Changing Careers with a Purpose


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Changing Careers with a Purpose

  1. 1. Work Canada Now 781 Spadina Road, Suite B Toronto ON M5P 2X5 1-866-486-4112
  2. 2. Are You Sure You Want to Change Careers? They say that your career defines who you are as a person and that could probably be true because even the most successful people still choose to change careers. You can be successful in doing something you don’t love but your body will eventually show signs of dislike and discomfort, leaving you with no other choice but to give in. Your lips may not say it, but your body signals will prove that you need a new career. This should be a career that defines you, something that you love and you are passionate about. However, before you choose to change you career, make sure that you are doing the right thing because this move will create a big impact in your personal and professional life. It is hard to undo things so careful planning is needed before making your final decision. Do you think that you have a valid reason to change your career and will it bring you to the path you have always dreamed of? Being bored out of your wits is probably one of the most common reasons why people change careers every now and then. If you don’t have a natural connection with your job, you’ll eventually get bored with it. Doing the same routine everyday can be a bit boring but notice how time is not an issue to someone who likes what he does, than a person who counts the hours until the end of his shift. Changing your career because of this reason doesn’t justify your decision because shifting to a different career doesn’t guarantee an end to your boredom. What you need to do is to change your thoughts about how you view your career and just focus on what you love about it, rather than spending the entire day hating it. It simply shows that you will not be successful if you don’t change your attitude and your outlook in life. Remember that you are in control of your own destiny and you have every right to choose what is best for you. Money may or may not be a valid reason for a career change because it not the only thing that we need in life. But, if you do your best at work, you will eventually have the chance to climb up the executive ladder in your organization and get a higher income. Although changing careers is challenging, it is important to choose the one that could bring fulfillment into our lives; however it is an undeniable fact that we make wrong decisions because we might be clueless if we are doing the right thing. The right career should be a perfect fit to your personality, lifestyle, values, skills and interests. If it doesn’t fit yet, then move on; find the right one for you. A Life with a Purpose There are several factors that motivate some people to just quit their jobs and become a Teacher. We may not agree with their points of view and the many reasons that led them to choose this challenging career, but we may learn from them. Teachers are merely facilitators of learning and it is their duty to make sure that every student in class learns the lessons that are taught in school. It is their duty to make sure that everyone behaves well inside the classroom and ready to learn a new lesson. Despite the many challenges that the teaching profession brings, the rewards are still amazing because not everyone gets to experience the same benefits. So, why consider becoming a Teacher? Here are the many reasons why you should: 1. Make a difference in a student’s life – just the thought that someone’s life has been changed for the better can make you feel proud and happy that you have somehow made a difference. This is a feeling that money can’t buy. 2. You learn everyday – as a Teacher, you are learning everyday because it is your job to know. You have a job to influence and to know the answers to your student’s questions. When your students shares with
  3. 3. you something they know, you learn from them too. Learning as a teacher becomes a 2 way process this time. 3. You have a regular off – you go to school when the students go to school so this is a perfect schedule especially if you are raising a family. You have the weekend off as well as the entire 2 months off in the summer. You can still do your duties at home, take your kids to school and be out just in time for them to go home. 4. Teaching is a skilled profession – this means that your job is in demand in other countries, so if you feel like you are underpaid in your home country, you can look for employment overseas, start a new life, take your family with you and live a comfortable life. 5. Living a life of virtue – you are now a role model so your influence in the society is huge. You should live a virtuous life because your students look up to you. You have a responsibility to the community now. There are still plenty of reasons why you should become a Teacher and if you think you are great the way that you are and still looking to start a better way of living with your family, you can apply for teaching jobs in Canada today. There are so many opportunities to welcome and explore in Canada, and who knows, you just might find what you are looking for in this beautiful and picturesque country. Working in Canada Today Canada is the perfect country to migrate to not just because of its beautiful and picturesque scenery but because of the many wonderful benefits the country provides for its migrants. However, just like any progressive country, they welcome skilled workers that will greatly contribute to their growing economy. This is an exciting news for aspiring migrants because they will not only be able to experience a different culture but also enhance their skills in a country where opportunities just come knocking at your door. If you are still not convinced, here are the many other reasons why you should move to Canada: 1. The standard of living in Canada has been rated as one of the highest in the world. It means that the country has a high level of wealth, employment, and comfort available to its citizens which includes income, and affordable housing. 2. Great career opportunities – the country boasts a bigger and wider labor market that provides many career opportunities for everyone. If you have been deprived of such great benefits in your home country, Canada is the best place to look for them. 3. The country’s health system is ranked as one of the best in the world and if you are given the chance to be its citizen, you will be able to take advantage of this great benefit. 4. They have a stable economy which means they can afford to provide better employment and a job security to match it. Just as long as you work hard and put effort into all your endeavors, you will surely have a better chance at becoming successful in the future. 5. A higher standard of education is available for everyone. In Canada, education is free until grade 12th, and because of your employment and the resources available for you and your family, you can afford to send your children to one of the best colleges or universities in the country. 6. You have an opportunity to travel and experience a diversity of culture. Meeting different people from different walks of life makes you adaptable to different situations. You become more confident and knowledgeable about the world. Employment in Canada offers so many wonderful opportunities for aspiring migrants in order to help them start a new life and achieve their dreams for the future. However, before you make any hasty decisions of leaving your job in your home country read Canada’s
  4. 4. skilled workers category first and check if your profession will qualify you to enter the country and move there permanently.