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Carts and tools osu accelerator deck comp
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Carts and tools osu accelerator deck comp


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  • Who we are and what we do.Why? We believe in sustainable and healty food sources.
  • Michael McGowenBackground in Computer Hardware engineering and robotics.Founded Alteon NetworksLicensed technology that became the basis for the Broadcom Ethernet controller . 60 million cores shipped. 1999 IPO raised $76 million. Founded Essential Communications Created the first Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card , Negotiated 2 rounds of funding A and B of $2.5 million each and was acquired in 1999 by ODS Networks.Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur and backyard farmer Brad AttigBrad has an extensive sales, branding, and marketing experience. Macy's, Target, Montgomery Wards and Citibank as well as experience with a NYC based pre-IPO internet startup,, recently named one of INC’s 500 fastest growing companies.Jorge BanuelosOSU degree in Mechanical engineeringOwner of Lindero Engineering in CorvallisExtensive experience in modeling and prototyping, excellent supplier knowledge.
  • Who is our customer?The Market Farmer?
  • What problems does the market farmer face?They were given up for dead and no one has been making tools scaled for their needs.The market grower faces a “cost of labor” challenge. Our tools increase productivity and reduce labor expenses.They lack access to big capital to purchase expensive tools. Tools that are often single use. Our tools are lower prices and much more versatile in use.They want to use sustainable methods to grow their products. Our tools run on sustainable electricity and can even be solar charged.
  • 85% of the ag equipment market is dominated by 3 players who live by the motto, “go big or go broke.”Consumer brands aren’t built to professional standards.This leaves the market farmer with few choices.
  • As a result of consumers wanting local, organic food farmers markets have exploded.This has created demand which the new market farmer is filling.
  • Do you know what a CSA is?
  • What do they need?Labor saving devices to make them more productiveTools scaled to small stake agriculture.Versatile tools that have more than a single purpose.Tools that require less energy input to operate.
  • Our visit to Our Table an 67 acre cooperative farm in Sherwood Oregon.
  • Who is our real competition?Those startups and early stage companies doing the same thing we are?How are we different? We choose to focus on the local farmer growing food for the local economy.
  • What have we done so far?We really started this venture in Jan of 2013.
  • Where are we heading?
  • What do we need to get there?
  • What do we need to get there?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Revolutionary Precision Cultivation Tools 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 2. Our Business We create innovative, battery powered, electric tools solving the needs of market farmers who grow and sell organic food. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 3. Michael McGowen CEO & Chief Innovator Brad Attig Sales & Marketing Jorge Banuelos Engineering 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 4. There are over 200,000 market farmers selling at local markets, farm stands, local restaurants and stores In the United States, farms smaller than 27 acres have ten times the dollar output per acre than large farms. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 5. Market growers need new tool solutions to manage labor costs, eliminate costly pesticides, and reduce the use of fossil fuels. These tools must be multi-purpose and affordable. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 6. Todays’ big farm tool manufacturers don’t provide tools scaled for the small market farmer and the smaller tools miss the boat. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 7. The agricultural equipment business is a $27 billion dollar industry today. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 8. 8144 farmers markets in the US up from 4000 in 2008. Sales increased to $7 billion up from $1 billion in 2005. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 9. 8100 market farmers run local community supported agriculture programs. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 10. We’re leveraging emerging technology in sensors, electric motors, and batteries that we scale to solve the market grower’s need for tools necessary in organic growing. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 11. Carts and Tools visits Our Table Farm 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 12. $3.1Million Raised Blue River uses computer vision and robotics to build intelligent solutions for agriculture 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 13. $29.9 Million Raised Harvest Automation brings smart, mobile, adaptive robotics into agriculture “Turning Robots into Teammates” Charles Grinnell, Founder and CEO Forbes March 2013 "The Forefront of Robotics" - Robot Farming and the Future of Food: Hard Work on Wheels. Bloomberg, June 2013 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 14. May June Aug. Dec. ~Filed first patent application. ~Launched website, 1200 unique visitors monthly. ~Production shipments to our early adopters. ~Solus Electric Toolbar prototype testing started. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 15. Solus is the two-wheeled, all electric platform from which an entire new classification will emerge. It is the powerful core of our second generation tools. • Enhance precision cultivation. • In-row weeding using sensor based technology. • Assists harvesting small plot specialty grains. • Smart tools that follow the worker. 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 16. Capital Sought $250, 000 new funds Use of new funds • Hire engineering staff • Mechanical engineering • Robotics • Programming • Expand marketing efforts • Manufacturing • Innovations • Cost reductions 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 17. 2018, $10.0 million in revenues, solid balance sheet, strong future growth • • • • Strong Brand Loyal customer base Excellent IP Attractive sale for the right price and company • Ability to continue as a lifestyle brand • IPO potential 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.
    • 18. By The Way You can find us at… Email us at… Thank you for your time and consideration! 2013 Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.