Excursie "Unseen Thailand" iunie 2012 - highlights


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Pe scurt, programul si activitatile incluse in tura "Unseen Thailand" pe care o organizez in iunie 2012. Daca vrei mai multe info, da-mi un mesaj la brad@tedoo.ro.

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Excursie "Unseen Thailand" iunie 2012 - highlights

  1. 1. This edition’s special: Elephant Master CourseUnseen Thailand a Brad Florescu signature trip
  2. 2. About this document• This presentation is not a day-by-day itinerary, but a summary of places, attractions and activities you should expect to experience throughout your trip.• For simplicity reasons, this document does not include every single thing you will see and do.
  3. 3. About this trip• This is an originally designed tour, based on the extensive expertise Brad has gathered during his living and traveling in Thailand.• The itinerary includes authentic, less beaten destinations and is focused on showing you Thailand as it really is. It also includes some must-sees of Northern Thailand. Thailand.• We’ve rated the degree of unseen-ness by one to five stars. (* - *****) The more stars, the less other tourists you are likely to meet.• In order to ensure that every participant receives a good amount of guidance and attention, our groups are limited to 7 people.• Participants should be at least 18 years old.
  4. 4. Trip highlights
  5. 5. Wat Phrathat Doi SuthepThe most important Buddhisttemple in Northern Thailand *
  6. 6. Bo SangThe umbrella makers Village **
  7. 7. Baan TawaiThe woodwork and pottery village **
  8. 8. TECC Lampang A major elephant santuarysponsored by the Royal Family. ****
  9. 9. Lampang The loveliest townin Northern Thailand ****
  10. 10. Wat Rong KhunThe whitest and weirdest Temple in Thailand ***
  11. 11. The MekongRiver cruise with a briefcrossing to Lao territory ***
  12. 12. Doi Mae Salong Mountain tribesand opium history *****
  13. 13. Kok River CruiseElephants, tribal villages, temples and orchards ****
  14. 14. Wat Tham Thab TaoA mysterious, unique cave temple *****
  15. 15. Mae Ngat Lake Go kayaking or fishing.Sleep in a floating house. ****
  16. 16. The Orchidand Butterfly Farm *
  17. 17. Pai“Vama Veche” of Northern Thailand **
  18. 18. Tham Lod CaveMillenary human settlements and amazing wild life ****
  19. 19. Baan Rak ThaiA picturesque Chinese village. Great tea, great food. *****
  20. 20. Pha Sua Waterfall and The Mud Spa *****
  21. 21. Mae Hong SonThe capital city of hill tribes. ****
  22. 22. Huay Phu KengThe most authentic Kayan (Long- Necks) village in Thailand. *****
  23. 23. Mae Sa WannoiSix sister waterfalls cascading through the pristine jungle *****
  24. 24. Doi InthanonThailand’s highest mountain. **
  25. 25. June edition special: the mahout course
  26. 26. The mahout course• Mahout is the Indian word for an elephant master.• You will spend the third day of your trip in an elephant sanctuary, learning how to take care of an elephant, how to ride it and how to communicate with it.• Early in the morning, you will take your tusky friend to the lake for bathing (prepare to get wet) then you will ride it into the forest and begin your full day training with the instructor.
  27. 27. Your Trip In Brief• Full-day elephant master course.• Rafting.• Kayaking.• Jungle trekking (easy)• 2 caves (Tham Lod and Tham Tab Thao)• 3 River cruises (on the Mekong, Pai and Kok rivers)• 4 ethnic groups: Karen, Lahu, Akha and Kayan.• 7 hand-picked temples.
  28. 28. AccommodationExamples of style and standard.
  29. 29. Accommodation• Family-run resorts. Lovely people.• Hot shower, en-suite bathrooms*.• Spotlessly clean. Quiet, green and flowery.• Air conditioning in most locations.• Best views.• Prepare to sleep in a jungle bungalow, a floating house and a tea plantation chalet.* Hot shower unavailable at the Mae Ngat floating house. Water is quite warm, though.
  30. 30. Food
  31. 31. Food• Food is part of the culture and culture is a main vector of our trip.• You will get the chance to explore and experience the best of Thai, South-Western Chinese, Laotian and Burmese food.• You can also enjoy the local produce: fruit, veggies, tea and coffee.• Season specials: mangostine, lychee, rambutan, mango.
  32. 32. Logistics• Trip length: 15 days, 14 nights*.• Distance covered: 1,200 km.• Starting point: Chiang Mai City, Thailand.• Assembly date (in Chiang Mai): June 12th.• End of the trip: June 26th.• Transportation by A/C Toyota van.• Local guide and Brad or Elena as your facilitator.• An extended stay in Chiang Mai or a sightseeing trip in Bangkok can be arranged.* Does not include the flight time.
  33. 33. Getting to Chiang Mai• Chiang Mai can be reached from Europe via Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Singapore.• We will happily assist you with booking the best flights.
  34. 34. Weather• June marks the beginning of the official rainy season. However, the heavy rains will only begin in August. Expect some quick, refreshing showers in the afternoon.• In mountainous areas, temperatures can drop bellow 20 degrees during night time. Have a fleece with you. During day time, the temperature reaches 30-35 degrees.
  35. 35. Safety and Comfort• Vaccination : not needed.• Seismic activity in the area: none.• Tsunamis: cannot reach.• Banks, ATMs, supermarket, clinics, pharmacies and wi-fi internet available in most locations.
  36. 36. Local Customs• Take off your shoes before entering a house or a temple.• Wear appropriate attire when visiting places of worship. Cover your shoulders, knees and cleavage.• Ask for permission before taking a photo.• Do not ask a trans-sexual “are you a man or a woman?”• Avoid discussing politics.• Keep a low voice and gentle gestures.• Do not touch people on their heads. Kids, also.• Smile back.
  37. 37. Questions? brad@tedoo.roalso check The Thailander website.
  38. 38. All photos in this document weretaken by Brad and Elena during the past trips, 2011-2012.And yes, you’ll launch lanterns, too.