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Portfolio 2010

Portfolio 2010



A quick look at some of the bigger campaigns I\'ve been involved in over the last few months.

A quick look at some of the bigger campaigns I\'ve been involved in over the last few months.



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    Portfolio 2010 Portfolio 2010 Document Transcript

    • A Digital Kind of Art Director I live somewhere between a handshake and a transistor. I’m thinking. I’m thinking about technology, and interaction, and this is a small collection of my work. If you happen to be looking for a three-print-ad kind of creative, you can skip this book.
    • The 2011 Beetle and the Quest for These mini- dealerships would Universal Appeal bring the car to the people—in malls and Let’s face it, Volkswagen’s Beetle is no longer the public places. “people’s car” that it was born to be. Its been niched into a niche’s nichesandwich. Only teeny They would allow boppers and grandmas want one. people to design, customize, and Our task was to change all that with the relaunch interact with the of the Beetle in 2011, without losing what Beetle before feeling makes the Beetle unique. This is a big-picture, the need to commit multi-tiered campaign, so I’m going to take you to a new relationship, through it, step-by-step. The full book for this and will eliminate project can be found at bradhallcreative.com. the environmental *This comprehensive campaign was developed and financial impact in cooperation with Crispin Porter + Bogusky. of a full-size car lot. Rebrand Prior to the Beetle’s release, we’ll launch a multi-platform widget that measures the The Beetle must take a dramatic step away from internet’s positivity levels. As the world’s levels a broken system. The original was unlike any of love rise, more of the Beetle’s new shape and other vehicle. Why not now? It’s time for the design will be revealed. The widget monitors Beetle to start spreading the love once more. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, and other social networks for key words. shared links, and Rethink content that fits the Beetle’s positive message. Most people are tired of the dishonest salesmen, laborious processes, and the overall pressure of the dealership experience; so we’re eliminating it. We’re going to allow the purchase process to really be led by the consumer, to become the NIKEiD of car dealerships. Finally, we’ll provide an after-purchase experience that will make people proud to be a Beetle owner, and make them part of a larger ongoing Beetle community. Three Tiers Love the PEOPLE: Includes dealership point- loveWIDGET of-sale interaction (beetleSPHERE and beetleGURUs). Also includes goodwill initiatives like loveWIDGET and loveCHAIN. Love the DRIVE: Includes integrated vehicle convenience technology, and efforts to improve efficiency through driver decision-making as well as technology. Love the EARTH: Green efforts of all kinds fall into this category, including the beetleFFICIENCY program and parts of the online and physical beetleSPHERE.
    • Notifications Dash Tires: Pressure has dropped below the recommended 44 PSI. Don’t forget to stop Notifications by a service station soon and put a little pressure in those babies! Safety Comfort Maintenance Engine Statistics Emissions: You’ve lowered your emissions in the past month by 1.2%. Keep looking Systems Welcome to the for alternative transportation, BeetlePools, and map your efficiency to keep it dropping. Emiss- Drive ions Train beetleSphere: jeff_sheets wants to hitch a ride to work with you every Monday, Tires Engine: It’s oil time. Wednesday, and Friday. Accepting will lower your emissions! Engine: Your “every 22,000” oil change is coming up with American Car Care. Time: 9:00 a.m., April 25, 2009. Statistics gathered Tires: Looking a little saggy. while you drive will wirelessly sync with your profile. Everything will be stored in the cloud and be accessible anywhere. Safety: Clear! beetleSPHERE will then analyze your Pick your LOVE. driving patterns and Your Route Andrew Keller suggest that you alter routes and habits that Dash: Orders captain? lead to inefficiencies. Home <-> Work You can then compare 3.2 mi. 16 min. .23 gal Maintenance Statistics your rating to the rest Systems of the world. Beetleprint -1.2% D C Drivetrain: Dizzy but dandy. Notifications Your Route Andrew Keller Maintenance Home <-> Work The beetleSPHERE is a mobile, in-car, and web app for all things Beetle. Statistics 3.2 mi. 16 min. .23 gal H Hi Andrew Keller! It will monitor your routes and suggest quicker You’ve got a coworker that heads to work Route Suggestion: “Home to Work” Emissions: Breathing flowers. and more efficient ways to get to the places you around the same time as you every Avg. Speed Take S Federal Hwy instead of W 22nd St. 43 mph morning - why don’t you hit him up for a travel to most, and will connect you with other beetlePOOL? Time Saved Daily: 7 minutes Beetle owners going to those same locations Fuel Saved: .54 gallons so you can ride together. If routes exist *Add this route with the buttons to the right. that have less traffic or fewer uphill grades, beetleSPHERE will suggest that you take those The Elms <-> CPB Group Comfort: Ahhh... streets to save fuel and time. CO2 emissions Hey anyone heading to work at Crispin, we’ve got a few beetles heading that way It is the central contact point for the Beetle communnity, as well as all Volkwagen-customer 68 kg The Elms <-> CPB Group every morning. Hit us up for a ride CPBros. relationship management. Hey anyone heading to work at Crispin, we’ve got a few beetles heading that way every morning. Hit us up for a ride CPBros.
    • Traditional Media In this series of print ads, we pit the iconic nature of the Beetle against those who may imagine themselves to be fairly hot stuff.
    • Guardians Okay, I admit it. I got weird on this one. But what better client to do it with than Doritos? GUARD DOGS ARe fOR wORThLeSS My wOLveRINe ThINGS. SAyS, yOU CAN’T hAve ONe. DORITOSGUARDIAN.COM Nontraditional executions include a screensaver than attacks you if you get the wrong password, and a talon chip clip for DORITOSGUARDIAN.COM your favorite bag of Doritos. IT’S hARD TO eAT A DORITO wheN My bADGeR IS eATING yOUR fACe. DORITOSGUARDIAN.COM *A television spot is also included with this campaign. You can view it on the DVD found in the back cover, or at bradhallcreative.com DORITOSGUARDIAN.COM
    • Inspection Fresh breath is more than making a good impression. It is more than a better kiss. Oh, it is so much more. *You can view this television spot on the DVD found in the back cover, or at bradhallcreative.com
    • Kingizing the Web In 2008, an opportunity presented itself. CP+B had turned Burger King’s image on its head, and the King was a runaway success. But BK’s official web site was still a bland mess of corporate jibber jabber. CP+B wanted our help. The King had no home. So we decided to give him one; we transformed BK.com into a thousand-room, perpetual-party-madhouse of a home, making it a hangout destination for the game-playing superfan. The search for the perfect mega-mansion will serve as prelaunch media material. *This comprehensive campaign was developed in cooperation with Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Postlaunch promotion will showcase the House through live surveillance footage of the King’s pad - implemented in banners, facebook streams of members’ personal rooms, and youtube clips of priceless and kingly moments. To ensure that the paparazzi are buzzing, we ‘re going to buy an actual mansion in Beverly Hills. From this event, we’ll spin off TV spots, and spread the story to every celebrity gossip circle and media outlet in the western hemisphere.
    • The House The King’s house is a never ending labyrinth of mayhem and pure bliss. Here’s a look at just a few of the rooms we have devised. *See the entire animated collection on bradhallcreative.com
    • Drink Your Celery Or Else People like to stay healthy, but they hate counting calories and servings. I decided that V8 should count people’s servings for them. If they were aware of their lack of vegetable servings, the natural result would be to either find a tomato to munch on, or drink a V8. *This campaign was developed while working as an intern for Young & Rubicam. It was presented as a series of possible executions for an upcoming campaign. The Serving Pulse microsite logs all information from the iPhone app, and also tracks your conversations on Facebook and Twitter to get a sense of what types of things you are eating. It will track your real-time status and notify you of potential deficiencies in your diet (especially fruits and vegetables). It will then recommend the appropriate V8 product to fill the deficiency, and the nearest store where you can buy it. These screenshots are from television spots actually produced by Y&R, along the same strategy I worked with.
    • PLAY LIFE Randomness If you care about stuff other than advertising, maybe you’ll like this page too. smartbuds INLINE VOLUME & MIC ANGLED DRIVER ADVANCED CORD RESILIENT TIP The microphone and in-line The precisely tuned angle of the Polyurethane coating makes this Always a high-stress point on a music control allow you to easily driver and speaker assembly cord nearly indestructible. Three pair of headphones, this flexible switch between music and allows for a compact profile, yet sliders let you hang the cord elbow tip will withstand years of phone calls. Works on the powerful basses and rich highs. around your neck and out of twisting and will not slip out if iPhone and most smart phones. the way. your device is dropped.
    • Thank you for perusing this book. Here’s a short summary of the guy who calls himself Brad Hall. Brad understands creativity. Brad at a glance: Hire Brad: The desire to find and create something truly Work 435.231.4689 unique consumes me. I seek out those who have Art Director me@bradhallcreative.com mastered the art of creative communication, and Motion Designer then seek to learn. Graphic Artist Web Designer Flash Programmer Brad understands technology. Cow-herd Because of my background in geekology, I have Education an undeniable need to know what’s on the BYU horizon. I assert that technology paired with Major: Advertising creativity is the most powerful way to advertise. Minor: Design Minor: Business GPA: 3.93 Brad understands business. Phi Kappa Phi 2.2 languages I believe in creative solutions that sell stuff. The creative should be smart, and it should make Brands I’ve Worked With sense. If it is useful to people, they will buy it. Volkswagen Burger King Nike Brad understands nothing. Nestle V8 Juices The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to absorb. I feel a constant ache Fun in the back of my neck that says “you better Writing read more about Voltaire. And HTML5. And Mountain biking Continuously Variable Transmissions.” I read like Reading Michael Crichton I eat large Guacamole Bacon burgers—fast, and Changing oil in large quantities. I learn the same way. Anything in the mountains