In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?Main imageWithi...
magazine to give an effect. This for Q magazine is part of their house style, whichis effectively a predominant reason as ...
this sort of audience. This is a good technique by the manufacturer to meetdifferent audiences and make sure that it is ea...
into buying it. In doing this, I still kept the magazine n a formal manner intoaddress the audience, as I believe it is th...
Slide share: this sort of programmer allowed us to put on different documentsthat weren’t compatible with blogger. For exa...
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In what ways does your media product use[1] 1


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In what ways does your media product use[1] 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?Main imageWithin a magazine product, essentially the front cover the main attraction to theaudience is the main image; this to the consumer is going to be the main article.So for the production they would make it stand out and maybe get the model todo a model credit, giving that connection to the consumer. This use of the mainimage is a key convention within magazines as it is the unique selling point forthat particular issue. My magazine for the main image uses the model to addressthe audience by using a model credit. I think this is a key way to sell and promotethe magazine as it makes the consumers find it easy to distinguish who it iswithin the magazine.A main key convention technique I used to make the magazine attractive is withusing one image on the front cover. This technique attracts the audience solelyon that person, and not really has much more distractions from this. With theimage then I used the artist to use a direct mode of address to make it moreappealing to the audience.MastheadHowever my magazine does challenge some conventions within the front coverby the use of the masthead. On the main magazines within the market (Q andNME) they use bold and bright text to make sure that the masthead does standout, and this is normally in the top left hand corner. However in my magazine Ithink to challenge this convention I have made it stretch across the top of thepage, but still in bold lettering just not as bright. I have done this to make themagazine not so similar to other magazines.Another convention when the masthead stretches across the page is if the headerwould go in front or behind the text. one of the key conventions would be to gobehind the image, however I have gone against this convention in that I have putthe image behind the masthead, which makes the masthead stand out more.TechniquesWhen using photo shop, I believe an effective technique that sells the magazinewould be to edit images to make them more appealing. On the main image on thefront cover I have made the model stand out more on the magazine. I have donethis by increasing the saturation on the photo and reducing the brightness downa little. Another edit within the magazine I did was on the contents page, but onthe same model. With this is added an effect that changed the whole outlook onthe photo, making it almost into a yellow background. This edit gives theconsumers a different feel on the artist.One of the key edits on the photos was cutting the model out from thebackground; to make the magazine look more professional as the background onthe photos I took weren’t really suitable to make the magazine look professional.This use of cutting them out and putting it onto a different background gives aneffective feel and makes the photos look like they were taken professionally.For the article, I didn’t challenge the conventions; I used a stylish layout to makeit easy for the consumers to read, and no change in font.House styleAnother convention that is a unique selling point in the Q magazine is the fadedletter behind the text on the double page spread. For this is have used it in my
  2. 2. magazine to give an effect. This for Q magazine is part of their house style, whichis effectively a predominant reason as to why the Q magazine is so popular.However my target audience isn’t similar to Q magazine as they look at an olderand higher class sort of audience. Whereas my magazine would look more intothe lower age groups and class because that’s the type of genre the magazinewould fit into. Another key house style skill that is used in other forms ofmagazines within music industry is the colours of red, white and black. This isused by both nme and Q magazine I n all of their products. This is a good colourscheme to follow as they are two magazines that hold a large share of the market,and are very popular. However these do aim at a different target audience to me,and I believe to meet my target audience you would have to be innovative witheach colour scheme in magazines. So ideally for this magazine I have used blackwhite and grey. But then in future magazines I would see to add brighter coloursto get more attention. This is what mix mag do, they create different colourschemes on each magazine to attract the audience.How does your media product represent particular social groups?The main way I believe my media product represents a particular social group isthrough the font that is used in the masthead. I wanted to give it an urban feel asthe magazine is a Dance magazine and doesn’t really appeal to a wide audienceas such. This urban feel could link in with the younger age groups (14-30) as it isan attractive style and can associate with them within the street style. Also Ibelieve the name of the magazine “ULTRA” also gives of a young sort of urbanfeel, that it is hitting not only a certain type of music but also social group.One key magazine that relates to the same social group is mix mag. The magazinerepresents the same sort of genre in music and also relates to the same socialgroup; the audience that would go out and listen to the music represented withinthe magazine. One key way in which mix mag represent a social group is by thetext font and also the way there cover lines are put across. Firstly the font coverfont is in a sans serif, and not just a normal bold and straight edged. Whereas onmagazines such as nme and Q, they use bold, straight edged writing to kepe itformal within the structure.What kind of media may distribute your media product and why?As my magazine is very much structured in a formal way to an extent like themagazine NME, I believe that there are two options that could distribute myproduct, in which either one could create the magazine as such. The two optionswould be either ipc media, or bauer media. Both distributers produce some ofthe most recognized magazines that are on the shop shelf’s of today. IPC Media isa business that formats different magazines, within different markets. Thisshows the versatility of the business and the different audiences they try andattract. The key magazine that they do produce within the music industry isNME. Which is mainly targeted at the male audience, Even though nme does hit adifferent social group, this type of business manufacture would know a good wayto attract the male audience. IPC also distribute the magazine through differentsorts of technology such as an app on the iPad. Creating a different audition for
  3. 3. this sort of audience. This is a good technique by the manufacturer to meetdifferent audiences and make sure that it is easily accessible to everyone withinthe target audience.Baurer media on the other hand very in the types of magazines tha they produce.Within the music industry however they produce the leading magazine, Qmagazine. However this magazine is much more formal than I would want mine.Even though this is the case, the magazine distributors do produce magazinessuch as Match magazine, that is a football magazine that is informal in a way tomeet its audiences. This shows the versatility on how the distributors can meetdifferent attractionsHowever, with new media convergence it is believed that magazines are betternow online, due to the Easy accessibility. Not only could I create an onlinewebsite that allows customers to look at the magazine online, but also could linkin with iTunes in making it into an iBook, where customers can get it on theiriPod, iPhone and iPad wherever they want. As the model is on his own, itrepresents a social class of DJ’s. AsDj’s are normally seen on their own. This is astrong representation as it oinks in with a strong representation of a particularartist, who then relates to a social group.Who would be the audience for your media product?The audience for my magazine would be a young age group; I would personallytry and hit the target age group of between (14-30). As it being a dance magazineI don’t believe that the older age groups would be as interested in a all out dancemagazine, whereas I think that the younger age groups would be more interestedinto different gigs and festivals. Also, I would mainly hit the male gender, asdance music is mainly male dominated. However, I do feel that there would bearticles within the magazine that would still attract and relate to both genders.The way mix mag gain there customer loyalty is profoundly what I want to do asboth magazines hit the same audience a key technique into how mixmag do thisis by focusing the front cover solely on one person, with limited cover lines and astrong an noticeable model credit. However I have gone against this convention,and in fact added a main image and also another image to make the magazinelook more appealing.t his technique gives the audience an insight into who themain cover lines within the magazine.How did you attract/address your audience?The key way the magazine would attract target audiences is through the coverlines in what would be within the magazine. One key aspect this would create isthe enthusiasm of artists that they would like to see and read about being withinthe magazine; Also other cover lines that show a different aspects within thegenre of dance, such as festivals and holidays. This is a key way to attract theaudience, as it would be something that they would want to read. This can becreated on both the front page and on the contents. For example on the frontpage you are mainly attracting the audience towards the main image and maincover line, but still having other cover lines that may finally entice the consumer
  4. 4. into buying it. In doing this, I still kept the magazine n a formal manner intoaddress the audience, as I believe it is the best way to connect with an audienceas it would be easy for them to read. Another way I could attract the targetaudience is through the questionnaire that I took out. In this the majority of theaudience was in fact within the target audience I wanted to attract. From theseresults I can work out what they like to be put in the magazine, and when onoccasions they would buy it. One suggestion that wasn’t on the questionnaire butI do believe that putting the magazine online would be a key way to attract anaudience due to the class I am targeting, a lot is seen to revolve around web 2.0.The market research I took out was through in ways to attract the audience, notonly did I meet up with audiences to get personal opinion, I also looked at uniquestyles that other music magazines used. So with this is researched on differentmagazines front covers, contents pages and double page spread on how theymaybe used key principles and conventions such as the Guttenberg principle, oreven break conventions. This all carried within different magazines. For exampleyou’d see how NME and Q would stick to conventions within the magazine toattract the audience, and this is mainly what I followed, to make sure keyprinciples were used. However when looking at magazines such as Vibe, thatactually break conventions, particularly on the contents page by not having themasthead in the top left and having it on the right hand side wrote in a uniqueway. This looks like it would attract the audience’s attention more, especiallywith the target audience I am trying to meetWhat have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructingthis product?Throughout the task we have used technologies such as Photoshop, blogger,Facebook, slide share, cannon and Microsoft. Firstly I have mainly learntthedifferent aspects that different programs can give to you.Photoshop: The main function being photo shop, how within the software youare able to do so much ad be so creative within a task;from cutting out thebackground to changing colours within photos in an effective manor. AsPhotoshop was mainly the fundamental part of the production, the othertechnology devices that we used were either for the research of the pre and postproduction.Blogger: Blogger is a useful website that enables you to promote the productionyou are doing and show an audience on what, why and how you are creatingsomething. Blogger is easily accessible and easy to use for you to promote yourmedia, and also the research behind it, however sometimes you would have touse slide share to be able to put on some programs i.e Word.Cannon: Another key device that was used to make the product was a cannoncamera; this form of technology was crucial in being able to use the equipmentright so you can get the right image. Even though on Photoshop you would lateredit the images take, it was stil idle to get the lighting on the photos right and theright angles. Also the cannon camera allowed us to adjust the different focuses,which enabled to take numerous effects on photos. As on the main image thefocus would be the face of the model, this would be what our focus would havebeen on. Whereas in other photos the model could be doing hand gestures thatwould look good in focus with the rest out of focus.
  5. 5. Slide share: this sort of programmer allowed us to put on different documentsthat weren’t compatible with blogger. For example when writing a worddocument, to put it on your blogger you would have to put it through slide sharefirst. Slide share is easy to use and easily workable when wanting to deleteprojects etc.Prezi: this web browser was a way in which you can put across an evaluationquestion in a different way to just a simple word document or PowerPoint. Itallows you to be creative in presenting an answer to a question; Helping theanswer flow from one point to another.Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt inthe progression from it to the full product?When looking back at the preliminary task of the college magazine, I have lookedto improve massively on the techniques that can be featured within the magazineby using Photoshop. For example one key feature of my music magazine is howthe artist is cut out from the background, this ads a great effect on the actualimage, and the image placement. Whereas in the college magazine I left thebackground in, that limited me into what I could do with the image itself.Also I have learnt about the placement of cover lines, and also the text and fontcolour in the magazine. In the preliminary task I believe for the image that is use,the text was to bright and it over powered the initial image. This was a problem,as it wouldn’t make the magazine stand out as much. Also the font style I useddidn’t look as appealing. So when I came onto the final product, It was essentialto get fonts that look good and appealing to the audience I am trying to target.For example as I wanted the urban feel, I got a font that would give thatimpression, and used that font throughout the front cover. This shows me how Ihave learnt to choose the font and the font colour wisely. However one keytechnique that did come from the preliminary task that I used in the mainproduct was to keep a house style, and keep them particular colours. This waskey to make the magazine look professional. In my preliminary task I used blueand yellow as house style colours, whereas in the main magazine I used white,black and grey for my house style colours. Another key skill I picked up was howto use a professional camera, and the way that the different techniques andangles you can use, shows how the different effects that can be portrayed.During making the preliminary task, we learned about the design principles thatyou would need to use, however in the preliminary task I don’t seem to haveused them. However when creating the main product, I ensured that theprinciples that the guttenburg express to use was ensured. In this the readinggravity pull from the top left to the bottom right is where the main image will bewith a direct mode of address. This is a good design principle to attract theaudience. Also in the strong fallow area is another image of a different artist thatwould be in the magazine. I placed that there as I know how strong the areawould be to make the audience more attracted.