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a presentation on industrial training in a pesticide company

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  2. 2. CERTIFICATIONThe ADVANCE CROPCARE Company Limited isone of the leading ISO 9001:2000 certifiedManufacturers and Exporters of Pesticides -Technical as well as Formulations for use inAgriculture and Public health.The company has been awarded a certificateof merit by the Chemical Promotion Councilof India for its Outstanding manufacturingPerformance for the third consecutive time(2001-02, 2003-04 & 2005-06).The company supplies its products togovernment organizations all over India.
  3. 3. Company ProfileBusiness Type Manufacturer , SupplierPrimary Competitive • Effective PesticidesAdvantages • High quality • Economical price • Timely deliveryNo of Staff 91Year of Establishment 1996No of Production Lines 1Production Type AutomaticTurnover Rs. 1-2 Crore (10 Million INR)Production Capacity 500 metric tonnes About Us
  4. 4. Established at Indore ( Madhya Pradesh), weAdvance Crop Care Institute are a trustedmanufacturer & exporter of plant nutrients &plant promoters. Established in the year 1996, weare a research and development based unit that ismeeting the needs of agriculturalists.plant Over the years, we have been successfullybeen engaged in the production of sulfomin( liquid sulphur), copmin (liquid copper), wetmin(agricultural wetting agent), multimin (crop yieldbooster), sulfozyme (bio-extract organic manure)and humic gel ( humic acid 16%). These plantnutrients assures not only healthy growth but alsoenhancesyield.Founded by J.P.TIWARI, our firm focuses onenhancing the productivity without compromisingon the environment. Realizing the importance &impact of ecological balance, environmentalpollution, resource utilization and recycling &sustainable environment, we emphasize ondeveloping eco-friendly & natural plant promotersfor agriculture. Manufacturing Facility
  5. 5. We have well equipped manufacturing unit whichhas technologically advanced machinery andequipment to carry out streamlined productionprocess. Our manufacturing facility are regularlyupdated to bring the latest technologies tomaximum use. As a reliable manufacturer of plantnutrients we formulate our products according tothe rules and principle of FCO . We are equippedwith the latest machineries to carry smoothproduction process. Machines used by us in themanufacturing plant are the latest and automated,making the process systematic. Our machineryincludes: • Liquid Stirrer • Granulation Unit • Liquid Extractor • Reaction Vessel • Packing MachinesWe have a large production capacity and havebeen supplying bulk orders to governmentorganizations. Quality Assurance
  6. 6. We are a quality conscious organization since ourplants nutrients are used in critical agriculturalapplications, we strictly adhere to the internationalquality standards and procedures. Quality takes aparamount place in our plant with all qualityassurance systems fully in place. Our products arehighly effective in enhancing the plantproductivity and we assure that all these productsare formulated with eco-friendly process. Toassure best quality plants nutrients we test ourproducts for: • Alkalinity • Acidity • Chemical composition of the products • Color • Filtration • Erosion control • Measurement of indicators of maturity & stability .This test ensures that every manufactured lot is in conformity with the set industry standards. Our in-house quality assurance department is in charge with the testing processes.
  7. 7. Product RangeOur unique and innovative concepts in the field ofplant nutrients have given the agriculture industrynew breakthroughs. Environment friendlysuperior quality plant promoters that we offer areliquid sulphur, liquid copper, agricultural wettingagent, crop yield booster, bio-extract organicmanure and humic acid 12%. These act as plantgrowth regulators and are highly efficient andhave set benchmarks for our competitors. The rawmaterial used in formulation of these products aresourced locally from reliable vendors. Backed bymodern manufacturing facilities, we are able tosuccessfully meet bulk orders , withoutcompromising on the quality front. Some of thefeatures or our products are: • Soluble • Non- toxic • Increases crop yield • Reliable & safe
  8. 8. Our AimThe main aim of our organization is toprovide high quality plant nutrients,which are trusted by various governmentinstitutes. As it result in high yield fromthe plants it ensues a Green Revolutionwith bio safety. Our wide range ofproducts are aimed to increase the qualityof the soil and growth of the plants.
  9. 9. Research & DevelopmentWe are a research oriented organizationconstantly striving to develop newer and bettercompounds that are very effective in enhancing theproductivity of crops. We have a separate researchand development team that is constantly in touchwith the farmers and farmlands. This gives themthe opportunity to experiment with all probablecombinations and draw rock solid conclusionsfrom these experiments.Further, we have a well-equipped research anddevelopment laboratory that is manned by a teamof dedicated and qualified research scientists whoare constantly working towards development ofnew and effective plant nutrients. PLANT YIELD BOOSTER
  10. 10. Our range of plant yield booster are used invarious plants as a multipurpose tonic to enhancethe plant growth and productivity. We offermultimine in various standards and customizedpackaging to meet the various customersrequirements. These are properly packed so thatit safely reaches to our clients. Sulfomin (Liquid Sulphur)
  11. 11. Sulfomin (liquid sulphur)is essential for all living organisms, and no living organism can survive without a consistent supply of sulfur. Liquid sulphur is a required nutrient in plants for two major reasons: • It is the enzyme activator necessary for the plant to induct nitrogen • It is essential for protein synthesis It is essential that plants be kept supplied with sulfur throughout the growing season. Besides being a necessary nutrient its natural oxidation process gives beneficial control needed by the soil. In addition, it also helps in the removal of unwanted soil salts. Liquid sulphur is 100% water soluble and hence it is immediately.WETTING AGENT
  12. 12. Wetting Agent is a chemical substance that increases thespreading and penetrating properties of a liquid bylowering its surface tension—that is, the tendency of itsmolecules to adhere to each. We offer a liquid wettingand spreading agent, which can be used with all types ofpesticides, fungicides and weedicides. It increases thedistribution and absorption of the spray in the plants.This may be applied with ground sprayer, aerialsprayers, or center pivot irrigation systems and are nontoxic and are environmentally safe. Our range of agricultural wetting agent is a multi- purpose spray adjutant that increases the performance and effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides and other agricultural chemicals. It improves and promotes wetting, sticking and absorption. Our wetting agent is used to promotes compatibility and reduces drift. Agricultural wetting agents offered by us are most effective than any other spray adjutant found in the market place. Organic Manure
  13. 13. Sulfozyme is a bio-extract organic manure of seeweed, which is enriched and scientificallyformulated “three-in-one” organic growthregulator. Apart from powerful enzymes, it hasability to absorb and metabolize most of themicro-nutrients from the soil. These are availablein safe and proper packing, which ensures that itsproperties are maintained till the very end.Our Team
  14. 14. The success of our business is inextricably linkedto the commitment of our employees. Hence, weharness the talent and knowledge of our employeestowards the quality formulation and effectivemarketing.In our team, we have the following professionals: • Chemical engineers • Microbiologists • Quality controllers • Research & development experts • Storekeepers • Skilled workersRecruited after thorough scrutiny, theseprofessionals are rigorously working towardscontributing to the success of our organization. Warehousing & Packaging
  15. 15. Advance Variants are very delicate formulations thatneed to be stored and packaged properly for ensuringpurity and stability. Hence, we have developed modernwarehousing facilities that not only enables us to stockour formulations properly, but also assists us inprocessing our bulk and urgent orders with timeliness.Our strategically located warehouse helps us indelivering our range to government within the promisedtime frame.As exporters, we consider it of utmost importance thatour range of advance Variants is packaged properly.Our formulations are packed in HDPE Jars and glassbottles, which are non reactive to the products. Prior todispatch, we pack each of the bottles in corrugatedpackages and seal them for assuring a damage freetransit.