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Manage Your Job search

  1. 1. Work Canada Now 781 Spadina Road, Suite B Toronto ON M5P 2X5 1-866-486-4112
  2. 2. Manage your Job search The labor market is for everyone therefore, it welcomes all types of employees; those who fit the criteria for a certain job. However, job applicants have become more competitive throughout the years and they have made use of all the available tools that can assist them in finding the job of their dreams, making the job search difficult for some. In this case, it is very crucial to manage your job search carefully and effectively. This is not just a dilemma on how to create an outstanding resume and cover letter; it is about knowing where you are headed and the strategies you need to create to achieve your goal. Here are the ways in managing your job search: 1. Find your passion – the first step is to identify the type of job that you are passionate about. If you love to cook, consider becoming a chef. Write down at least your top 3 career choices and write down the corresponding job description including the duties and responsibilities. You might get confused but it’s normal. Narrow it down until you choose your top option by writing the pros and cons of this career to your own personal life. 2. Prepare –once you have chosen the career you want, start investing in yourself by preparing for the big day. Go back to school if you must and if you think this move will increase your chances of getting the job. Some people fail at in their careers because they have missed to identify the challenges they might meet along the way. They jump into offers without careful consideration because they thing that they could handle everything at once. Never go to a battle without an armor or at least try to be bulletproof. 3. Do your homework –research on the career you have chosen and the possible classes of jobs you could apply for. Ask around and do some research of your own about the things that will be expected from you 4. Expand your network – talk to people who have the same aspirations, engage yourself with successful people especially in your chosen field. Interact and find out what made them successful. Getting tips from those above you will eventually help you in your future endeavors. These people can also become your references when you are ready to apply for the post. 5. Hire a life coach –when in doubt, ask your life coach. Life coaches don’t need to be hired, they can be in a form of a friend, a close relative, even your parents who have been in your shoes before. They will not make the decisions for you but they could somehow influence them in a more positive way. Career search is not something to be taken lightly. You don’t sleep at night and be sure of which path to follow in the morning. It takes careful and effective planning to turn it into a success. These 5 steps will help you succeed in your career search and in every aspect of your personal life as well. Since these are just basic steps, they are much simpler and easier to follow. Places to Look When Finding a Job There are different reasons for people to want to find a job. It could be that they are starting out to look for their first employer fresh from school. They could be employed individuals who are not happy with their jobs and are trying to find another way to speed up their career advancement. It could also be individuals who seek to make a change of profession and try their luck in something new. Whatever the reason is, you will have to start somewhere. Here are some of the best places to look for work.
  3. 3. Your Local Paper Your local newspaper is a fount of information for events and listings that are needed or are happening in your nearby area. Read your daily paper and find out if there are job listings nearby. This gives you the convenience of finding employment near to your house. Surely you will be able to save a lot on transportation and have very little reason to be tardy. When you are able to arrive to your workplace on time, you will be able to be more productive and maintain your focus all throughout the day. When you are late, you tend to start the day unfocused, frazzled, and stressed. This may carry on throughout the day and affect your performance. The Internet These days we are given the added convenience of the internet to help us in our search for the job that will make us successful and financially stable. You can easily search for listings around your locality and find jobs that may not even be included in the local paper. Sometimes people actually think that taking it up a notch and bringing business online is the way to go if you want to remain competitive. Another advantage is that you an easily filter your searches according to specific details in a matter of seconds. You will be laden with several choices right at your fingertips. Job Fairs Watch out for job fairs that are happening in your town or in a town nearby. These are events that may give you the opportunity to be hired on the spot, or give you an interview at least to be considered for further evaluation. Abroad If you are tired of the usual job offerings in your local area and are up for an adventure or a change in surroundings, try looking for employment in a different country. Your skills may be in demand somewhere else that pays better wages and offers you a better life ahead not only for you but for your family as well. Whatever choice you make, bear in mind that a career search involves choosing a job that makes use of your skills, give you the satisfaction and the happiness that is enough to make you show up at work every day and bring you to financial stability before you retire. How To Choose The Right Career In 5 Simple Steps Finding the right career is one the most challenging decisions a person can do in his life because this decision has the capacity to change the course your destiny and therefore needs a considerable amount of time and effort. Self –assessment will help you choose a fulfilling career that you will love for the years to come. These are the following steps you need to follow to find your perfect career: 1. Assess your work style- the perfect career for you should be a match on how you choose to work. Do you think you can work best alone and at your own time and space? Are you someone who loves to be around people in order to be motivated to succeed? An honest self-assessment of how you choose to work will help you choose the perfect career. 2. Know your skills – take time to reflect on the things that you are good at; your capabilities and your area of expertise. Transform your hobbies into something that will come naturally into your career. Doing something out of love and passion can lead you to live a more meaningful and rewarding life in the future. 3. Set your goals –what is your motivating factor in choosing this career? If it’s your dream to become rich and to buy mansions all over the world, then working as a restaurant manager will not get you closer to any of
  4. 4. your dreams. Your chosen career should allow you to reach your goals in life so choose wisely. 4. Prepare – career shifters find it difficult to start their careers because they need enough time to get ready which means that there is a necessity for some of them to go back to school, enroll in short courses or undergo trainings to meet the requirements of their chosen careers. This process is very important because employers always consider people with experience already so they don’t have to waste more time in training them. 5. Hire a career coach – a life coach will assist you in planning your career, and although they will not plan your career for you, they still play a big role in creating the biggest decision you’ll ever have to face for the rest of your life. If you feel like you are stranded in your career path, your coach will provide you with tips to move forward to speed up your success. These 5 simple steps will help you in choosing a career that matches your personality and work style. They will serve as your guidelines to achieve success in the long run and will make you happy because of the fact that you are passionate about what you are doing. Finding the right career is indeed a very challenging task but guarantees satisfaction if done effectively.