronze medal will be awarded to the third place fin- isher. There will be a medal ceremony after each event, and this will take place where each event is held. The medal winners will be on a podium, and the gold medal winner will have their country’s national anthem played.53
  54. 54. 54CHICAGO2016 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESOpening CeremonyChicago
  55. 55. 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES CHICAGO201655 Chicago Closing Ceremony
  56. 56. 12CHICAGO 2016Communication and Media Services
  57. 57. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Communication &Media Technology is a substantial part of the world today. Everything is going “digital” which allows individuals to have a quicker and more accurate response rate to any news. Chi-2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES cago plans to provide fans more access to the Paralympics through various media out- lets then they have been accustomed to in the past. The Paralympics will be broadcasted on national television through three major out- lets: ESPN,NBC, and CBS. ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports and would allow the televised program to reach a large numbered fan base. ESPN also has multiple subdivi- sions that will allow for the program to circulate longer. Not only will this benefit fans in the United States, but ESPN will be able to reach millions on an international level. Due to its popularity, ESPN can be reached through television, radio broadcasts, and internet postings. CBS and ABC are the two largest news broadcasting networks in the United States. Partnering with them will allow full media coverage, including repeat coverage.57
  58. 58. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Communication & Media 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESSocial media is rapidly emerging and is seen as an excellent source to tap into. The twoprimary outlets to explore are Twitter and Facebook. This is a fantastic tool to reach outto the younger generations and create a global fan-driven interaction.In correlation to social media, the Paralympic Games wants to explore the avenue ofapps for iPhones and iPads. This will allow individuals to receive updates and accessgame scores, player statistics, and any interactive media games provided.Through technology the Paralympic Games will not only grow their fan base and keepmillions united world wide, but it will also expand the fan base of their marketing part-ners as well. 58
  59. 59. 13CHICAGO 2016Data Processing Services and Links
  60. 60. Chicago Data Processing CHICAGO2016 The city of Chicago will provide the proper allocation of information services, telecom- munication and data processing infrastructure and internet access for the Paralympic games. Chicago will have a listing of all major telecommunication providers in the met- ro area for all participants, coaches and fans. The (FCC) Federal Communications Com-2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES mission is the regulatory agency that oversees telecommunications in the United States for the Paralympic games. In order to have Chicago a bid for the Paralympic games, the city plans for additional telecommunications and data processing required to support the games. Chicago will provide regulatory responsibility for allocating and control of all radio frequencies in the area during the games. Chicago is also in the pro- cess to provide a guarantee from the Bid Committee that no fees will be assessed for the access to radio frequencies to athletes participating, IOC, media, broadcasters and Olympic partners. For each competition, Chicago will describe the current capacity of the mobile network by carrier. Chicago also assures that the accredited media at the games are provided with the facilities and services to ensure the best media coverage60 of the Paralympic games.
  61. 61. 14CHICAGO 2016 Finances
  62. 62. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Finances In 2011, the inflation rate for the city of Chicago was 3.0%. The projected inflation rate for 2012 is 2.9%. The Bid Committee and the City of Chicago will provide a financial guarantee that covers any potential economic downfall of the Organizing Committee for the Paralympic games. There will also be a statement from authorities regarding2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES the price control procedures in place before and during the Paralympic Games. Hotel rates, parking rates and public transportation rates for both participating athletes and spectators will be provided due to unnecessary price gouging that will not be tolerat- ed. Our city will provide a plan for transfer, including financial options of Paralympic infrastructure from the OCOG to private or government operation after the conclusion of the games. Chicago will also be providing a description of taxes that were levied and the projected impact that the Paralympic Games would have on them. The taxes include sales tax, withholding taxes, value-added taxes, hospitality taxes, income taxes and property taxes. There will be many revenues due to the Paralympic Games being in Chicago. Ticket Sales will be from opening and closing ceremonies and other pro- grams. There will also be a wide range of donations received from third parties. The main revenues will be from sponsorships, registration fees, portions of hotel fees and licensing.62
  63. 63. 63CHICAGO2016 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESFinancesChicago
  64. 64. 15CHICAGO 2016 Marketing
  65. 65. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Marketing MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES The above partners have contributed greatly to funding and supporting The Paralympic Games initiative.65
  66. 66. CHICAGO2016Chicago AdvertisingAdvertising will be executed on a regional, national, and international level.Through the three broadcasting outlets (CBS, ABC, and ESPN) other corporate part-ners will have the opportunity to promote themselves through thirty second timedcommercials. They will also have the ability to promote their products/services via 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMESbanner ads on company websites. These advertisements will run throughout thebroadcasting of the Paralympics.Advertisements and commercials for the Paralympic Games will begin airing threetimes a week for a month prior to the opening ceremonies. A week in advance thecommercials will launch daily to continuously build brand, the official homepage of the CHICAGO2012 ParalympicGames, will continuously provide new and exciting behind-the-scene footage. Thewebsite will provide clips of new buildings being built, interviews with athletes attraining camp, and some history/travel tips for maneuvering Chicago. There are al-so interactive games for kids to strengthen their knowledge about the Olympics,what it means to be a good sport, and some downloadable activities.Chicago will be radically transformed as the citizens demonstrate their pride andloyalty to their city. There will be billboards on highly populated highways androads, pillars and bridge signage, and daily giveaways when directed towards theFacebook/Twitter site.The Paralympic Games plan to reach out to the younger generation and teach themto live a more healthy/active lifestyle. Local school initiatives will be taken to in-volve the children in this amazing opportunity of hosting the Olympic Games. 66
  67. 67. 16CHICAGO 2016 Legal Aspects
  68. 68. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Legal Aspects Chicago will provide a letter from all authorities concerned with the Paralympics being hosted in Chicago guaranteeing respect of provisions of Olympic Charter and a Host2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES City Contract. There will also be a plan to ensure that the city of Chicago meet all obli- gations. There will be a contract stating that no other major national or international event will take place during the Paralympic Games or within one week before and after. Chicago will be providing documentation to protect the word mark “Chicago 2014” within the metro area and registered domain names such as The word “Olympic” and “Olympiad” as well as the Olympic motto are protected by the IOC. Chicago will provide a statement from authorities naming and describing the name of the legal entity of the Chicago Bid Committee, authorization that said entity is empowered to represent the city of Chicago and the list of names and titles of all per- sonnel having the authority to enter into agreements and contracts on behalf of the68 city of Chicago and the Paralympic games.
  69. 69. 17CHICAGO 2016Sports Experience
  70. 70. CHICAGO2016 Chicago Sports Experience When it comes to International events, the United States has had the pleasure2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES to host Olympic winter or summer Games on seven occasions. The Centennial Games of the Olympic Movement took place in Atlanta in 1996. The Games were one of the largest in history so far, featuring almost 11.000 competitors. In 2002, the United States held the Winter Olympics. Approximately 2,400 athletes from 77 nations par- ticipated in 78 events in fifteen disciplines, held throughout 165 sporting sessions. The United States also participates in the Pan-American Games, the second largest sports event following the Olympic Games. They are held every four years preceding the Olympic Games. The Pan Am Games consists of all Summer Olympic sports, plus some non-Olympic sports. The city of Chicago has been named the Best Sports City in the United States by the Sporting News in 1993, 2006, and in 2010. In 1994, Chicago hosted a success- ful FIFA World Cup. The games were played in the Chicago Bears home stadium, Sol- dier Field. The city of Chicago has also hosted the Pan American Games in 1959.70
  71. 71. 18CHICAGO 2016 Works Cited
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  75. 75. 19CHICAGO 2016 Contributions