How to address issues that may arise while working in canada


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It isn’t uncommon anymore to find organizations and workplaces that are diverse. Various surveys reveal that each year, for instance, the number of women and people from different ethnicity or race is increasing. For organizations, there are a number of benefits they can get from the differing backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that come with a diverse workforce.

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How to address issues that may arise while working in canada

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  2. 2. It isn’t uncommon anymore to find organizations and workplaces that are diverse. Various surveys reveal that each year, for instance, the number of women and people from different ethnicity or race is increasing. For organizations, there are a number of benefits they can get from the differing backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that come with a diverse workforce. There are some disadvantages to this as well, of course. One of the most common issues faced by organizations is how to manage a group of people with different personalities, cultures, and ways. In Canada, this is one challenge many companies have to deal with. And since there are millions of people from around the world who work in Canada, companies are well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of having a diverse workforce. Here are some of them. Benefits According to studies, both gender and racial diversities are positive contributors to profits, customers, and sales in general. In particular, racial diversity was linked to the increase in market share of the company, while there was no concrete evidence saying that gender diversity has the same results. Another way that companies can take advantage of the diversity among their workers is by encouraging everyone to give their own opinions on certain matters. When it comes to experience, it is interesting also that hiring workers from different countries results to a very rich talent pool for the company. Drawbacks For any company to be successful in maintaining a diverse workforce, they must produce some kind of workplace culture that centers on respect and dignity. These components are important in preventing tension among workers. It is also important that the communication gap among the members of the workforce be addressed immediately and appropriately. This is one of the most difficult things to do especially if the majority of the workers do not use English as their mother language. How to Deal with Diversity Needless to say, addressing the issues that come as a result of diversity in the workplace is not easy at all. In order to manage a diverse workforce, it is crucial that the managers within the organization be supported and trained enough. It is a must for them to understand that each individual in the organization needs support so that it will be easier also to balance their conflicting opinions and needs. Employers need to understand also that every employee, regardless of their position, has to be heard. They also need to feel that others in the organization respect what they think and how they feel. And once they feel a sense of dignity and that the company places enough value to their contributions and even their career pathways, there is no doubt that they will be motivated and productive.
  3. 3. Effective communication is a must-have in any organization. It is a very important tool that can boost productivity, lessen employee turnover, and improve the overall environment in the workplace. Both employees and supervisors or managers in a company have to make an effort to communicate better because this is what may define the kind of relationship they will have with one another. The problem, however, is that not all of us consider communication as their strength. This is an important thing to look at especially in diverse workplaces like Canada. So many people from different countries go to work in Canada. These workers speak different languages, and also have unique cultures and ways. In a workplace with such diversity, the proper use of the following communication methods is crucial. Listening In the world of business, listening is considered more important that speaking as a factor for effective communications within organizations. As you interact with others, you need to be a good listener to be able to understand what you are being told more clearly. This will also prevent you from getting confused, and more importantly, listening is a sign of respect to the person you are speaking with. Take note also that listening is different from merely hearing other people’s words. A good listener offers good body language to signal that they are interested in what the speaker is saying. The positive gestures you may use involve nodding, making eye contact, and just keeping still. In a particular workplace, if its members practice good listening skills and behavior, communication will certainly improve. Speaking Speaking is a form of art that should not be taken for granted. Every word that comes out of your mouth can yield positive and negative reactions from your listeners. In a workplace, leaders need to understand how powerful their words are. And so, it is ideal for them to let their subordinates to speak first. This way, they may know about each member’s opinions on a specific matter. Taking notes is also recommended so that nothing will be missed. After giving everyone the chance to speak, it will be the leader’s turn to clarify things and put a conclusion to the meeting. A good leader, especially those who supervise people coming from different background, will affirm what everyone else has said. He or she should also not hesitate to emphasize the things that he liked or didn’t like about what everyone said, whether the input came from an old employee or from a new Canadian immigrant. This way, every opinion is considered, which is important for boosting the confidence of the employees. This attitude of a leader is also likely to be followed by the employees, and this can greatly help improve the way people communicate with one another in the workplace.
  4. 4. With the rise of globalization, companies have begun recruiting foreign workers in order for them to cut labor costs. Aside from the financial benefits of hiring workers from abroad, companies also see this as a great opportunity to build diversity in their businesses with the hopes of hiring creative people who can contribute significantly to their growth and success. Many of them are also generous enough to offer assistance to their recruits especially in terms of the costs involved in relocation. If you have been given the chance to work in Canada or any foreign country, it is important that you first know what kind of assistance is available to you. If you have a family, you would also need to consider the possibility of taking them with you, which would mean more expenses on your part. So, as you inquire about the relocation assistance program offered by the company, take time to look into these issues as well: You have to know if the company is willing toFree Visit: send you along with your spouse, if possible, to their country just so you can have a feel of what it would be like working and living there. This is an important aspect of relocating abroad because so many things will change in your life once you set foot in a foreign country. If your spouse has his or her ownSpousal Employment: career in your own country, this will be a big issue to address if you were to take your family with you abroad. What you can do is ask your employer if there is also a possibility for your spouse to be employed. If not, then you have to make a plan on how your spouse should spend time out of work abroad. The best thing you can do for your spouse is look for opportunities to enhance his or her skills and acquire new ones. This way, your spouse will be ready in case there are other employment opportunities in your new location. As a responsible parent, youChildren’s Adjustment: cannot take for granted how your children will be affected by your decision to relocate. Your child’s social life is what could suffer the most in a foreign country. This is actually one of the biggest challenges faced by families who are considered new Canadian workers or immigrants. Thus, you have to take the time to explain to your child why it is necessary for all of you to move. Also, reassure them that everything will be better and that they will easily make friends in the new place.