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BQ- Vaahan Suraksha eims (1)

  1. 1. GPS Tracker withRFIDTracker Multiplied
  2. 2. GPS Tracker Introduction What is Tracking:  Locating the current geographic position of the object (person, vehicle, asset etc)  Tracking the object of your desire 24x7 around the world  Obtaining current location information and viewing it on the Maps GPS Tracking Unit:  A Device that uses the Global Positioning System satellites to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset  Records the position of the asset at regular intervals  Light weight, easy to install and runs on car battery consuming very little power
  3. 3. RFID Introduction RFID : Radio Frequency Identification  A small chip or a smart card  Thin enough to stick on boxes or carry in wallets  Carries information to uniquely identify item or user  Secure - Unauthorized person can not get personal information from this card RFID : Latest pervasive technology to identify individual items  Fast replacing the older and less efficient ‘bar code’ system of identifying package information  RFID electronic tags do not require a visual scan and can carry significantly more information  Along with tracking packages, persons can also be tracked  All major offices have already allotted their employees with RFID cards for security concerns
  4. 4. RFID Utility RFID as an access control method  RFID has been in use as an access control mechanism for a long time now  Employees use their allotted RFID cards at the Entrance to the office  Can avoid trespassing in restricted areas by allotting different Privileges  Can also be used as an Attendance System by capturing the time information each time the user flashes his RFID card in front of the reader RFID has proved its capability in these static environments. The same technology can be made to work in similar manner in moving assets as well. In the next slide we present this situation and the merits.
  5. 5. Tracker + RFID : Complete Solution Tracker as a way to know geographical position RFID as a way to identify individual item/persons RFID + Tracker : Whereabouts of the individual items/person can be determined where Person : Carrying RFID (No Tracker needed) Vehicle : Fitted with Tracker RFID combined with Tracker has a diversified utility as will be evident in the subsequent slides
  6. 6. Application : Overview RFID : Applications in the following fields  Offices – To identify persons  Shopping Malls – To identify items/products  Logistics – To identify cargo shipments RFID + Tracker : Several Solutions such as  Cabs – For security of passengers  School Buses – For children’s safety and Parents’ Concern  Cargo Tracking – For better control over cargo and distribution management  Public Transport System
  7. 7. Application : Pickup Cabs Problem:  A lot of incidences where passengers were victimized  Main Reason - the increasing popularity of small vehicles (cabs) for pick ups and drops, which are intrinsically less secure  Such small vehicles are easy target for miscreants because of ease in hijacking  Many firms have tried assigning security personnel to escort lady commuters, but it is an infeasible solution considering the large number of private cabs
  8. 8. Application : Pickup Cabs A Feasible and Effective Solution:  All Major offices already using RFID’s  Cabs owners are highly interested in knowing where their cabs are  Tracking and RFID together will serve the above two purposes well  The system sends SMS alerts to predefined numbers when a commuter with RFID tag enters a cab fitted with reader  Receive SMS alerts when the commuter gets down from cab  Receive alert if the cab leaves its predefined path  An Emergency button inside car can trigger an alert to Police In all above cases one can easily find the exact location of the person travelling in the cab. This can help reduce the crimes where cabs are concerned. .
  9. 9. Pooja left thePooja’s Parents : Cab Late. Suresh, Pooja & Neha entered To cab at W. River Sureshleft the cab at Club Neha left the cab at ClubRoad at 10:45PM. Late by 45 No. 13 the cab near office at 7 : 30 Cab Near Highwat Exit Estimated Time of Arrival : 1 hr PM Road at 9:15PMc Road at 8:15PM mins
  10. 10. Application : School Buses Problem:  Guardians always concerned of the safety of children  School children are not allowed to carry cell phones to school  Not feasible for the school authorities to call each parent  For working parents another situation of concern is whether their children have reached home in time after the school or not
  11. 11. Application : School Buses Solution with RFID enabled Tracker  Tracking + RFID is an effective solution in relieving the parents of this worry  School buses fitted with RFID enabled tracker and children carrying RFID nametags can let parents track where their children are  The system can be configured to alert the parents of their child getting out of or getting onto the bus in real time  The Tracker unit can be interfaced with external sensor hardware to make bus more safe or to call for help during crisis  Many more alerts can be configured with system in cases such as:  If their child does not board the bus when it leaves from school  If bus takes a halt between school and home  If the bus breaks down
  12. 12. RFID School Bus System
  13. 13. RFID School Bus System EMAIL to Alica’s Father SMS To Tom’s MotherTom :Entered bus MH 1234 at10:20am near Main JunctionReached School at 11:15 am
  14. 14. RFID School Bus System: AlertsTo John’s Mother: To Garry’s Father: To All Parents & School Admin:John did not enter the Garry got out of thescheduled school bus Bus at Bremen Point. Bus delayed by 30at Post Office Point Scheduled Stop was mins. Currently at set as Natile Bridge Bernard square
  15. 15. Application: Cargo Tracking Cargo tracking is advancing very fast, with new modes of travel and better connectivity between cities the turn around time is getting shorter With increasing competition various players are looking for making their service faster and more reliable Web services like Gmail have already entered into online cargo tracking business, indicating the promise that this area shows Cargo and shipment tracking is of prime importance to the logistics companies for management, billing, reporting and invoicing etc. Customer satisfaction is the main business driving factor
  16. 16. Conclusion Tracker has a lot of potential in helping in many facets of our personal and work environment. If we bring the RFID solution together with the Tracker, it will open up a gateway to many more applications. Tracker + RFID solution can help provide safety to people and cargo. Along with this it will also help in increasing the efficiency of a system. We are sure that investing such a solution will help in more ways than are currently evident.
  17. 17. ContactFor complete RFID + Tracker Solution : Incredible Techsolution Pvt Ltd. E-115, LGF KalkaJi, New Delhi-110019 Email : Landline :011-40586030 Login URL :