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Publicis Nestle Presentation


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Nestle Dolce Gusto intern campaign.

Nestle Dolce Gusto intern campaign.

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  • 1. A Cricket Presentation
  • 2. The Flavor-Focused Occasionalist• Doesn’t drink coffee daily• Drinks coffee as an occasional boost or treat• Enjoys the taste of flavored and enhanced coffee• Females, ages 25-34• 50% live in either the Great Lakes area, the Northeast or California
  • 3. Our ObjectiveExpand our knowledge to come up with an insight which would lead us to the best strategy and asuccessful media plan for this target  
  • 4. A successful strategy & media plan will:• Create awareness about Nescafé Dolce Gusto• Connect with our target• Position Nescafé Dolce Gusto as a gift option
  • 5. The Flavor-Focused Occasionalist• Learn what the Flavor Focused Occasionalist enjoys about drinking coffee• Discover how coffee fits into their lives• Find out how they feel about coffee-shop culture
  • 6. Quantitative• 34% feel sophisticated, trendy, & mature while drinking coffee• 53% would try new flavors at home if available to them• 90% like to experiment with their coffee
  • 7. Culture Craver• Culture Craver (k!l-ch!r kr"v-!r) noun – Someone who has a strong desire or need to explore a wide range of characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time through self-education and investigation.• A Culture Craver is someone who likes to find out something about everything by observing, questioning, and experimenting.
  • 8. InsightCulture Cravers live naturally inquisitive lifestylesand love to try new things
  • 9. Jenny Thompson
  • 10. StrategicOptions Coffee for Dummies Coffee Coffee as a Personality Social Catalyst Culture Craver Energy The Coffee Booster Treat
  • 11. Indulge your curiosity with Nescafe Dolce Gusto.
  • 12. ManifestoWe love to love. Every day. It’s a state ofdaily infatuation. We see, we feel & wemust have. So we speak in superlatives. We’re prone to hyperbole.
  • 13. Manifesto“That is the most adorable dog I’ve ever seen”“This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had!” “That is the cutest jacket ever!” “Girl, I love your shoes!” “I love this place!” “I love that dress!” “I love your hair!”
  • 14. Manifesto Love, love, love. We mean it when we say it, because we feel it when we see it.
  • 15. Manifesto It’s not a lack of sincerity. It’s notmeant to be disingenuous. We’re just lovers who love to discover.
  • 16. Manifesto We can’t help it.We have to have the best thing ever, every day.
  • 17. Manifesto That’s why Dolce Gusto provides the chillest, the boldest, the hottest, therichest, and the most indulgent coffee experience ever. Every day.
  • 18. Manifesto Dolce Gusto. Brewing daily infatuation.
  • 19. Creative
  • 20. Dolce GustoBrewing Daily Infatuation
  • 21. Aesthetic
  • 22. Questions?