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  1. 1. Question 1 2.5 points Save What kind of reasoning is found in the just cause principle? Utilitarianism Natural law Relativism Categorical imperative Question 2 2.5 points Save War crimes are defined differently by various nations who each have their own doctrine of universal human rights. True False Question 3 2.5 points Save All forms of pacifism hold that violence is always wrong. True False Question 4 2.5 points Save According to the last resort requirement, we should try "everything" short of war first. True False Question 5 2.5 points Save Most terrorists are Well educated and middle class Poor and desperate Ignorant and easily manipulated Rich and bored Question 6 2.5 points Save According to MacKinnon, what is the most immediate goal of terrorism? To vent anger
  2. 2. To create push a political or religious ideology To create fear To assert value Question 7 2.5 points Save To agree that the reduction of privacy rights to gain greater security is an example of ________ reasoning. Utilitarian Kantian Relativism Natural law Question 8 2.5 points Save The terrorist training video discussed in Elshtain's article depicts Bomb making techniques Violent imagery focused at Jews Images of Americans disrespecting the Koran A decapitation Question 9 2.5 points Save The yuck factor argument to human cloning holds that we ought to trust our gut reactions to certain procedures as indicative of their moral nature. True False Question 10 2.5 points Save The "playing God" argument against cloning Is religious in nature Is the same as the "yuck" argument Is built on teachings in the Christian Bible Is not necessarily a religious argument Question 11 2.5 points Save In 2002, one-third of the corn grown in the United States was genetically engineered.
  3. 3. True False Question 12 2.5 points Save Pharmacogenomics would be a form of personalized medicine using genetic engineering techniques. True False Question 13 2.5 points Save Aborted embryos are not generally seen as a viable source of embryonic stem cells because Generally a woman does not know for sure she is pregnant until after the embryo has grown beyond the blastocyst stage Aborted embryos are the primary source of embryonic stem cells The process of aborting the embryo cause irreparable damage to the organism There is too much political and religious pressure to take he chance of using aborted material Question 14 2.5 points Save Mammals have never been cloned. True False Question 15 2.5 points Save One of the ways to evaluate ethically the policies of the IMF and World Bank is whether they have done more good than harm or the opposite. True False Question 16 2.5 points Save What is the average wage of a person working in a call center in India (in US dollar equivalency)? 90-120 per month 600-800 per month 200-400 per month
  4. 4. 1200-1400 per month Question 17 2.5 points Save Self interest rationales for helping develop poorer countries include all the following except Creating markets for our products Creating opportunity for indigenous peoples Reduce terrorism Preserve the environment Question 18 2.5 points Save Technological advancements are Benefiting all nations Increasing the economic disparity between rich and poor nations Leaving the economic health of nations about the same Especially benefiting poor nations Question 19 2.5 points Save The World Bank argues that reducing farm subsidies to farmers in Western countries would Create unfair advantages for countries Threaten the global food supply Allow millions of people worldwide to escape poverty Lead to a major shift in economic positioning Question 20 2.5 points Save What percentage of people with HIV/AIDS live in sub-Saharan Africa? 27 46 61 74