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This deck is the one I used at DevIntersections 2014 in Orlando for my Web API talk.

This deck is the one I used at DevIntersections 2014 in Orlando for my Web API talk.

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  • 1. DEVintersection Building Restful Services by Using ASP.NET WebAPI & Entity Framework Brady Gaster @bradygaster
  • 2. 2 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved. Introduction  Overview  New features in Entity Framework 6  Enabling and Running Entity Framework Migrations  Using Entity Framework to Update Database Structure  New features in ASP.NET Web API  Scaffolding Web API using new Visual Studio 2013 Features  Fixing Common Web API Serialization & Circular Reference Issues  Web API & OData (and LinqPad for good measure!)  Accessing Web APIs from Native Code  Accessing Web APIs from HTML  Questions  Let’s hold them until the end, as there’ll be time for discussion
  • 3. Demo Reverse-engineering a Database to Code First Entities
  • 4. Demo Enabling and Running EF Migrations
  • 5. Demo Updating Table Structure using EF Migrations
  • 6. Demo A New Web API Help Page
  • 7. Demo Controlling Your Web API Formatters
  • 8. Demo Scaffolding a Web API Controller from an EF Entity
  • 9. Demo Mitigating Circular References
  • 10. Demo Scaffolding a Web API OData Controller
  • 11. Demo Querying OData
  • 12. Demo Accessing a REST Endpoint from Native Code
  • 13. Demo Accessing a REST Endpoint from HTML
  • 14. 14 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved. Final Comments  Web API is REST on ASP.NET  Entity Framework 6.1  Code First Generation from Existing Databases  Need to reference EF 6.1 in your project to enable the tooling  Web API Configuration  Pick your formatters wisely, according to needs  Use JSON.NET and EF attributes to control de/serialization  New scaffolding features in VS 2013 make life easier
  • 15. 15 © DEVintersection. All rights reserved. References  Web API on ASP.NET  Entity Framework on MSDN  Visual Studio Toolbox on Channel 9
  • 16. Questions? Thank you! Don’t forget to enter your evaluation of this session using EventBoard!