The building of Human Sigma Made in France


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An exerpt circa end of 2010 of construction of concept on FB by engaging colleagues and friends 2009 - 2011

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The building of Human Sigma Made in France

  1. 1. Simon Penny Wall Info Photos Boxes Video Notes Whats on your mind? Attach: Share Options Simon Penny The "How" of Human Sigma Experience - made in France of course! Using the Myers-Briggs Type Table (fruit of the well known MBTI orView Photos of Me (191) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) as a tool for bringing to life corporate strategyView Videos of Me (16) through the development and liberation of a firms intangible assets - the employees - each of whom plays a role in a show that is managed as a theatre.Edit My Profile Holacracy provides the change engine that kindles the evolutionary purpose of aGlobilisation 3.0 - 2000 - 20?? firm and the Communication Zone Tools provide the dynamics that bring strategy to life, using GOLD - Global Organisational Learning and DevelopementIn 1992 when Bill Clinton came to - to provide a framework for self-understanding and understanding of othersoffice, only the White House and through the story.Academia in the US had aninternet access & @ mail. The Johari window provides the entrance point into the story for each wisemanIn 1996, in France, I got my first or wisewoman (employees); the Wise Man or Wise Woman, a role played by@ mail address whcih remains the the CEO in the story uses the balanced scorecard to guide the 4 Temperamentssame today. or Schools of Thought , or animals, to bring his vision to life through storytelling...Information Using the Myers-Briggs Type Chart in Corporate StorytellingRelationship Status: slidesha.reSingle Human Sigma Made in France - a working document in perpetual evolution.Birthday:April 7, 1964Current City: 4 minutes ago · Like · Comment · ShareParis, FranceHometown: Simon Penny Ever wondered how to engage the post economic crisisStamford, United Kingdom workforce? As we enter a whole new world and way of doing business, interacting and communicating globally. The Gallup Organisations Human SigmaFriends Concept is about integrating the employee and customer experience into one and managing it as such. I am proud to present my new concept "Human Sigma1,062 friends See All made in France" which uses corporate storytelling to engage all atakeholders in the execution of strategy via Global Learning and Organisational Development structures and strategies. Enjoy and thanks for being part of my story. Schou Robin Ritch Nelson- Broughton Smith about an hour ago · Like · Comment · Share Simon Penny High engagement leads to increased ROI. Reach vs. Engagement once and for all | My Venture Pad myventurepad.comRafael Brian AlbertRivera Sherlock Divetta OK. 23 hours ago · Like · Comment · ShareJessica Alcindo CurtCollazo Delgado Skinner Simon Penny via Social Media Today: Fascinating Social Media Facts of Year 2010 | Social Media Today social media facts 2010Eric Durham Carole Chad Sebban Whitehouse 23 hours ago · Like · Comment · ShareLikes Jonathan Franklin likes this.49 likes Jonathan Franklin These facts are interesting! Thanks for posting!!! 20 hours ago · Like Simon Penny Thanks Jonathan - I agree very interesting and a definite sign of rapidily changing digital times.Social Le blog du Lake about an hour ago · LikeMedia Modérateur BrantleyToday High School Write a comment... Simon Penny Whats on your mind?Create a Profile Badge Massacre dune famille à Madagascar: nouveau procès à Paris le 26 octobre, actualité Société : Le Po Massacre dune famille à Madagascar: nouveau procès à Paris le 26 octobre, retrouvez lactualité Société sur Le Point November 14 at 1:20pm · Like · Comment · Share
  2. 2. Simon Penny Our rapidly connecting world! Infographie : les chiffres impressionnants dInternet - Blog du modérateur On a beau le dire et le répéter, les chiffres qui circulent sur lutilisation dInternet sont impressionnants. Linfographie Un jour sur Internet en chiffres était déjà assez November 6 at 9:04pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Human Sigma Made in France - if you are interested in thedynamics of human behaviour please check out my mentor on the subject (Lindatrained me in the US). Transformative and Transactional Leadership | @font-face { font-family: Cambria; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 10pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: Times New Roman; November 6 at 2:05pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Whats on your mind? How Obama lost his voice, and how he can get it back President Obama entered office wrapped in a mantle of moral leadership. His call for change was rooted in values that had long been eclipsed in our public life: a sense of mutual responsibility, commitment to equality and belief in inclusive diversity. Those values inspired a new generation of vote November 6 at 2:03pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Presidential Myers-Briggs Typology! What psychological personality tests reveal about Clinton, Obama, and McCain. During the 2000 presidential campaign, I applied the principles of personality assessment, based on the theories of psychiatrist Carl Jung, to candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore. Forgive me if it sounds like gloating, but heres what my research reveale November 5 at 7:48pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Just wanted to share with you all the ripening fruit of my workbuilding my concept - Human Sigma Made in France. Here is the "story" of howstorytelling can be used to bring Corporate strategy to life by integrating theCustomer and Employee Experience into the story by using Global OrganisationalLearning and Development as GOLD. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Chart in Corporate Storytelling Human Sigma Made in France - a working document in perpetual evolution. November 5 at 1:01pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Food for thought -" Basically, your personality consists of yourcharacter, which includes traits acquired through your experiences, and yourtemperament, which is traits arising from your biology. I think we have evolvedfour primary types of biological temperament, each associated with a range oftraits". A Brain Scientist Explains Leadership - Neurobiology helps tell us why executives screw up--and what they do to avoid it. October 28 at 9:34am · Like · Comment · Share Susan Thibodeau likes this. Write a comment...REC ENT A C T IV IT Y Simon started using SlideShare. · Like · C ommentPatrick Albright Hey Simon. Thanks for the invite and so great to hear fromyou. It has been a long long long time! Hope all is going well with you!October 28 at 3:41am · Like · Comment · See Friendship Simon Penny Thanks Patrick, hope all is well with you. Nice to be in touch. Greetings from Paris. October 28 at 9:35am · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny Once upon a time a wiseman looked through a window andinto a forrest of 16 "matrix trees"........ Connecting Personality Type to Communication: J/P Difference | Dunning Personality Type Experts As with all personality type differences, planning and being spontaneous have both advantages and disadvantages.
  3. 3. October 27 at 1:33pm · Like · Comment · Share Chris Montoya likes this. Write a comment...Simon Penny Selling yourself on todays global workforce market Top 9 Transferable Skills Top 9 Transferable Skills October 27 at 1:29pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Video presentation updated regarding my storytelling concept,"Human Sigma Made in France". Human Sigma Made In France 27 10 10 A brief video presentation of the culmination of different lessons learned from various work experiences that contribute October 27 at 12:56pm · Like · Comment · Share Mark Grandstaff and Cynthia Gosiewski like this. Simon Penny Thanks Cindy! You are definitely my loyalst fan! Thank you!! xx October 27 at 1:08pm · Like Simon Penny Thanks Mark! I hope that our conversations and material shared on this subject back during our "Communication zone" training are finally falling into place. Hope that all is well with you at Brigham-Young. Greetings from Paris. October 28 at 9:38am · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny Please say yes! Thanks to Graham Greene & Associates forthe link - vjery interesting site too! Behaviour Change & Technology » Weapons of Influence, Part II There are many ways of making people say Yes and at least 50 that are scientifically proven according to Goldstein et al. (2009). October 27 at 11:34am · Like · Comment · Share Cynthia Gosiewski likes this. Write a comment...Simon Penny Myers-Briggs® Type Tips What energizes you? You get energy from acting behind the scenes on tasks that benefit others or express your values. October 19 at 9:50am via Myers-Briggs® Type Tips · Like · Comment · Go to Application Chris Montoya and Mark Grandstaff like this. Shaine Hobdy ENFP here October 20 at 5:35am · Like Wendra Marshall INFPs are so cool :-) How are you Simon? Lets talk soon! October 20 at 8:29am · Like Simon Penny Yest Wendra that would be lovely - let me know when is good for you.... October 27 at 11:37am · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny Just wanted to share with all of my friends on FB all of whosepaths I crossed at some point in getting to where I am and who Ive becometoday. Thanks. Human Sigma Made In France A brief video presentation of the culmination of different lessons learned from my work experience to build a new HR sto October 18 at 7:55pm · Like · Comment · Share Cynthia Gosiewski and Fiona Hayes like this. Michael Myers great score.....what music is this? October 19 at 3:45pm · Like Simon Penny Reflections of Earth from EPCOT Illuminations show. I
  4. 4. had to search for the name of the score as it is not the first film score that comes to mind when one receives a message form Mike Myers; I hope that your enthusiasm for the score spills over into my storytelling concept too! October 20 at 12:37pm · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny was tagged in Wendra Marshalls album. Summer 2010 with Uncle Simon September 18 at 4:18pmDaniel Lambert great job, Simon!September 9 at 2:44pm · Like · Comment · See Friendship Simon Penny Merci Daniel! September 9 at 9:08pm · Like Write a comment...Melissa Massa Thank U!September 6 at 2:15am · Like · Comment · See FriendshipSimon Penny was tagged in Rhett Monsons album.Paris September 5 at 5:50pmSimon Penny As a virtual FB participant in recent WDW Character reunionswest coast or east , as well as the recent realaunching of ELP in the MK I justwanted to repost this "gem stone" of a memory and let all of my Disney friendsout there, wherever you may be, that I am forever grateful for having had theopportunity of working...See More A lifetime of memories - a story of Disney friends and coworkers [HQ] The power of sharing! Thanks for sharing your memories with me - here they are all together - part of our lives - a great memory, full of emotion, happiness, inspiration,hope and friendship - you are all part of my life. Thank you. Enjoy. Length: 18:54 August 22 at 12:52pm · Like · Comment · Share M. Shane Meals, Debbie Lenz Olejarski, Christine Graziano Miner and 3 others like this. Write a comment...Simon Penny Such great memories with such great people....thanks to allmy WDW & EDL (DLP) friends for such wonderful years.....its great to be backin touch with so many of you. Summer greetings from Paris Customer Experience - How the Walt Disney Company makes "Magic" [HQ] This is where I learned my Storytelling skills. This is also where I learned about employee engagement and the power of teamwork. This is my personal story - 1983 - 1996. Thanks for being part of my story. Length: 19:58 August 21 at 8:54am · Like · Comment · Share Catia Rossi Channa Simon....this was amazing...I loved it. It made me blue though, I am missing Disney so much...I guess its just in my blood...Its amazing how I never get tired of it.....Thank u so much for sharing. Take care n keep em coming Ciao August 21 at 9:24am · Like Brian Pleasants Simmon...Another 19 minutes of very good memories. Thanks. August 22 at 5:40am · Like Write a comment...
  5. 5. Simon Penny Ive long been a fan of Dr Zimbardos work and research onhuman behavoural psychology. His new book about time certainly gives thistangible intangible a new perspective and gives one the opportunity to takecharge of time in your life instead of being at its mercy. Enjoy. RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world. August 10 at 1:57pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny The science of motivation is a little bit surprising and goesagainst what we have always been led to believe........see for yourself andenjoy the graphics. RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pinks talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace. August 10 at 1:54pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny Great times, with great people and wonderful memories. In loving memory of Betty and Roy - 2 WDW Entertainment icons [HQ] A trip down memory lane in honor of Betty and Roy. Thanks for all the memories. Length: 19:57 August 9 at 9:24am · Like · Comment · Share Catherine Walker, Janet Alm, Loretta Weeks and 2 others like this. Write a comment...Susie Blassick-Koller Could you please re-send on my wall the beautifulvideo for Betty Buckley and Roy? It was beautiful.....August 9 at 1:23am · Like · Comment · See Friendship View all 4 comments Susie Blassick-Koller xxoo August 9 at 2:20am · Like Simon Penny There you go Susie, Ive reposted as a tribute to both Roy and Bette. Hope all is well with you and your little mice, if you have any. August 9 at 9:48am · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny From Daniel H. Pink, the author of the bestselling A WholeNew Mind, comes a paradigm-shattering look at what truly motivates us andhow we can use that knowledge to work smarter and live better.Most of usbelieve that the best way to motivate ourselves and others is with externalrewards like money—the carrot-and-stic...See More Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers dont: Traditional rewards arent always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories -- and maybe, a way forward. TEDTalks is a daily vide... August 6 at 2:07pm · Like · Comment · Share Cynthia Gosiewski likes this. Jane Ferré Simon, thanks for posting; we were having a very heated discussion about incentive schemes only this morning - some useful evidence I will add into the pot! Keep em coming August 6 at 11:51pm · Like Mark Poon a great example of why socialism wont work. there is no reason to do better if everyone gets the same crappy pay and crappy service August 9 at 7:59pm · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny Just wanted to share with you one of my French trainingsupplier contacts - CrossKnowledge, a brilliant team who really understands themechanisms of intrinsic motivation, the new found driving force of a neweconomic model for a new global era - one that is driven by behaviouraleconomics.
  6. 6. Serious Games CrossKnowledge CrossKnowledge annonce une série de jeux sérieux sur étagère et sur mesure de 3ième génération... Ces jeux sérieux sadressent à des populations de managers mais aussi plus généralement aux populations sur le terrain appelées à interagir avec un client. Une façon ludique et interactive de se former ... August 6 at 1:22pm · Like · Comment · ShareRhett Monson Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. August 5 at 7:06pm via Android · Like · Comment · See Friendship Simon Penny Thanks Rhett, looking forward to seeing you guys too. Keep me posted on dates and details as the time gets closer. See you soon, a bientôt! August 8 at 7:18pm · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny A new discipline - doing more with less. Human Sigma madein France is a concept that uses cutting-edge stroytelling communicationtechniques to engage employees in something larger and better than thetraditional work life/home life balance or defunct see-saw model offered by theold economic model.A new paradigm f...See More Doing more with less - the fine art of behavioural economics [HQ] Length: 9:29 August 5 at 4:34pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny My turn of the century vision of the shear power andmovement that is created by the mass mouvemet of human beings. Management 2001- a turn of the Century examination Length: 8:41 August 5 at 3:17pm · Like · Comment · ShareSimon Penny A Carnival of Animals and the beauty of Mediterranean sea lifeall as seen from my Parisian appartment.........and a positive long term result ofFrances 35 hour work week. My salt water aquarium that Truffaut taught me to put together. I had to taste the wares when I was training up and coming French Rural youth at the Garden centre chain called "Georges Truffautf". In order to make sure that my training classes were comprehensible at least to me, I built myself this little salt water aquarium in my living room. Length: 2:27 August 5 at 12:44pm · Like · Comment · Share Cynthia Gosiewski and Paul Mitton like this. Rhonda Roberts Wade ​. .. My France awakes at the early dawn...... Beautiful Simon!!!! August 5 at 3:22pm · Like Simon Penny Thanks alarm clock plays this music when it goes off in the morning and when combined with the delicious smell of freshly backed croissants wafting up thorough my window from the Bakery below, well, I often wake up thinking that I am somewhere else!! August 5 at 4:32pm · Like Write a comment...Simon Penny A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. Excellent. DRIVE by DanielPink Mega Giga Excellent. If you havent read this book you should.....Danielshows us a whole new way forward that guarantees a more meaningful andsatisfactory life balance. Daniel Pink and his book "A Whole New Mind. Length: 5:11 August 5 at 12:35pm · Like · Comment · ShareDelphine Henri Penny? How are you? When are we Skyping?August 5 at 4:32am · Like · Comment · See Friendship Simon Penny My dear you just have to let my social secretary
  7. 7. know and it will happen fast..... August 5 at 3:11pm · Like Write a comment... Simon Penny Storytelling............a new way forward for a new world of work. Wow! I want to work for this company!! This is a perfect example of a global brand using emotional bridges to tie the subjective and objective into the customer experience for all involved....yes even the employees! I call this Human Sigma. The next step. Length: 3:29 August 4 at 9:04am · Like · Comment · Share Simon Penny In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters - The Walt Disney Company 1983 Back in our was like that. The first full day of my life that I spent in the USA...January 18, 1981. I spent at the Magic Kingdom. The visit was a gift from my parents who had just emigrated our family of 6 to Orlando, Florida. From that day on I knew that I wanted to be a part of the history ... Length: 10:20 See More August 4 at 8:49am · Like · Comment · Share Catia Rossi Channa and Steve Sulaski like this. Write a comment... Simon Penny Aligning your intangible resources! 21st Century Management by Simon Penny [HQ] Filmed in Paris France with real Parisians all going in the same direction. Length: 4:36 August 4 at 8:43am · Like · Comment · Share Simon Penny Once upon a time in a far off land, just behind the tiny village of Chessy in Marne La Vallée France, some of the most intrinsically motivated employees I have ever known (this side of the Atlantic!), fullfilled their daily work routine with gust and panache. Bravo! Thank you to whoever filmed this and posted on UTub... See More "Le Livre Magic de Mickey", Castle Stage EDL Summer 1994 [HQ] Thanks to whomever filmed this and shared it with us. Length: 19:27 August 3 at 12:03pm · Like · Comment · Share Jennifer Neiland, Jane Ferré and Tracy Robinson like this. Simon Penny Stephane (Petit) ce nest pas toi, le prince de la belle au bois dormant? On ented la voix de Jay Smith à la fin....cétait lui le Show Directeur. Jai vraiment adoré ce spectacle, cétait quelque chose dont jétais très fier...."la vraie magie de Disney" et le cast était le top des tops.....nous avons vraiment eu de la chance davoir travailler sur ce projet. Quel apprentissage! August 3 at 12:26pm · Like Laurent Seigle par hazard Simon je pouvais en avoir un n arrive pas a le telechatger...merçi d avance. August 3 at 7:17pm · Like Write a comment...Older Posts