Country Matters Series 2


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Overview of Country Matters

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Country Matters Series 2

  1. 1. COUNTRY MATTERS SERIES TWO 2009 BUILD YOUR STORY, DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE, INFORM YOUR MARKET AND GENERATE VISUAL APPS CONTENT IN ONE OPERATION. The CONCEPT. To introduce your product, Lifestyle, colour and event service or initiative to an stories are part of the non- audience reach of 5.7 million+ commercial content of the via a television magazine program, providing a receptive, program AND generate content balanced look and feel to the for web, point-of-sales and one hour show. mobile applications in one process. Your broadcast content is then licensed to you for use in point- Producing your product as a of-sales, web, mobile or any four minute segment within a application you need and use. The Program. lifestyle program, Country “Country Matters” is a national, one hour Matters has the time to When you consider the cost of television program to be broadcast explain, demonstrate and producing your own visual Sunday afternoons on the Southern Cross Network throughout central and eastern articulate your product, service document and media costs, Australia and Tasmania. Negotiations are or initiative to the audience in a there is no better alternative to currently underway with GWN and way that canʼt be achieved via achieving your media needs. Imparja to carry the program across Central and West Australia. TVC or print campaigns alone. [1]
  2. 2. An GET INTO PRODUCTIONS audience Get Into Productions has over 20 years of experience in broadcast television and understands the unique reach of 5.7 treatment required to produce thoughtful, intelligent brand million plus! funded content. SOUTHERN CROSS TEN The company’s Network Ten affiliate stations operate in Victoria, southern and northern New South Wales and Queensland, with a potential reach of 5.7 million people. The company has a presence in every major regional centre in the eastern states. Regional television reaches 36% of Australia’s population. Regional markets require and desire the same services and products as the urban market, and then some! Country Matters will produce a four minute segment that delivers like no TVC can. When you consider a television news story is considerable amount of time to deliver approximately 90 seconds in duration and a information, OR you can deliver multiple TVC is 30 seconds, four minutes is a messages with a series of stories. [2]
  3. 3. Tourism, travel & destinations. WHO’S BUYING? Government initiatives. Get Into Productions... Perception marketing. Brand Has the creative expertise building. Franchise support. to develop your campaign Banking, Investment, Insurance and produce it to the & Finance. Climate change & highest standard. sustainability. Community You provide the brief, we initiatives & self-help projects. do the rest. Farm machinery –large & Do you need a series of small. Animal products, feed, stories, an ongoing crop care & seeds. Rural discussion, a brand Health & Medical Issues. building exercise, or is a Real Estate. Energy single exposure enough? There options. Property, are no limits Legal & Estate to your Planning. Education & vision. schools. Water & Secondary Exposures. resources The Aurora Channel on management. Foxtel and Austar Telecommunications & IT. platforms, multiple Rural Jobs & Careers. Road repeats. tests –trucks, cars & farm Directions to your equipment. Music & website. Links and all entertainment events. stories hosted from the Achievers & Innovation. Country Matters website Business success. to be viewed on command. More than just a TVC. Once your segment or segments are complete, they can be used as Shot on presentations, point-of- Sony XD sale, web content, and broadcast mobile applications as many times as youʼd like, cameras. where ever you like. [3]
  4. 4. It’s a little bit country, and it’s a little bit rockin’ roll! Country Matters is a The Reporter. Susie Osment. Susie joins the second series of YOUR HOSTS contemporary Australian Country Matters fresh from the lifestyle program that appeals country herself. to the rural community and Having grown up in Tongala, talks to the predominantly Victoria, Susieʼs career in urbanized regional city markets communications is a natural fit as well. with her warm, vibrant and easy going personality. A It will be talking to its audience personality that won her fans as the modern yet relaxed on Nineʼs first series of Farmer population it is without resorting Wants a Wife. No doubt sheʼll to patronizing rural stereotype. be winning a few hearts on Country Matters as well! The Host. Adam Digby is a producer and presenter with over 18 years experience in the television broadcast industry. From the newsrooms of Sydney and Melbourne, Adam has presented weather for the Ten and Seven Networks for 13 years, presented for over 12 years on the NSW “Sydney Weekender” program and has produced for numerous national programs. Giv ey o kic ur sa ko le cou ut of s a ntr y! Who’s that on the Telly? Adam Digby grew up (oh really?) in Sydney and spent his teenage years herding grapes on the family farm near Mudgee. Loves getting outside, snow, bikes, beer and footy. And introducing Susie Osment! Susieʼs a natural on tv and loves the land. Oz-ee, as her mates call her, is right into sports, fitness and living it up outdoors. The last one is a monkey on a dog. A real bugger around the office and bloody hard to catch! [4]
  5. 5. GET INTO PRODUCTIONS Cost effective television. Price Comparison. The costs of a comparable TVC plus the media buy for spots on a national broadcaster is prohibitively expensive when compared to the one buy option of Country Matters. We don’t require the services of the large Seriously, Australia’s a fun ad agencies and their associated overheads place! but we do supply the expertise to create all the assets required for your production in the Pricing. one buy option. 10 thousand dollars AU per story includes When you buy a 4 minute segment on production costs and air-time, but is not Country Matters you are getting the air-time inclusive of travel costs or the Goods and and production costs in the one price as well Services Tax. as creating content for all your on-going visual applications. Packages. Buy a single story, or buy a whole series. You can decide what is going to be the most effective means of getting your message to the audience. We currently have a major telco, a bank, an international agribusiness and a restaurant chain committed to series packages. Got an Idea? Contact the Team. COUNTRY MATTERS Country Matters is just one Graham Lang 0424 937 848 Get Into Productions. of many projects Get Into Kerry Dowling 0412 731 158 Productions executes every Level 6, 97 Pacific Highway, Adam Digby 0419 375 309 North Sydney NSW 2060 year. Call us to discuss Bob Delamont 0410 425 994 yours today. [5]