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This document is designed to present a detailed insight into our luxurious grounds and high quality addiction treatment. We specialise in treating eating disorders like Anorexia & Bulimia along with the treatment of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction & love addiction.

Visit the Life Works Community website and get in touch for a confidential discussion.

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Life Works Community UK - Brochure

  1. 1. WELCOME TO LIFE WORKS “ his place does what it says T on the packet, it makes life work for you. My experience here has been priceless – it has given me back my life. I will be eternally thankful for all that Life Works has done for me. Thank you.” Life Works is a private specialist We believe that we offer the best • Residential Primary Treatment Behavioural Health facility and most comprehensive evidence • Detoxification Programme based treatment for Behavioural • Assessment and Stabilisation leading the way in the Health problems in Europe. Our Programme Integrated Treatment of: unique integrated treatment approach • Day Care Programme combined with the expertise of our • Intensive Family Programme • Alcohol and Drug Addictions specialist team, has earned Life Works • Outpatient services its excellent reputation reflected in the • Extended Care Treatment • Eating Disorders including highest industry award of three stars – • Aftercare Programme Anorexia, Bulimia and ‘Excellent’ from the industry regulator Over Eating, the Care Quality Commission. • Mood Disorders and Life Works is committed to helping Anxiety Disorders, each individual achieve a sustained • Compulsive Disorders and healthy recovery and an improved quality of life. We provide including Sex and Love the highest level of care to our clients Addiction, Co-Dependency and our range of services include: and Gambling Addiction. 4  |  Life Works Community  |  Tel: 01483 757 572
  2. 2. LIFE WORKS APPROACHHow Can Life Works help me? To ensure the effectiveness of our treat co-occurring disorders (suchOur Integrated Treatment approach approach to treatment, Lifeworks’ as depression and alcoholism,to Behavioural Health problems is Clinical Advisory Panel is comprised eating disorders and anxiety,based on global evidence-based of some of the world’s leading drug and sex addiction) ratherbest practice adapted to a European experts who assist us in developing than treating them separately orcontext and our own professional and maintaining our innovative and simply ignoring the co-occurringexperience of what is effective. effective treatment programmes. issues. For Substance Addictions and Compulsive Behaviours, theOur Clients receive: Treatment Approach programme is built on the 12 Step• Careful pre-admission screening for Behavioural Health issues require an Programme, a model of abstinence suitability for treatment at Life Works in-depth and sophisticated approach proven success world-wide.• Comprehensive medical, focusing on all aspects of the psychiatric and psychological individual including physical, mental, We believe that this integrated assessments on arrival social and spiritual elements and approach vastly increases the chance• Medical detoxification where treating all co-occurring Behavioural of sustained recovery. Without this required for physical and Health issues in an integrated way. holistic approach the individual is psychological stabilisation more likely to be at risk of relapse,• Intensive Group psychotherapy At Life Works we are aware of the developing another disorder, or not using a wide range of therapies complexity of individual difficulties enjoying a higher quality of life.• Family Work and understand that people may• Trauma stabilisation be struggling with more than• Nutritional support one disorder. Our programme is• Psycho-educational lectures designed to address every aspect and workshops of the individual’s struggle with• Relapse prevention and Behavioural Health issues. We are• Aftercare planning able to effectively address and  |  Life Works Community  |  3
  3. 3. RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT PROGRAMME “Recovery is our passion. We are committed to healing the whole person – mind, body, spirit and emotions”. Life Works Residential removes them from their current adopt a multi-disciplinary approach Treatment situation to a safe haven allowing employing the advanced skills of Life Works’ Residential Treatment them to be medically, physically and Psychiatric Consultants, Masters programme is a 4-12 week psychologically stabilised. It is only level Psychotherapists, Neurologists, intensive programme for those with when an individual is stabilised that Physicians, Specialist Nurses, Behavioural Health issues, delivered therapy can effectively commence Dieticians, Physiotherapists and at our beautiful Georgian Manor and recovery begin. Complementary Therapists working house set in the tranquil Surrey as a team to ensure comprehensive countryside. Residential care plays Life Work’s treatment programmes and individual treatment. an important role in helping an have been developed and designed individual to address their issues. It by leading international experts. We 4  |  Life Works Community  |  Tel: 01483 757 572
  4. 4. RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMMELife Works –   • Alcohol Life Works Addictions Programme,Addictions Programme • Opiates including Heroin and devised by internationally renownedAddiction to alcohol and other drugs Heroin substitutes clinicians, helps individuals recovercan sometimes seem overwhelming • Stimulants including Cocaine and from their addiction to alcohol andand it can be difficult to know who Amphetamines drugs and assists them in rebuildingto turn to for help. At Life Works we • Designer drugs including Ecstasy damaged relationships. Incorporatingunderstand what you are going and MDMA the 12-Step philosophy, our treatmentthrough. Our expert team provides • Marijuana programme is designed to assist youa caring and comprehensive • Hallucinogens and other at all stages of your recovery.rehabilitation programme which illicit drugsaddresses the effects of the disease. • Prescription medications includingAt Life Works we treat a range of Benzodiazepines, pain medicationaddictions including: and Barbiturates.  |  Life Works Community  |  5
  5. 5. EATING DISORDERS PROGRAMME “ ife Works has given me L strength and hope for the future. Life really does work!” Jo, Eating Disorder Life Works –   on the complexities of the disorder Stretch classes for gentle exercise, Eating Disorders Programme this affords the individual the best Art and Drama Therapies, Cognitive The Life Works Eating Disorders possible chance of recovery. Behavioural Therapies to address Programme is an intensive six week distorted and obsessive thinking, programme specially designed Created by experts in the field Family Therapy, special assignments for those clients suffering from and based on best practise, we that address perfectionism and Anorexia, Bulimia and Over-Eating. have found this programme to be distorted body image issues, a focus The programme is built on a series extremely effective. Our team of on Relapse Prevention, extensive of levels from 1 to 5. As a person professionals deliver a comprehensive Aftercare planning and support moves through the level system, they and high level of care and support. In and an overall holistic approach to progressively take more and more addition to a thorough personalised treating this complex and often life responsibility for their food intake, assessment, the programme threatening illness. and ultimately for their meal planning includes Nutritional Counselling, a and food preparation. Focussing Wellness Table for all meals, Shiatsu 6  |  Life Works Community  |  Tel: 01483 757 572
  6. 6. RESIDENTIAL TREATMENTLife Works Mood and Anxiety techniques for management resulting in Life Works – CompulsiveDisorders Progamme improvement in all aspects of daily life. Behaviours ProgrammeDepression and bipolar disorder At Life Works we understand the hugeare often complex and can have It is important to recognise that impact that Compulsive Disordersfar-reaching and potentially very depression, bipolar disorder and can have on an individual’s life anddangerous consequences for anxiety are treatable illnesses; the the effect it has on friends and family.both individuals and their families. sooner a person seeks help the At Life Works we treat a range ofAs the illness progresses, the sooner he or she can get relief compulsive disorders including:individual becomes more and more and possibly avoid further distress.pre-occupied and increasingly Depression and Anxiety can • Sex Addictionwithdrawn from others. Over time, frequently present together. At Life • Love Addictiondepression disconnects the person Works our intensive programme • Gambling Addictionfrom themselves, from others and begins with a detailed psychiatric and • Co-dependencythe community which leads to medical assessment. The programmeoverwhelming feelings of loneliness focuses on the underlying causes of The aim of the programme is helpand isolation. your depression, bipolar disorder and/ individuals uncover the origins or anxiety and teaches new coping and underlying causes of theirAnxiety can have a significant impact strategies to assist with managing compulsive behaviours, workingon the quality of the individual’s life, the illness. We believe that utilising a towards a redefinition of themselvesaffecting interpersonal relationships and combination of treatments including and others whilst learning newlimiting the individual’s engagement group and individual psychotherapy, strategies for coping. In addition,with the world. Experience has shown CBT counselling and medication our team is able to assist in resolvingus that our Anxiety Programme enables vastly increases your chances of underlying trauma that frequentlyclients to understand the underlying sustained recovery and improved contribute to the development ofcauses of anxiety and provides effective quality of life. compulsive behaviours.  |  Life Works Community  |  7
  7. 7. RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT “ ur aim is to offer hope of a O better life in recovery.” Life Works –   receive a full Medical and Psychiatric Life Works – Family Programme Detoxification Programme assessment with our Consultant We value the role of the family in The Detoxification Programme is a Psychiatrist and the opportunity to treating behavioural health issues and short term programme offered to work in groups and attend lectures family therapy forms an integral part clients who wish to detoxify from during the day if appropriate. of residential treatment at Life Works. alcohol and drugs. Detoxification is Our Family Works Programme is a the first step towards recovery, as it Life Works – Stabilisation and non-residential programme designed addresses physical withdrawal from Assessment Programme by Life Works to enable participants alcohol or other chemicals and begins Life Works 7-14 day Stabilisation to establish a mutually supportive the process of physical, mental and and Assessment Programme is a family whilst developing the requisite emotional stabilisation. Only once multi- disciplinary, medically-based tools for ongoing growth and an individual is stabilised can they programme designed to thoroughly development. The programme serves engage in the process of recovery. assess and, if needed, stabilise the to address the trans-generational individual. This programme is suitable cycle of dysfunction that affect Life Works has created best practise for individuals who may be unwilling many families. Staffed by our expert detoxification protocols to ensure to commit to lengthy treatment clinicians, families are provided with that the best medical care and or are unsure of their need for a safe and nurturing environment to emotional support is given to every treatment. The Programme ensures overcome the problems that arise individual. We are experienced in the individual is thoroughly medically, from broken lines of communication. alcohol and drug and poly-drug psychiatrically and psychologically Ensuring the integrity, respect and detoxification. Detoxification is assessed in order to identify the most dignity of all participants are central managed sensitively and gradually, appropriate treatment options. At the to our philosophy. with a high level of medical support. completion of the programme the Throughout the process the individual receives recommendations individual is monitored around the for continuing care derived from a full clock by our medical staff. Individuals comprehensive assessment. 8  |  Life Works Community  |  Tel: 01483 757 572
  8. 8. ADDITIONAL SERVICESLife Works –   After Care Services Outpatient ServicesExtended Care Programme Aftercare is a core aspect of We offer a range of ConsultantLife Works Extended Care Programme treatment. At Life Works our Aftercare Psychiatrists and Therapists who areoffers specialised care for individuals Programme has been carefully available for outpatient appointments.recovering from Behavioural Health designed to provide each individualissues who require either extended with the support they need when For more information on Liferesidential care or who would they leave treatment. We conduct Works Outpatient Care, call us onbenefit from a staggered return to an assessment of individual aftercare 0800 081 0700, to speak to onethe outside world. The structured needs, develop a personalised of our staff in confidence. We canprogramme consists of Group and Continuing Care plan, make relevant answer any questions or concernsIndividual therapy, 12 Step work referrals for a range of interventions you may have and help you find the(where appropriate), life skill sessions, including counselling and 12-step right treatment.psycho-educational lectures and fellowships, and provide access tofellowship group meetings. weekly aftercare groups.Clients have structured free time in Day Care Programmethe evenings and on the weekends, Life Works Day Care Programme isplanned and approved with highly valued by those who attend –their individual counsellors. The whether it is a client who has recentlyprogramme is based in our beautiful completed primary treatment andGrade II listed cottage within the requires step down support, orgrounds of The Grange and offers someone who attends just for Daya comfortable, relaxed and healing Care. Day Care clients attend from onespace in which to start building the to five days per week and participatebridge back into healthy everyday life. in all therapeutic activities.  |  Life Works Community  |  9
  9. 9. FACILITIES AND FUNDING The Facilities Funding Private Payment Life Works’ residential facility in Treatment is a significant investment Clients who wish to self-fund will Old Woking, Surrey, is a safe and of time and money, and often at a need to complete our assessment comfortable place to start the process difficult time. It is therefore especially process. We will then make a of recovery. Set in a beautiful listed important that funding is addressed recommendation to you about your building in the Surrey countryside we supportively and smoothly. treatment. For residential treatment provide a haven for recovery 24 hours this will most often comprise an a day. This lovingly restored, Grade II Private Medical Insurance inpatient stay of 5-6 weeks. listed Georgian manor house has a We are recognised by all major private large traditional walled garden, well medical insurers. We advise that, appointed bedrooms, comfortable where possible, the client checks sitting rooms, small gym and a passion with their insurer to ascertain the for home cooked nutritious food. level of cover of their policy. If you have private medical insurance then you should let us know as soon as possible. We will guide you in the application process that should be followed in order to avoid having difficulties with claiming benefit. 10  |  Life Works Community  |  Tel: 01483 757 572
  10. 10. Life Works is dedicatedto recovery.Our core purpose:To transform lives and leave alegacy of recovery and hope forfuture generations.
  11. 11. LIFE WORKS COMMUNITY LtdThe Grange, High Street,Old Woking, Surrey GU22 8LBTel: +44 (0) 1483 757 572Fax: +44 (0) 1483 755 966enquiries@lifeworkscommunity.comwww.lifeworkscommunity.comFor more information please call:+44 (0) 808 149 8225