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Generate more business with Google Advertising. At Search Engine People we provide services in internet marketing to help your brand stand out from competitors.

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About advertising with google

  1. 1. Advertising with
  2. 2. • Everyone knows Google as the number one search engine on the internet, but many also know it as the premier place to advertise your business on the web. And that doesn’t include doing search engine optimization that will get you listed among the other organic search results.• Google has a paid advertising product known as Google Adwords that has the potential to send scores of highly targeted traffic to your website.• Adwords has many benefits over traditional advertising, and just about anyone can start up a successful Adwords campaign with a little knowledge and preparation.
  3. 3. What Is Adwords?• Google Adwords is a system of paid search marketing that enables users to market their business and drive targeted traffic to their website. Adwords is a form of PPC or pay-per- click marketing.• The whole premise of PPC is that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.• So basically, you only pay when someone visits your website. Other search engines and websites have their own versions of PPC, but Google’s Adwords stands above them all for ease of use and results.• Adwords ads are displayed on the right hand side, and on the top of the search results pages in Google. As an example, if you typed in ‘electric screwdrivers’, ads from businesses that sell electric screwdrivers should be shown in the paid search results.• If you want to use Adwords to advertise with Google, you would go in and open an account. Adwords works well for both large and small businesses for things like branding, increasing sales, lead generation, or sign ups. Once your account is opened, you can read all about the program and get to work.
  4. 4. Inside the Account• Once you’re inside your Adwords account, you must start to build a campaign. You will give the campaign a name, and then follow the directions to get your ads ready and out to the world. Some of the important aspects of building an Adwords campaign include:Settings – some of the important settings inside your campaign include campaign name, locations, languages, networks and devices, bidding and budget, ad extensions and advanced settings. When you’re finished with settings, you’ll know where your ads are showing and in what language, how they are shown, the maximum amount you’ll pay per click and your daily budget. You’ll also decide whether you want your ads you show only on search results pages, on other properties in Google’s content network or both.
  5. 5. Inside the AccountKeyword Selection - keywords are what make the whole system go. You must bid on different keywords or keyword phrases that pertain to your landing pages. You will also choose ‘broad’, ‘phrase’ or ‘exact’ match for your keywords. Exact match means your ad will only show if the keyword is entered exactly. Phrase means your ad will show if the exact search term is entered, but other words are also entered. Broad match means your ad may show if any part of the keyword phrase is entered. You also have the option to enter negative keywords, which are words that you don’t want your ads to show up with. As an example, you may want your ad to show for ‘saxophones’ but you don’t want it to show for ‘free’ saxophones. In this case, ‘free’ would be the negative keyword.
  6. 6. Inside the AccountStructure - In your account, you will group each collection of relevant keywords into groups known as ‘adgroups’. Each adgroup will have a name, and generally a specific focus or topic. As an example, one adgroup may be called ‘saxophone repair’, one may be called ‘saxophones for sale’ and one may be called ‘collector’s saxophones’. Each group will contain the keywords that pertain to that topic or group.Ads – when writing your ads, you’ll need a headline, and two lines of text. Your company name or url will show at the bottom. It’s important to make your ads truthful and including your keyword in the title and again in the text. Your ad will link to your landing page, which must also be relevant. Google will reward Adwords users who have tight, relevant ads and landing pages with a higher quality score and lower cost per click. It’s also wise to write two ads within each ad group. You can set it up so they take turns showing, which lets you test one against the other to see which gets a better response.
  7. 7. Benefits• As mentioned, advertising with Google through Adwords offers businesses many benefits. Some of the more noteworthy benefits include:• Fast and easy campaign creation and implementation• No minimum to spend• Can set your maximum cost per day and per click• Pay only when someone clicks on your ads• Can pause or stop campaign anytime• Easy testing and tracking of ads and keywords• Can target ads by location• Works well for large or small business• Drives targeted traffic to your website
  8. 8. Conversions• Of course, none of the ads, keywords or strategies mean anything if there are no conversions. If you get lots of traffic and nothing happens, your money was wasted, no matter how little you spent.• A conversion basically refers to the action you want visitors to your website to take once they get there. That might mean making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or printing off a coupon and visiting your store.• Google has a few different tools that help you follow your visitors actions and determine which ads and keywords resulted in the most traffic and conversions.
  9. 9. Conversions• Conversion Tracking, Reports and Google Analytics are three tools that will allow you to monitor the performance of your account. These tools will show you things like: – Which search terms triggered ads – Which websites send you the most traffic – Which keywords have the highest click through rate – Where your web visitors are from – What actions visitors performed• The quality of your landing page has a lot to do with whether a visitor performs the desired action. You have a very short time to draw them in once they get there, which is why many businesses use professional copywriters and designers to get the landing pages just right.
  10. 10. What Is Remarketing?• One of the newer ways that you can advertise with Google is called ‘remarketing’.• With this feature, you can run specific ads on Google’s content or display network that target surfers who have visited your website before and left without taking any action.• You can even write ads that pertain to a specific section of your website that you know someone has visited.• Remarketing ads show on other websites as text or image ads, and give you a second chance to get people to your website.• You can customize the ads, but it’s important not to make them too obvious.• Remarketing is just another tool in the Google advertising arsenal. In all likelihood, it is far from the last.