How to Recruit Students using New Media Outlets

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A presentation from MACAC 2009 in Grand Rapids, MI on recruiting students using new media.

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  • 1. How to Recruit Students using New Media Outlets ANDREW MEYERS - HOPE COLLEGE BRAD J WARD - BLUEFUEGO
  • 2. Twitter Hashtag: #macac
  • 3. Evolution of Communication
  • 4. Communication changes.
  • 5. The medium changes.
  • 6. The recruitment game has changed.
  • 7. traditional recruitment 1980s until now
  • 8. 1980s 1990s paper applications paper applications telephone telephone brochures/letters brochures/letters magazine ads magazine ads television presence (athletics) television presence (athletics) Posters VHS Promo Tapes (more of the same)
  • 9. early 2000s mid 2000s online application online application primitive email email communication (HTML) communication online advertising (banner ads, online advertising Google Adsense) Promo DVDs
  • 10. a major shift 2004-2009
  • 11. 2004 2005 HTML email campaigns more online application continues to plausible grow online application takes hold YouTube launches Flickr launches
  • 12. 2006 2007 Google Apps for Education Facebook Pages become introduced available Twitter launches iTunes U launches Zinch launches
  • 13. 2008 2009 email campaigns grow online application becomes online application takes hold standard schools begin to experiment twitter explodes in popularity with new media facebook becomes #1 youtube EDU launches
  • 14. changes to Butler 2007 to present
  • 15. where I came in new position: electronic communication coordinator search process: outsourced website: monitor/participate in all social media email marketing, usability testing, trends/research, data analysis
  • 16. changes to Hope 2006 to present
  • 17. where I came in email campaign: header image, text online application: outsourced website: online presence: petersons, et al webmail: outsourced
  • 18. traditional buy-in: OUTCOME INDIVIDUAL “cool idea!” some success, some frustration STAFF MEETING “should we do this?” COMMITTEE “yeah, we should do this” BOSS “hmm, I don’t know” INDIVIDUAL “this is too much work” timeline: 1 month
  • 19. new buy-in: OUTCOME INDIVIDUAL “cool idea!” definite success, little frustration INDIVIDUAL “I’m going to try it out” INDIVIDUAL “nice. works and costs nothing!” BOSS “great work! what’s next?” timeline: 1 hour
  • 20. why is it this way? ✓ the ‘millenial’ generation or ‘generation Y’ ✓ We’re on the fringe -- do the math! ✓ includes individuals born between 1980 and 2000 ✓ expectation that things should happen more quickly than they do ✓ “impatient and eager to live life now.” ✓ optimistic about life 5 years out 1Erickson, Tamara. Plugged in. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2008.
  • 21. You can only offer so much offline.
  • 22. Relationships > Technology
  • 24. facebook statistics Michigan
  • 25. facebook 76% of Michigan schools have a presence on Facebook Average: 2804 fans (Without MSU and UM: 1060) High Ratio of Institution Comments to Fan Comments: Davenport University Kettering University Cornerstone University Ferris State University Wayne State University Michigan State University
  • 26. facebook 64% of schools open to ‘Boxes’ tab 36% of schools open to ‘Wall’ tab Schools that open to Wall tab average 21% more conversation. 60% of MI schools not on Facebook are XS Private. 90% of MI schools not on Facebook are Private.
  • 27. hope college admissions what we’ve been up to
  • 28. • started using in fall 2008 • no HD from YouTube or Facebook at that point • YouTube → questionable content • now, YouTube for Edu • syndicating our content across all 3 platforms
  • 29. video example
  • 30. butler university admissions what we were up to
  • 31. the email
  • 32. the metrics
  • 33. the results T
  • 34. personal shift • attended Innovative Educators’ conference in Cincinnati (July 2008) • networked with other individuals in the field • got connected on Twitter • started a professional blog to share my thoughts ( • productivity has noticeably increased
  • 35. personal shift • attended Stamats conference in Philadelphia (October 2006) • began experimenting with new media sites • Used Twitter as my ‘personal brand platform’ • started a professional blog to share my thoughts ( • Saw the benefits and results of web-based recruiting
  • 36. other things Hope is • monthly video updates (shot, created, and edited in-house) • using services like Zinch and Cappex to connect with students online • email campaign series • used Ning to develop a closed social network for our admitted students • starting to work on using Twitter • currently making a vendor selection for CRM
  • 37. how can you stay on top • be networking with us on Twitter • @bradjward and @andrewmeyers • follow a select group of blogs, RSS • start with • read some good books ( hebooks) • keep attending conferences • check out eduWeb and NACAC Annual Conference
  • 38. who has the first question?
  • 39. contact us Andrew Meyers Office of Admissions, Hope College meyers[at] Brad Ward Chief Explosion Officer, BlueFuego brad[at]